Monday, October 15, 2012

puppy lovin'.

four words: we are in love. 
yes, completely infatuated with him.
he's been a perfect puppy so far;
meaning, not a single {potty} accident in the house-
and only one rough night full of whining.
{but, that is to be expected from a puppy who just left his mom.} 
i keep pinching myself making sure i'm living in reality.
i'm shocked that lovebird caved into letting us get a puppy
and i feel spoiled by what a awesome little guy we ended up with.

unfortunately, he remains without a name.
can you believe that?
we are having the hardest time picking the perfect name for this little fellow.
a name is a big deal- even bigger than i thought.
 to this, my mom said to me, "just wait until you have kids."
i can only imagine.

we are open to any suggestions-
in fact, i'm curious to hear what you think we should name him. 
of course, we will pick out a name we love and adore-
but, a little name game never hurts anyone, right?

and i promise... we will have a name by tomorrow.
i'm mainly making this promise to myself, my husband and my puppy.
i'm kicking myself for being so indecisive right now.

happy monday.
cheers to puppies, weekends and dinner with friends.


  1. I love the name Titus. Can't wait to hear what you decide on! :)

  2. I always wanted a dog named Winston. :) He sure is a cutie!!

  3. He looks like a Dug (Doug) to me. Like from the movie Up.

  4. eeeeeeek! he is so so adorable!! enjoy that little pup :) xo

  5. He is so so cute! I would name him Rusty.

  6. ok, he's adorable. i would name him oliver, henry, fluffy, or puppy. haha

  7. Name him Sir William Alexander Stice... Bill for short.

  8. Yay! So happy for you that your hubby caved! Good luck to you on picking the perfect name! How about Bentley or Einstein?!

  9. what a cute nameless puppy hahaha...what about Bagle?

  10. Constantine or Brutus... Boy dog names are so fun!

  11. SO adorable. We want a puppy so bad but our apartment won't let us get one! So much fun though! My dogs in the past have been named Jake and Charlie.. I love both of those :)

  12. Balthazar...or Walter:) good luck. Can't wait to hear what you guys picked.

  13. We just got a new puppy and named her after what we are doing in our lives right now. Our first dog we got 5 years ago and named Colt. We were really into guns at the time and Colt is a brand of gun. He always reminded us of that time period and our how our lives were then. Our new pup we named Sandy because we live at the beach and wanted to always remember this time. Just something that I thought was fun, then it means something to you two, and is special. Good Luck :-)

  14. We just went through tha whole naming process... Blah! For your cutest little puppy- I would name him Mr. Fox- cause he totally looks like a fox! Or I love Robin, from the Robinhood Disney version. Robinhood is a fox.

    Good luck!!!

  15. Or Benny! I love the name Benny for a dog!

  16. Such a cutie. And what a good dog. No accidents? Amazing.
    How about Gatsby? :)

  17. Oh, so cute. I love puppies! I think he needs a strong name. Like the name of a General. Napoleon or something to that effect. :) Good luck! Naming always is one of the hardest parts for me too.

  18. Newest follower here! Cute blog, I can't wait to read more!

  19. shut up. that pup is supacute. and i agree. the name picking is the hardest part. i say birdie--i mean he is the offspring of the lovebirds, ya?

  20. Can't believe I am so far behind on your blog!! YOUR PUP IS TOO CUTE. O BOY O BOY.

  21. to be in love is a great feeling)