Monday, May 14, 2012

technology saved the day.

being away from both of our mother's was a bit hard yesterday.
we miss them both oh, so much.
my dear mother is in utah,
while lovebird's sweet mother is in heaven.
we're thankful for the remarkable mothers they were and continue to be. 
my mother being my everything- including my best friend
and lovebird's mom being his inspiration and maker of his personality...
is just the beginning to who they are to us. 
we are forever indebted to their sweet spirits.
they've showered us with kisses, hugs, advice, tears and support.
we love you, both. 
hope you enjoyed receiving flowers through the phone-
bet you didn't know we were that on top of it, did you?

mother's day meant something different this year:
crew's {aka: elder carlson} first mother's day on the mission!
we {finally} got to speak with him and see his handsome face!

due to the wonders of technology,
he was able to call home {via skype} to my family in utah.
they then called us {via the iPhone} so that we could use FaceTime to see him!
it was all so complicated.
viewing him through two screens was better than nothing.
quick update:
i'm forever grateful for his distinct laugh,
his devotion {and frustration} with the language,
the happiness that came radiating from his heart,
and his love for mexico, the gospel and the people around him

i hope you all had an awesome day spoiling your mother's with love yesterday.  
we sure did, even being miles and aeons away from them.


  1. What a beautiful post, I'm glad you got to talk to your brother. It's amazing how much technology can help. We have one mum in heaven and the other in Fiji, but we celebrated with a lunch with my father-in-law and celebrated the mums in our lives :)

  2. Super pretty post...perfect flowers and nice twinpics =)

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

    Visit me SHOP online =)

  3. the flowers through the phone is too cute! and so great that everyone could talk to crew.

  4. cute post :) Love sending flowers through the phone! Something I totally would have done. Also, glad you got to speak w/your Brother. Isn't technology incredible?

  5. Isn't skype the best thing. I know we'll be depending on it when my brothers go on their missions!

  6. what a sweet post :) thats so cool that you got to see your brother! sounds like a pretty good day

  7. oh gosh, why didn't i think to do this?? so smart! and of course such a beautiful little surprise to show your love! :)
    xo TJ

  8. that's really, really sweet. my heart is full for you both. xo.

  9. what a sweet post!

    i'm glad you found my blog! You have a new follower ;)


  10. I love the pics of you two with flowers. That's so sweet. Thank goodness for technology, right! It's amazing to talk to loved ones who aren't close by.

  11. thank goodness for technology especially when you live away from your mother like i do. i just wish that one year i don't have to live so far away :-)

  12. Awe, that is the cutest idea ever!! Sorry you guys couldn't be with your mom's on Mother's Day! :-(
    ♥ Kyna

  13. This was a lovely tribute to your moms. xo