Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i'll take a pair of these, please.
wouldn't mind having them in black too.

this week, i'll also take an extra piece of chocolate,
or four if i'm allowed.

i'd take an extremely hot bath at any given point;
one i can sit in for an hour while reading next to a scented candle.

if i could, i'd take a puppy tomorrow.
okay, i swear that's the last time i'll mention a puppy.
{at least for this week. i can't make any promises for next.}

if taking your bed to class in the morning was permitted,
i'd be the first one to class every single day. 

are taking your vitamins every day important to you?
if so, what do you take?
i'm curious, because i don't take anything, and i'm beginning to wonder if i should.

as tired and exhausted as i may be on any give day,
i never will take a sip of a red bull or a 5 hour energy drink.
they literally scare me and make my heart skip a beat just thinking about them. 

lately, i'm trying not to take life to seriously.
or should i say, living it with my stubborn perfectionist ways?
sure, i laugh {almost too often},
but, i never let go of that perfectionist in me;
 and sometimes that's exactly what i need to do.  

take, take, take.
what are you taking part in this week?


  1. The bath sounds just divine! And the puppy, I have two!

    Alos, those tights are just super cute!

  2. Love those tights..I'd love to see them in black too. I do take vitamins every morning.. maybe too many if there's such a thing? Haha. I take vitamin C, vitamin D, fish oil, biotin, calcium, spirulina, and acidophilus. Wowza, looks like a lot all written down. I am taking part in trying not to get my hopes up too much on a house we looked at last night. It's absolutely gorgeous and would be a dream house. It's a short sale and I know those do't always work out so I'm trying to not love it tooo much! Happy Hump Day :)

  3. Taking time to roll and ice my legs after running/working out. Injury prevention is very important!

    Taking risks when it comes to love.

  4. I am in love with those tights! So cute! As for vitamins.. I was taking womans one a day. But then my sister gave me a prenatal vitamin because she said every woman in their children bearing years should be taking a prenatal vitamin-- whether you want to get pregnant anytime soon or not. Anyways, that is my two cents :)

  5. Those tights! I love!!! I need them. Okay. Vitamins. I just take the multi vitamin pack from Costco... but right now I am out. So thank you for the reminder! This week I am taking part in parties! Because, who doesn't love that?

    So glad I stumbled upon this blog. You are beautiful! New follower, right here!

    Love, The Skinnys

  6. Those tights are adorable!!

    I'll take some chocolate and a bath too, please. :)

  7. I had a pair of tights like those as a little girl but I love them!

  8. those tights are just TOO adorable. i always see similar ones in the store and think i would look like i'm 5 if i wore them, but i think i might have to change my mind on this one!! thanks for the inspiration :)

  9. I take a prenatal vitamin even when I'm not preggo. I buy the ones from Costco in the huge bottle (way more cost effective). And they do wonders for my hair and nails!

  10. Holy cow those tights are adorable! I just bought a pair of swiss-dot skinnies from F21 the other day, and I am having a serious love affair with the little dots. SWOON!

  11. cute tights, but I want ones with gold dots please! and I take a gummy multi-vitamin since the regular kind make me feel sick. and the thing I need to take more of is walks with my pup. the weather is just too good these days not to take full advantage!

  12. love this poast-- you are too clever! i'll take a visit from you and joel soon so we can all finally hang out!!!

  13. love this post! those are cute tights

  14. I'll take those tights, too :)

    I take vitamins, but not every day. Just the ones I remember. (You can imagine how terrible I am with birth control.) I take Women's One a Day, Green Tea extract, Flaxseed Oil, and Biotin. I read somewhere that these are all good ones, so I believed it. I'm pretty easily convinced of things. :)

  15. love the post! :) very clever. id late to take life slowly as well.

  16. Cute tights!
    I've thought about taking vitamins too...I probably should do that.
    This week I'm taking part in Jamba Juice's Dollar Days! $1 smoothies during happy hour? YES PLEASE!
    Also taking part in listening to fabulous Michael Buble-esque music. LOVE.

  17. "lately, i'm trying not to take life to seriously." that's something I need to tell myself now and then ;)