Monday, September 24, 2012


it's a monday.
which also means it's a:
school day, work day and dance day.
a day that came too soon after the weekend. 
it's definitely a no-make-up kind of a day.
it's a day i spend wishing it was already friday.
a day that seems to last an eternity.
a day that has a momentum, 
or a feeling of a fresh start to a new week.

speaking of a new week...
i'm really hoping this one goes better than last week.
man, last week was ruff;
in every possible way.
especially, in the sleeping department.
or should i say lack of sleep?
lately, i have been counting sheep- hundreds of them.
my mind can't seem to shut off at night.
or sometimes it completely shuts off,
and i'm left lying in bed with an empty, nearly silent, brain.
i can't figure it all out; it's quite frustrating.
i'm the type of person who can only survive with ample hours of sleep.
not to mention, the minute lovebird's head hits the pillow- he's out. 
which, obviously adds to my frustration.
i'm hoping my lack of sleep was in relation to the 
i couldn't seem to escape from last week.

which leads me back to monday.
this monday, i'm hopeful.
hopeful for many nights of sleep,
happy thoughts, motivation, healthy days, 
and for things to go right this week.
sorry for the pity party.
i guess i just needed to vent a little-
and you just happened to be the listener.
thanks kindly.

happy monday to you.
see you tomorrow for a happy post.
i promise. 


  1. ahh here's to surviving monday and having a great week! not being able to sleep is the worst fate that anyone could wish upon someone if you ask me...make joel rub your feet before bed! haha always does the trick. xo

  2. Ahhh hope you feel better gil! Don't worry I write lots of pity posts...maybe too many. Mondays are always though! Hope your week is better!

  3. I hope this week rocks your socks!

  4. I was literally just thinking some of these exact same things! I wasn't read for this Monday to arrive, but I AM hopeful for a new, fresh week that, from this vantage point, has no mistakes in it yet. Here's to a clean slate and high hopes!

  5. aw Mondays. hope it gets better! here is to Monday and it being over!! bring on tuesday

  6. Your rantings are very poetic :) I was feeling that way as well, but was very uplifted by my visiting teachers stopping by. It's amazing how the Lord works:) Hope your week turns into a great one!

  7. Mondays are rough stuff. Hip Hip hooray for it being almost over :)

  8. Listen to the BOM on cd. It should put you right out. And if it doesn't...hey, extra scripture study!

  9. I'm sorry you had such a bad week! Not being able to sleep is the absolute worst. And I, too, get soooo frustrated when hubs can sleep and I can't! That's actually exactly what happened last night! Hopefully this week is off to a better start.


  10. I hate those kinds of weeks! lately not sleeping for me has come because of the hot weather. I just cannot sleep when it's hot out! Ugh.
    But best wishes for sleep this week! For all of us. :)