Monday, November 12, 2012

one month.

dear: one month...
-it's takes one month to form a habit- and only three days to break one. 
-just over a month from now, i'll finally be able to chitchat with a missionary.
{aka: brother and best friend}
-over 800 million users visit youtube each month.
 {no, i'm not making that up; fact found here.}
-one month from now i'll be on stage gearing up for the nutcracker performances.
-i paint my nails at least three times each month. {i'm not embarrassed by it either.}
-there are just over 43,829 minutes in one month. 
-i knew i was smitten and in love with lovebird just after a month of dating.
-one month ago we became a family of three....
mowgli has given us a month of complete bliss;
full of puppy kisses, loves, and an extra dose of patience. 
it will be one month i will always remember.

cheers to all good things that happen in one month.
can you name any?


  1. Love that picture! Sounds like some great thing going on in your neck of the woods!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  2. i think i paint my nails three times a week hahaha. i like this :) yay to your little family of three! adorable.

  3. You have gotten me into such a puppy fever!

    Cute picture!

  4. Mowgli is so adorable! Yay for talking to your brother in one month! :)

  5. He's so adorable.
    Your little family is so charming & you being a ballerina makes me miss my ballerina days. If only I continued on after marriage... womp.
    Happy Monday!

  6. One month to form a habit and 3 days to break one...this is the truest with my scripture study. Gah!!! Onto day 2 of 30. {wishing myself luck!!}

  7. What a lovely post. And Mowgli is too cute! x

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog and I am in love!!

    New follower!
    Follow me back?

  9. I just purchased tickets to see the The Nutcracker here in Phoenix! I've never seen it live so I'm very excited! Good luck to you! And Mowgli is soo cute! :)