Monday, April 29, 2013

springtime sickness

spring has brought me such a nice surprise,
popcorn popping right before my eyes...
and it also managed to bring me a
big fat cold. 
yep, i'm stuck in bed. 
sniffling, sneezing and sleeping. 
i think getting sick in spring and summer months should be off limits. 
sickness is for cold months;
months that involve sweaters, soups and scarfs.
so, as lovebird takes his last two finals today-
i patiently wait for him to come home, 
so he can snuggle this cold right out of me.
i have a busy week ahead, not to mention important one too.
i need this sickness to disappear a-sap.
any suggestions, tips or home remedies? 
meanwhile, i'll witness spring bloom from my bedroom window.
i suppose, that is the one perk of being sick in the nice weather-
life outside, is exciting to observe. 

happy spring to you.
i hope you are out and about enjoying this nice warm weather for me.
i hope to join you really soon. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

we're busy over here.

jam-packed into the next two weeks:
- rehearsals and a performance! i can't believe it's the end of the season already.
- packing.... yeah, i should probably get started.
- lovebird's birthday to celebrate. yahoo.
- cramming in as much hang out time as we can, with our dear friends.
- saying goodbyes, more like "cya laters",  to my piano students for the summer.
- clean, clean, clean. my little home is begging for it.
- spend a few days by our pool before we go brave the cold weather that still exists in utah.
- one last day trip to san francisco, just to get my fix before i leave for three months.
- possibly a pedicure. after a long season of hours in pointe shoes- i think i'm due for one.
- a quick trip to L.A. who doesn't want to visit best friends and disneyland? no brainer.
- many afternoons (if i dare brave the heat) at the dog park. mowgli's got to say goodbye to his friends too, i suppose.
- car washes and a big stock up on treats. what's a road trip without clean cars and treats galore?
- simply moments in our little home. before we leave it all behind for awhile.

i can't believe the beginning of may is just around the corner already.
slow down life. you are passing all too quickly. 
this time of year is always a busy time. but, i like it that way.
we are anxious to go home for the summer. yet, slightly sad to say goodbye to life here. 
regardless, salt lake city... here we come!

anything fun on your agenda for the end of april?
let's hear it. i'm hoping it's more excited than our to do list before we head out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

trust your gut.

this my friends, is the motto of my life lately.
you have know idea.
trusting your gut is sometimes the hardest thing to do.
{because often times your gut feeling is the polar opposite of what you expect}
but, i am a firm believer to never ignore gut feelings.
they usually are spot on.
life has been a little crazy lately, to say the least.
big decisions are being made over here, for both of us.
trusting your gut 
is a simple saying with so much truth and knowledge behind it.
as hard has it has been to trust my gut instincts-
i'm taking a huge leap of faith. 
i'm a preacher of following your gut- 
it's important to listen to your inner instincts.
after all, your own self knows you better than anyone else does.

happy friday! 
i hope you have a lovely weekend.
go ahead, trust your gut- 
even if it tells you to treat yourself to an extra piece of cake this weekend.
i assure you- your gut is right. you deserve it.
it's been a long week, right?

Monday, April 8, 2013

little facts.

{picture from our temple trip to oakland last friday. gorgeous, right?}

10 little facts of life, as of lately:
1. conference weekend is always blissful, uplifting and motivational. i feel rejuvenated. ironically, conference weekend always seems to arrive at the time in life when i need it most.
2. nothing makes me happier than a bouquet of fresh flowers.
3. life takes a lot of faith. especially, when facing the "unknown".
4. emails from missionary brothers are heart warming. not to mention, so inspirational. i'm lucky to have such a stud for a brother. i'm certainly counting down the last 10 months.
5. i find rearranging my house to be completely therapeutic. i love how old things become new. I seem to be craving change all of a sudden.
6. rainstorms easily take a place on "my favorite things" list.
7. i have laughed more in the last few days with lovebird, than in my entire life.
8. three things you'll never find me without: my wedding ring, lipstick and a bottle of tums.
9. we are moving home for the summer.... salt lake here we come! {insert: yahoo!!!) we can't wait to be with family and friends. it's been awhile- and a summer home is well overdo.
10. lately, i can't seem to turn down starbucks' oatmeal, a good read and urge to watch gossip girl.

happy monday.
these ten things seem to sum up my life at the moment.
now, it's your turn:
fill me in on a little fact from your life in your comment below.
cheers to the little things that keep life in forward motion. 

Friday, April 5, 2013


{source unknown, sorry!}

life has been full of emotions lately; 
each one seeming to be so exaggerated.
i'm not a dramatic person, nor do i want to be one.
but, my emotions have secretly warped me 
into this dramatic person all of a sudden.
a different dramatic: dramatic with myself, not with others. 

some mornings i cry on my couch as i think about certain struggles.
however, five minutes later i find myself crying tears of happiness
as i realize just how beautiful my life really is.
lately, i seem to get easily annoyed by lovebird's daily teasing,
but in the next minute- i'm begging for those flirtatious 
teases, because they make me so giddy.
confusion and a tad bit of fear, seem to have made a home in my head.
however, at the exact same time, my gut assures me that
 i've never been more certain.
some times, the normal tasks in life seem like chores, 
because i feel unmotivated.
but, other times i am bursting with purpose and determination
 to succeed in the simple tasks of life, because there is great joy in doing so.
some days i call my mother to vent for hours,
other days i want nothing more, than to remain silent
lately, the future and the unknown have been beyond intriguing and exciting.
i'm happy and hopeful to see the coming months unwind.
although, that unknown factor leaves me quite anxious, 
as i am reminded that uncertainty can leave me feeling scared

the only emotion that remains constant and 
is always exaggerated is love. 
that's when i remember that no matter the emotional day i experience,
whether for the good or for the bad,
i have someone to love and that someone loves me back.
this fact alone has saved me from all those unwanted emotions.

my urge to fight this exaggeration in my emotions has suddenly dwindled.
why? because letting them run wild in my head has been eye opening for my heart. 
i've come to see so many things and made big decisions.
i've realized emotions are very real.
they are telling, unavoidable and informational.
they make an appearance without you asking them to,
and that's how you know they come from the heart.
call me dramatic if you please-
but, dramatic or not, i'm embracing this exaggeration in emotions,
because they surely are giving me a ride on life's biggest roller coaster. 
and that ride is quite a thrill. 
life is quite a thrill. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

little snapshots

little snapshots of life lately:
-we seem to wind up in san francisco just about every weekend lately.
-a good friend, delicious desserts and lifetime memories.
-lovebird's favorite thing on the planet: bubble tea.
{he's even willing to drive and hour just to get one. pathetic, i know.}
-daffodils are just as common of a purchase as bread and milk lately. 
-don't let the trendiness of macaroons deter you; they are delicious. 
-did i mention we practically live in san francisco? 
one of these weekends, we'll stay put.
-my handsome lunch date. boy, he's a keeper.
-long walks have become a daily ritual for mowgli and i. 
it's our bonding time, i suppose. 

thank goodness for the little moments in life.
but, even more so for the camera that captures a memory forever.

come fine me on instagram, so i can find you in return!
username: eleasejane

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 senses

{slightly creepy- sorry! source: unknown}

life according to my senses lately:

taste: easter candy. that was obvious, right?
i mean hello, now is the best time of year for my sweet tooth problem.
this year's favorite/addiction: these
why? the eggs are always the perfect ratio of peanut butter and chocolate.
{don't wait- run out and buy them on clearance asap.}

touch: a week off of a dance, screamed pedicure to me. 
removing all those callouss and blisters have left my feet so sensitive. 
i'm amazed at what my feet can actually feel all of a sudden. 

hear: the birds chirping is music to my ears.
a sure sign that spring is here. 
mornings are my favorite time of the day for this reason.

smell:the array of smells in asian markets. 
we've been to our fair share of them lately- 
mainly due to lovebird's addiction to bubble teas.
the smells are so powerful- some delightful and some disgusting not so pleasant.
{i blame the gross smells on the fish- i'm not a big fan of fishy smells; they make me queasy.}
always an awesome adventure, regardless. 

see:i've been able to "see" who my true friends are lately.
this has caused joy and heartache all at the same time. 
friendships are a very eye opening thing, i tell you.  

you're turn.
what better way for me to catch up on all of your blogs,
than for you to tell me what your senses have been up to lately.
happy hump day. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

greetings in april.

this isn't an april fools joke...
i really am blogging.
shocker, i know.

{source to this lovely water color that i'm obsessed with.}

goodbye march. hello april.
goodbye cadbury eggs. hello self control.
goodbye 2 inch roots. hello red hair.
goodbye unknown plans. hello summer plans.
goodbye to the last remains of winter. hello to a beautiful spring.
goodbye busy schedule. hello spring break.
goodbye 26. hello lovebird's 27th birthday.
goodbye a whole year of ballet. hello to the last month left in the season.
goodbye to being MIA from the blog. hello to i'm really going to try.
goodbye to the classic red. hello to this new favorite lip color of mine.
goodbye to the unknown. hello to a really big decision.
goodbye to this awesome book. hello to this new read.
{looking for a good, fast read? plus a thriller too? i highly recommend the first book listed.}
goodbye to shamrocks and pots of gold. hello to birthdays and april fools.
goodbye days by the fire. hello days by the pool.
goodbye tights and closed toe shoes. hello bare legs and sandals.
goodbye winter breeze. hello thunderstorms.
goodbye ugg boots. hello rain boots.
goodbye in struggling to fall asleep. hello to this heavenly helper.
goodbye to feeling settled. hello to the desperate urge of moving.
goodbye to the ordinary and plain. hello to all things patterned and unique.
goodbye to long hair. hello to i'm feeling brave again.
goodbye to the bad habit of going to bed late. hello to i need to fix that asap.
goodbye to blasting the heater. hello to cracked opened windows at night.
goodbye to the birds who migrated. hello to the birds that chirp good morning.
goodbye to empty vases. hello to my favorite flowers: tulips.
goodbye to never ending scenarios. hello to having faith.
goodbye to sugar cravings. hello to easter candy on clearance.
goodbye for now. hello again very soon.
goodbye march. hello april. 

life has been on the tad bit crazy side of things lately.
but, i am here now.
so, goodbye to neglecting my blog and
 hello to jumping back into the swing of things.
happy spring and happy april, of course.
please leave your link leading me to 
your goodbye-hello list below!