Friday, September 21, 2012

it's finally here. {well, almost.}

i love autumn.
{thank goodness it officially starts tomorrow.}

happy autumn, my dearest friends.
this is my favorite time of year.
hands down; no argument.

i think i'll pull out my boots and scarfs, 
order a yummy apple cider from starbucks,
stock up on cans of pumpkin,
pull out my fall decorations {early on} to enjoy their festivity, 
and finally light my fall scented candles. 
{candles during the holidays are my weakness- i swear i could burn through one a week if lovebird let me.} 

all these things, just to celebrate autumn's arrival. 
after all, i'm so excited i don't have to anticipate doing all my favorite things;
 wearing fall colors, lighting those delightful scented candles, 
baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, wearing layers upon layers, 
coming home to a festive home and sleeping with the windows open at night.
all good things happen in the autumn. 

what are you doing to celebrate the first day of autumn?
i hope you have a happy weekend
and that the first day of autumn is nothing but exciting for you.
i have to get through two tests today before i enjoy tomorrow-
which means the celebration will be that much better.  

{source of picture: unknown. sorry!}


  1. Oh I feel you, autumn is my favourite time of the year, so romantic! I posted my autumn bucket list a while ago, if you're interested! :) Have a great first autumn day!

  2. i am sooo in love with autumn. i can't wait to put on my boots and eat some pumpkin bread! love your blog - i am a new reader adn can't wait to read more!

  3. I love it too! What a fun post! Hmm I don't know what to do to celebrate it but I'd love some good ideas! Usually we would go to a pumpkin patch but they don't have those here in GA.

  4. Autumn here in Houston is the best time of year! The humidity has finally gone!

    I will celebrate by running and not feeling like I'm gong to die from heat exhaustion!

  5. I love autumn!! It is so beautiful! I think here in Florida it will probably come a little later than I am used to but I can't wait!!

  6. today - - jonah + i are going on a hunt for fall. i keep seeing picts of beautiful orange leaves. as soon as we find it, i'll let you know. happy autumn to you!

  7. To celebrate first day of autumn I make a huge cup of tea, sit on my bed and start reading my beautiful new book I bought yesterday.
    Happy weekend !

  8. love this post! made me so eager about autumn, which of course I love too!
    ps. would like to see your autumn decorations ;)

  9. Yay!!! SO excited for Autumn! I went to target and just couldn't get over all of the pumpkin spicey goodness they had everywhere! So of course some of it had to come home with me. :)

  10. Apple cider from Starbucks is definitely my favorite. Mmmm! I want one now.

  11. I think the whole blog world is ready for Autumn.... so now it just needs to come! The cardigans, tights, boots, scarves... just the thought makes my mouth water!

  12. It still doesn't quite feel like autumn so I'm enjoying the indian summer and thinking about chili and cornbread.

  13. I want pumpkins! I saw them out front of the grocery store yesterday and I got so excited to carve! Love your blog :)