Saturday, March 10, 2012

miss you most of all today.

i am missing this little man today.
{okay he's not that little- he towers over me.}
but he is my little brother. 
he's already been gone a whole 11 days. 
missionary time goes extremely slow and quick all at the same time.
it's bizarre.
wanna know what else is bizarre?
my burning desire to move right now.
move far away, to a new place.
i'm not unhappy here. in fact, i love our little home.
but, i have this crazy want to move cities, states or even countries. 
i bug lovebird with my fantasizing every day.
that's probably because i am beginning to think my dreams 
of moving are going to come true.
lovebird just laughs.
he tells me i want too many things.
which, i do.
that comes with a "go-getter" personality. 
although it doesn't seem soon enough,
we are bound to move in the next year or two-
due to the next chapter in our lives. 
i suppose for now i'll keep dreaming.
alongside missing my little brother dearly. 
happy weekend to my lovely followers. 

just some ideas:
 a place like this down by the beach. {carmel, california.} 
or a little romantic apartment in beautiful italy.
or i would love to live in a little old fashioned city like this.
if i could convince lovebird, we'd live in a cottage
or i'd even be happy in an upbeat crammed studio in a big city.
i clearly just want to move. 


  1. Move to Portland so that we can be friends in real life over cupcakes!!
    xx Jes

  2. oh you are not the only one.. i dream every single day of moving. i wish i could be everywhere at once :) x

  3. i still can't get over your new hair color, its so goreous! and i know what you mean, I definitely get the itch to move to somewhere new...a lot:)
    its so crazy how missionary time drags and flies all at the same time!

  4. Um, I would live in ANY of those places.
    But, then again, it's probably just my daydreaming self! Haha.
    Oh, Just Livin' the Dream

  5. I am constantly seeking out the next place to live! I feel you on that one :)

  6. Carmel is my HEAVEN ON EARTH!! I love the little cottages and the beach and everything about it. So quaint and fun :)

  7. haha I have been bugging my husband since ohhhh before we got married about moving {preferably to another country}. You will have to tell me how you make it happen, when it does! ;) All of those places sound charming.. even the cramped up loft!

  8. oh it's so hard to let brothers go on missions. but you'd be sad if he didn't go too. so it's better he goes. haha thats what i always told myself when my brother was gone. it'll go fast!!!

    i want that place in carmel!

  9. Love this! Aww...!!! such a proud sister that he's on a mission!

  10. You can never want too many things! Dream. Dream BIG!

  11. I know this feeling. I love the little town I live in, but sometimes I get ancy for a change. We've been here over six years-and have really gotten to know l our lovely neighbors, they are like family and this town, it truly is home- but sometimes I am just itching for an adventure.

  12. Hey i just found your blog and adore it! I am def your newest follower. I have a little brother on a mission too and miss him like crazy, it is going by fast though, 7 months left, mine is in Chile, where is yours? I have been reading all your posts, a sign of a blog I am going to love! Come visit me!