Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a puppy-fox obsession.

i'm sure you've all come to notice my overwhelming love for my puppy.
are you sick of him (or me) yet? 
i do promise to tone down on the pictures and posts-
but, hello! a puppy is only a puppy for so long. 
(or should i say so short?)

but, the fashion industry isn't helping my obsession for my puppy either.
i am seeing things decked out in foxes everywhere.
{sweaters, tops, skirts, decor and the list goes on.}
thank goodness my puppy looks like a fox-
because, i now spend my days drooling over all of these items.
let me give you an example (or five):
anthropologie has me drooling over all of these items. 
from clothes to home decor- consider me in heaven.
unfortunately for me, my drooling doesn't stop there.
take a look....
asos: here and here
old navy: here 
modcloth: here
nordrstom: here.
aubin & wills: here, here and here.

am i in trouble or what?
obviously, one thing is for certain:
i adore this fashion trend of wearing animals on your sweaters. 
{particularly, a fox.} 
on top of it all- thank goodness my puppy looks identical to a fox;
because this at least justifies my deep obsession.

are you obsessing over the craze of wearing an animal on your sweater?
yes or no? i'm curious to hear your take on this fashion trend.


  1. i love the crazy animal trend. so fun and somewhat unexpected! xox

  2. So cute! I am a sucker for anything animal!! Your little pup does look like a fox. I just about said that on your Instagram! I saw the pic and at first thought he was a fox.
    P.s, you can never be oo obsessed with your pup. We are head over heels about ours!

  3. I hear you girl! foxes are all around this season and I am loving it...we just got an Anthropologie here in Montreal! woohoo!

  4. I love every single one of your links! And your dog/fox comment made me think of this! (http://dogshaming.tumblr.com/image/30901349849) -- cute & sly as a fox shiba inu :)

  5. Love the foxes! And puppies are irresistible when they're so small. Enjoy it before he gets to big and destructive! x

  6. Loving the fox trend this season! So whimsical and fun. Great links!