Monday, September 17, 2012

far far away.

what a weekend.
a long, drawn out, lazy weekend.
lazy, because we intended it to be that way.
my body felt like it went through the ringer this week, {thank you, ballet}
and i was craving some much needed down time with lovebird.
we almost spent every waking moment together,
minus lovebird's hours at work.
it's in those moments when you realize that
doing nothing with the one you love is far better than anything else.
it's as if you drift off into this land that seems to only exist rarely, due to 
the perplexity of life's busy schedule. 
however, when you do drift off... 
it's complete bliss.
lovebird and i managed to have a weekend of that complete bliss;
which included puppy shopping, barnes and nobel reading, lunch dates,
cuddles sessions, a tasty sunday dinner, back tickles and a long nap time.
sometimes i wish i could just permanently move to this far off land;
but, then i remember that reality is a good thing-
being busy is a good thing;
hardly seeing lovebird during the week can even be a good thing,
and running place to place, from thing to thing can be a good things too...
because it's when life grants you those moments 
of nothingness with the one you love,
it's then, and only then, you truly appreciate that land of far off bliss. 
our weekend was blissful.
we "flew" back from this far off land last night and hit the 
ground running with another full week of business ahead! 
the thrills of life are endless;
and thank goodness those moment of bliss are infinite too. 
the secret is: 
to embrace them when you get the chance. 

how was your weekend!? 


  1. "doing nothing with the one you love is far better than anything else."
    i couldn't agree more! kudos to you for having a relaxing weekend :)
    enjoying following your blog now!
    have a great week!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog:). We had some fun family time at the county fair...first time with our 3 little ones. They were in heaven. Our alone date comes tomorrow as we are going to see Ben Folds. I love your blog and you are a ballerina..a real one. That's so cool!! Your proposal story was amazing thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a very sweet post. I'm glad you had such a fantastic weekend.

  4. I had a lazy weekend too but sometimes you just need it right?

  5. Weekends like yours are so restorative! I am glad that you got some downtime with the hubby.

  6. sounds absolutely perfect! it truely is the little things like that, that make things blissful!
    and gosh, you two are SO perfectly cute together. and your hair looks amazing!


  7. Your blog is so adorable. one of my new favorites! Would you be interested in doing a button swap?? Email me and we can talk about it

  8. the sweetness of doing nothing....cute post and pic

  9. Thats such an honest and truthful post. We sometimes become wrapped up with the day to day goings on and forget that it's actually very productive and necessary. My life seems as busy as yours, but like you say busy is good. Weekends are great to kick back and switch off that alarm clock

  10. Switching off that alarm sure does feel good! Love this post :)

  11. to quote a friend of mine: "doing absolutely nothing with someone i love, means absolutely everything to me". i live by that.
    the two of you are adorable.
    thank you for the visit.
    best wishes!


  12. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I spent most of Saturday cleaning. Funny how much time it takes to clean a little apartment! Sunday is always fun day - church, dinner at friends' house. :)

  13. I'm glad you had the kind of weekend that you needed!!