Thursday, May 17, 2012

spoonful of memories.


a recent discovery:
 talenti belgian milk chocolate gelato.
why you ask?
well, you see... growing up in utah, 
i was spoiled with the a special popsicle... 
 a good ol' fashioned creamie.
they have always been {and still are} one of my favorite treats.
lovebird's favorite: mint 
my favorite: banana or chocolate. 
if you're an avid follower of my blog {which, i thank you for},
you're already aware of my crazy obsession to 
talenti gelato.
{i've blogged about it hereherehere and here.}
it's safe to say, i've tried just about every flavor now. pathetic, right?
"belgian milk chocolate" being the latest flavor to test. 
the first bite flooded my brain with childhood memories.
it was as if i was sitting at the tennis club with my best friend
biting into a soft chocolate creamie. 
the memories kept coming. and so did the bites of gelato.
i was walking down memory lane all night long,
thanks to the incredible sense of taste and smell that triggers 
the ability to recall such vivid memories.  
this flavor is a must.
even if you are skeptical {like i was} on buying "plain old chocolate" for an outrageous price.
it's well worth it, because after all, memories are priceless. 

p.s. if i haven't yet convinced you of this gelato- watch this
or see how many other people are in love too.


  1. It's breakfast over here in England. and you make me crave gelato...!
    Gelato for breakfast isn't weird right? I could start a new trend...
    Thanks for the button :)
    So excited!

    Tania xxx

  2. you are SO spot on. i bought this a few weeks ago and haven't looked back since. it makes all other ice cream blahhh, you know? it reminds me of drinking creamy whole chocolate milk, but in ice cream form and it's just wonderful. great post!! now i'm ready for some dessert ;)

    xo, amanda

  3. right now i wish that i was having gelato for my breakfast. that looks and sounds so delicious. however, just wait til you get to italy, you'll die. seriously.


  4. OMG i almost can taste this! I need gelato now!<3
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. i fell in love with gelato when my husband and i traveled to italy a few years ago. i have never tried the talenti gelato, but i see it in the freezer section of the grocery store all the time. i usually pass it by because of the "outrageous price" but i will have to try it if you recommend it. sounds so good!

    have a great day!

  6. Yummy yummy yummy! you know, the first time i ever tried Gelato was in Thailand... and it was definitely yummy. THEN I went to Little Italy in San Francisco and had a scoop there, and it was MIND BLOWING. Love that stuff.

  7. What are the odds? We've been on a creamie kick for the past couple of weeks. (also in UT, here) My fave is chocolate, orange, and peach. The hubby loves banana. So fantastic. The frozen treats that brings back memories for me are "Pushups" haha. Remember those? Yum.

  8. your writing painted a vivid picture in my head! sounds yummmmmmyyyyy!

  9. This one looks delicious. I wanna have some gelato right now ;)! Lovely blog, I love the design of it.
    OH, and thanks for your sweet comment, it really means a lot :).


  10. When I visited my grandma in the SLC she gave me a creamie ha ha. They are VERY good! I saw the gelato in Target the other day & thought of you. I have been regretting not buying it ever since. Today I believe I will make a trip & pick some up!

  11. Gosh, now I'm creaving one.It's absolutely divine.

    xoxo Ra

  12. What is it about gelato!? Im obsessed too!!


  13. OMG, I SOOOOO want some gelato now!! YUMMY!!!
    ♥ Kyna

  14. You had my at ice cream haha. This is a really good shot though, did you take it yourself or was this taken from a website?

    -lAURA xx

  15. OMG that looks A-mazing! I love almost all sweets and that looks to die for. I totally need to check it out. Although considering how it worked out for you, that could be a bad thing. Ha.

  16. this really is the cutest. i LOVE that you call him lovebird. it makes my life. xo.

  17. I need to try this! I wanna be reminded of chillin with you at the tennis club. Maybe we can get some this weekend??