Thursday, September 20, 2012

hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to school i go.

the focus is on school this week.
 this semester has finally settled into the full swing of things;
tests are being thrown right and left,
teachers are suddenly in their strict moods,
waking up for class is becoming a bigger chore,
i'm starting to see less and less of lovebird
and the piling up of homework seems to be creating mountains.
life is crazy when in school.
or maybe life is crazy due to trowing school on top of my already
overbooked and busy schedule...?
regardless, school is a happy place for me.
some people are just made for school, and i'm one of those.
lovebird on the other hand- is counting down every last second.
he's a little over school, to put it politely. 
that being said, i'm so glad we are both in school-
bettering ourselves, our brains and our futures.
cheers to being students.

if only i could somehow figure out how add an extra 
hour in the day for cuddling, instead of doing homework.
then, life would be too good to be true. 


  1. I'm really entrigued about school life in the USA. We finish school here in the UK at 18 yrs and can then go on to university till 21 yrs. however we don't have jobs as well and I'm assuming your job is pretty much full time. Can you continue your studies for as long as you wish and do businesses support you? I'm just really curious as it seems so different to over here

  2. good for you! and sidenote: i wore that same tee yesterday! :)

  3. You go girl! I miss school a lot. Sometimes I wish that I could go back and do another graduate program.

  4. gosh i hate school. i think its mainly the homework. or it could be because id rather spend all of my time in ceramics. either way i graduate in april and couldn't be happier. its the people like you that i like, you keep me motivated.
    however, i want the extra hour for cuddling too.


  5. hehe I agree with the extra hour a day! I really love your top bun, your hair looks really cute for school!

  6. cool :))

    would you like to follow each other? :)

  7. reading this makes me miss being a student just a little bit. it is all so worth it in the end!

    what are you and your hubby studying in school?

  8. I just started college, and so far it's easy for me! Homework really hasn't gotten too bad yet! My poor mister is already counting down the minutes til we're done with college though X-) I think most boys are just like that!
    xo Heather

  9. Ok, lets vote! Everyone for adding an extra hour to our days say "here here!" Because extra cuddle time is important time to be had. Best of luck on getting in to your new school routine.

  10. I love ur top & ur red hair! :))

  11. I really love your outfit and your bun :)
    I hope you can find at least 15 minutes to cuddle each day... it would be a good start!!

  12. Boo school! I hate it when tests and homework become a priority over footrubs in my house :( Good luck and make sure to make time for the two of you!