Friday, August 30, 2013

hello, are you still there? I'm back!

{our lovely photographer samantha kelly. check her out!}

well, hello.
it has been quite awhile, wouldn't you say?
so, so, so much has happened while i've been away.
big things and little things.
since my last post, here are the "top 10" since then.

1. i'm retired! i decided after much thought that it was time
to move on from the wonderful world of ballet.
it was the best chapter of my life. i will always be a ballerina at heart.

2. we made a quick move and lived in utah for a few months 
this summer while lovebird enjoyed a wonderful internship.

3. i chopped my hair. 
it's new, a change and something i have always wanted to do.
{not having to put my hair in a bun every day anymore, gave me the green light!}

4. baby stice will be joining us january 2014.
we couldn't be more excited.

5. this summer i did a bit of "local" traveling;
portland, island park, hawaii and west yellowstone.
it was a fun summer.

6. this summer, we lived with my parents.
it was a complete joy- family is one of my most important gems in life. 

7. we are back in california preparing for baby and lovebird's graduation.
california feels like home to me. we are oh-so-happy here.

8. mowgli turned one this month!
{happy birthday to our favorite pup}
we are kind of in shock that we have already had him for a whole year.
time needs to s l o w down.

9. our favorite things from summer:
fly fishing, frozen yogurt, camping in kauia, pickles,
hanging with old/best friends, salt lake restaurants, finding out about baby stice,
home cooked meals and the beauty of utah.

10. lovebird and i celebrated our 3rd year anniversary this summer.
time flies when you are in love-
and boy, am i in love. 

it's so good to be back.
i'll be here to stay for awhile.
happy holiday weekend.


  1. congratulations on the baby! so exciting. your life sounds like it has been busy lately!

  2. wow! so much is new!!! congratulations on the baby! this is great :)
    welcome back ;)

  3. I sooo missed your blogging and I'm glad you're back in town. :-)

  4. Whoa girl! What a whirlwind. So happy for you - congratulations on retiring, baby, your anniversary and all the other happy news. I've missed your posts - keep them coming!

  5. Congrats lady! So happy to hear things are going well :)

  6. so glad you're back! our salt lake summer internship experience is over too. it was a very good summer. so happy for you and your little january baby! that's so happy!

  7. congratulations and welcome back :)

  8. Oh wow! Congratulations! So happy for you guys, and happy you're back in the blogging world! Love the new hair too! X

  9. what a happy list:) congratulations!! so happy for you two. xoxo ps welcome back!!

  10. wow congratulations! wonderful news :)

  11. welcome back!! and congrats on the baby!! so exciting!

  12. yes, yes, yes! ummm so when can we hang out?
    we are currently situated in the east bay.
    i'm so excited for you guys, and you are going to be the most adorable little mama!


  13. Yay!!! Glad you're back. And CONGRATULATIONS!

  14. congratulations :) sounds like you had a charmed summer :)