Thursday, November 15, 2012


hey, you.
just a few "hey's" for the day:

"hey" to a day dedicated to studying.
fun? not so much. but, here we go anyway!

"hey" to the most gorgeous 'ballerino
who walks this planet. 
i have a big crush- but, don't worry lovebird knows about it.
he's not mad- only slightly jealous of his physique.
{p.s. i hate that word; ballerino.}

"hey" current addiction to this easy 
and scrumptious smoothie.
best part? it's healthy. 
*instead of vanilla, i add a square of lindt's dark chocolate with sea salt. yummy!

"hey" books upon my shelves- 
i promise to get to you soon.
the holidays, aka: free time, are just around the corner. 

"hey" lovebird-
i can't wait to spend the weekend with you.
hurry up and get here friday; i don't know how much longer i can wait. 

hey, you.

{source of picture: unknown. sorry!}


  1. Agreed - this is lovely :) That graphic is just so dainty and pretty and I love it.

  2. hey you! I love the flower wreath :)

  3. ballerino, i dont like that word either hahaha.
    im excited for the weekend until i realize how much i have to do, then i'm not as excited. i have a test, no fun.


  4. Hey girl, hey ;)
    Weekend with the lovebird sound so great!

  5. Just lovely... Loving the wreath! So pretty!