Friday, April 29, 2011

royally beautiful

the royal wedding
took my breath away.
and maybe i did shed a tear or two. so what.
how could you not? 
she was simply stunning.
i absolutely adored her dress.
{and her reception dress. wowzer!}
i'd be a princess, if it meant i could wear her gown.
and did you hear? she did her own makeup!
go kate! 
as for the prince? so handsome and sweet to her.
the kiss, the vows, the cake, the hats...
everything was beyond
royally beautiful. 

this will be a day to remember.
it goes down in history. literally.
i'm glad i have witnessed such a splendid thing.
congratulations william and kate!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

dark chocolate

 thank you dove wrapper.
i couldn't agree more with you.
"love rules without rules."
and that right there, is one of the beauties of love.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


remember this?

{he's a sexy thing.}

happy birthday!!!!
you are the big 25 today!

so much has happened since your last birthday.
big and splendid things. 
like getting hitched, moving to california, and so much more.
i am so glad we are together this year on your birthday.
{not doing the whole long distance thing. thank goodness.}
we are going to eat lots of cheese cake,
because that's what you asked for.
open presents, snuggle, laugh
 and stay up far too late for our own good.
i hope you have a fantastic birthday!
you certainly deserve to. 
you are my everything. especially my bird
simply put:
i love you birthday boy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

love & hate

so, what do you think of the latest hair trend?

i am a lover and a hater.
 because i love the look. i think it is hippie, classy and funky all 
at the same time. i am looking for a change in my ever so boring hair- and i'm suddenly craving feathers.
because it is ruining the fly fishing industry.
being a 'carlson' at heart, this is a con to the whole feather trend.
but that is me being a dork. and a fly fishing lover.
i'm torn. maybe you can help. 
are you a lover or a hater?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


i simply love this.
 it's amazing the difference words can make. 
think before you speak. 
thank goodness a friend of mine shared it with me.
now you can enjoy this for yourself.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


everyone needs a free day to be dramatic. right?
well, today just may have been that day for me.
not feeling well = the end of the world.
work= thought it was going to be the death of me.
dance = felt like giving up.
being hungry= felt like starvation.
sore feet= wanted to rip my shoes off.
this picture? dramatic.
and i wasn't even trying. 
impressive, i know. 

when discovering this old photo tonight,
i "def" had a dramatic laugh over it.

we all have our dramatic moments. 
{call it pms if you will.}
but, guys, yes you, have your moments too.
after all, life would be dole without them.

i'm tired (or should i say beyond exhausted?) so farewell and good night.
see you tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011


(picture via manu*)

sorry for the lack of personal photos lately.
{we let our dear friend jolene take it to hawaii on her va-cay.}
so my blog seems a little bare. 
but, not having a camera as made me realize just how much
i love to capture the little things in life. 
and then share them with you.
pictures are important.
they tell stories,
capture a second that can never be relived
and they eventually unfold your history.

i am making it a goal to be better about taking pictures. often.
one day i'll be beyond grateful i did. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

{little} love letters

it's been quite awhile since i last posted some little love letters.
so i thought i would share my love notes as of late.

dear modesto: i am starting to love you. {i bet you never thought i would say that.} before now, you have merely been a place to house me as i have been fulfilling my dream. but now that i've spent four years with you, i am beginning to enjoy you and have come to love you. you are special to me now, because you withhold those that are dear to me, and you have created many of my important memories.  you are also the place i have started my own little family. and my own little home. you are certainly a place for new beginnings.

dear job: you have created a level of stress i thought was unreachable. or maybe it's the fact that i am running from job to job then onto dance that creates the stress.  regardless, you are hard on me right now.  and i am a believer of the saying, "hard work isn't easy."

dear flowers: you are the quick fix to every problem in life. you make my home feel homey and welcoming. i buy you often. and joel laughs often.

dear primary kids: you are the happiness in my life. you make me giggle all week long.

dear organic peanut butter: you have become my new obsession. forget skippy and jif; in fact i can't even eat them anymore. it's you, and only you. you make my toast and sandwiches ten times tastier. healthier too. you are hearty, fulfilling and you are certainly the staple food in my life.

dear green things: why do i hate you so much? and why do i wish i would love you so much? it's impossible to crave you. it's rare that i eat you. you are an essential part to one's diet. however, to mine you are non existent. please help me eat you. i wish i had a craving for asparagus, green beens and broccoli like i do for carmel, chocolate and cake.

dear china: i have a feeling we'll be visiting you soon. lovebird definitely wants to. and wherever he goes, i go. i am somewhat anxious to see if and when you become a part of our future. time is of the essence, and you are one of our priorities.

dear future piano: i can't wait to fit you into our cozy little home. you will take up more space than we have, yet you will fill that space well. your music will fill my heart with memories of my childhood, my mother and the acknowledgment of what a blessing it is to have the talent to play you.

dear designer handbag: i want you. period. but why? i am not usually materialistic and superficial. but you're my one little craving right now. {along with coral lipstick.} maybe, just maybe, i'll get my hands on you one day. i guess i've got to decide on the perfect one first; because right now, i'm undecided. and if i drop cash on you- you must please me endlessly.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


yes, i am spoiled. 
spoiled with tulips
and love.
i have a handsome husband who enjoys surprising me
with flowers at work. quite frequently.
did i luck out, or what?
the tulips are now in our little home
triggering our happy emotions.
you did know that flowers have been proven to do that, right?
so... buy flowers often.
or find a husband who will spoil you with flowers like mine does. 

Monday, April 11, 2011


a few quick thoughts for today...

-mangos are to die for right now. definitely in season. definitely obsessed.
-make time for the ones that matter most in life.
-i'm crazy about moving to china right now. maybe that's because i want to be asian. the saying "they are good at everything" isn't a joke.
-airfare is too expensive nowadays. traveling to visit loved ones should be free.
-dead pointe shoes= a horrible dance day.
-you can never have too much chocolate. it's simply impossible. especially, with all the delicious easter candy out right now. aka-cadbury eggs.
-i'm feeling another change in my blog. soon. very soon.
-love everyone.

good night world. i hopefully will be back soon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


i love him.
that's all, folks.
i'm spending the rest of my day loving him
even more than i already do. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

book worms

him: atlas shrugged
her: east of eden

we are reading some classics. 
it's about time- my mother would say.
we enjoy climbing into bed just a smidge earlier
to read instead of staying up to fiddle our thumbs.
{and boy, have i missed being a book worm.}
we both have many pages to read,
but it's our goal to finish them in the next couple of months. 
wish us luck. 
and i suggest you get reading too.
"it's so good for you"

Monday, April 4, 2011

lovely weekend

we had a lovely weekend. 
most of which consisted of this.
general conference is incredible. period.
why does it only happen twice a year?
we ate delicious orange sweet rolls, hung out with our
fun friends, enjoyed a diet coke (i know, i'm naughty) and 
we decorated our easter tree. 
{which of course is a duffin tradition... now becoming a stice tradition}
take a peak.

i probably shouldn't say "we", because lovebird actually decorated the tree.
he surprised me. bless his heart.
and those eggs? aren't they adorable?
my cute duffin cousins made them and sent us a little easter package.
oh, how we love them. and the eggs too, of course. 
easter is around the corner.
and so is lovebird's birthday.
any good ideas for birthday presents? i am stumped.