Wednesday, November 14, 2012

where's waldo?

or, where am i?
{but seriously, can you see me?}
you may not be able to find me today.
well, okay, you'll physically be able to see me-  
but, mentally i have checked out. 
i've escaped to a land that doesn't involve reality.
you know, a world without....
 the demand for studying, 
bruised toenails {from ballet}, 
the requirement of eating vegetables, 
being sick with this annoying cold,
having your alarm go off before the sun rises,
dry and cracked hands,
{thanks to being a germ freak; aka washing my hands too often}
and freezing cold mornings that make taking the dog out dreadful. 

i'm not being ungrateful or unhappy in the slightest;
i just need a small break from life.
doesn't everyone though?
i'm taking my break today.

p.s. don't worry- i still plan on reading all of your blog posts;
they make me smile, laugh and feel inspired. 


  1. I hear ya, sister! I wish I could take a break today. :)

  2. so lovely blog :)
    following u :)

  3. Aww, so beautiful and inspiring!!!

    Have a great day!


  4. i totally understand! my daily work commute is long and i've been trying to work out a lot in anticipation of the holidays... my body is taking a toll for sure! complete soreness when i wake up, makes me want a random "sick day"... but my conscience won't let me do it!

    feel better! and enjoy your break :)


  5. i completely understand your need for a break from life. everyone needs those every once in awhile. enjoy today off :) xox

  6. you must be rally tired this is the first time (i think) you write "dog" instead of "puppy" hahaha...
    hope you enjoy your brake :)

  7. sometimes i do that too, i just need that break, i mean i dont ever fully get a break, but who does.
    hope you get the rest you need.


  8. Breaks are great. I'm sick today too, but still chugging chloraseptic away... Wait, I'm just kidding.
    Hope you feel better and that your day is filed with YOU time.

  9. I hear ya! Sometimes I just mentally check out too.

  10. You are adorable!! Glad you found my blog- I'm now following yours! :) And that photo? Makes me want to go back to Italy... le sigh.


  11. Sometimes it's best to take a day to breathe and reboot. Enjoy it! x

  12. breaks are good :) you are adorable, girl!