Monday, September 23, 2013

assessment of life lately.

reading: blackmoore. {this month's book club book.} i just started it and am anxious to get going on it. has any one out there read it... thoughts on it?

feeling: sore. i worked out for the first time since being pregnant. yes, i've been hiking, walking my dog all summer and such... but, i'm talking worked out with weights, resistance band, etc. my muscles hate me right now.

wanting:to know the gender of this baby, oh so bad. but, the surprise will be worth it. 

craving: cinnamon raison bagels, krispy kreme donuts and muffins. common theme? carbs. 

waiting: for so many things. mainly baby to come and my little brother to be home from his mission. both will happen within the next five months. yahoo!

loving: that fall {finally} decided to show up yesterday. this thrills my heart.  

wearing: anything i can fit into nowadays. fashion has taken a back seat in my life. 

wishing: every day consisted of fall weather, cups of hot chocolate, blankets and a good book.

cooking: more than ever right now. {the joy of not having rehearsal until 9:00 every night.} the crockpot and i have become best friends recently.

wondering: how time is passing by so quickly. it's already the end of september. where did this month go? where do summer go? where did my first trimester go? boom- they are all gone, so fast.

needing: warm baths to help me fall asleep at night.

anticipating: the holidays more than ever this year. i can't believe they are just around the corner.

hearing: so much advice on baby's and pregnancy. but, i like it because i need it.

i've seen this idea done on a couple blogs recently- and i loved the idea.
some people's lists are lengthy and some or brief.
here's my version.
i want to see yours. leave a link below, so i can enjoy your list.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

we've got a wiggler.

i feel as though this little blog of mine 
has suddenly taken a turn....
a baby turn.
i realize that half my posts are centered around "baby talk".
i apologize for that.
but, then again i don't- because "baby talk" has suddenly become my life.

yesterday, lovebird and i raced down to the hospital in the morning
for our first ever ultrasound.
words can't describe how incredible it was to see our little
one moving around on that screen.
and let me tell you, our babe is a definite wiggler.
the ultrasound tech said she hadn't seen one quite this active.
our babe was doing yoga, backflips and all sorts of things in there.
she even printed out a picture to prove it- our babe was in a yoga pose.
athlete or dancer in the making? i think so.

having an ultrasound suddenly made everything seem so real.
yes, i've certainly noticed my belly growing-
but, seeing the little one confirmed that there is actually a body inside.
'something' so real, growing every day.
it's miraculous. it literally was breathtaking to see our babe.
it was heart melting as i watched lovebird watch the screen;
his eyes filled with complete joy and astonishment.
i don't know if watching babe or lovebird was more precious.

needless to say, i'm one very happy wife and {future} mother. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

little notes

{a little celebration drink. half way there!}

dear home: would you just please clean yourself already? why oh why, can i not find the motivation to do so? i'm trying to make you sparkle, but i often find the couch and a nap far too inviting.

dear baby: lovebird and i "saw" you for the first time yesterday. you were tiny, black and white and on a computer screen... but you still gave my heart reason to explode of happiness. i am already anticipating the "real" ultrasound on monday.

dear mornings: you are still, and will always be my favorite time of the day. i cherish every second of you. your mellow light that trickles in acting as a wake up call, your silence that only appears at this time of day and your way of making life's challenges seem possible... is more than i could ask for each day.

dear bran muffins: i've already made two batches of you this week. maybe i should control my cravings.... or maybe you shouldn't be so tempting.

dear 20 weeks: i can't believe i'm half way there already. baby will be here before we know it. how did i celebrate the half way mark? ... with a big class of chocolate milk, of course.

dear scandal: lovebird and i are suddenly obsessed with you. we could watch episode after episode; you are intriguing and addicting. pair you with a bag of popcorn and i could sit and watch all day long.

dear mascara: why can't i seem to find the perfect one? you know, the one i religiously use day after day. i swear, i am always on the hunt for that 'perfect' one. {please tell me someone out there has found one they can't live without... i'd love to know your secret!}

dear fall: you are easily my favorite time of year. you are beginning to make an appearance. i am patiently awaiting for you to arrive so i don't have to come up with an excuse to indulge in everything pumpkin.

Friday, September 6, 2013


friday is here at last.
it's been a long week. i repeat, a long one.
i think i'm still adjusting to lovebird's new school schedule
{aka: him being gone quite a bit}
and to this baby bump that seems to be growing rather quickly.

being pregnant is a beautiful thing.
emotions are extreme.
stares, comments, looks and questions from strangers are unexpected.
i like it, though.
baby shopping is out of this world.
i thought i had a shopping addiction when it came to my clothes;
i'm telling you right now, this baby of ours will be a spoiled one.
cravings are realer than real.
{cheeseburgers, pancakes, fruit and bran muffins are the recent ones.}
change takes on a new dimension;
both physically and mentally.
anticipation is at a peak, which makes for an exciting life.
adjusting is a key word lately;
adjusting to a new life style, a changing body, a new schedule,
a new 'profession', a new chapter and the list goes on....

most of all, i'm so thankful to have lovebird to share it all with.
even if he is gone rather often for school.
both baby and i are cheering him on; graduation is oh so close.
we are happy over here that it is friday, the weekend is upon us
and that we get to spend it in our very own home.

have a happy friday.

Monday, September 2, 2013

greetings in september.

goodbye. hello. 
goodbye to a lovely summer in utah. hello to our home in california.
goodbye to just us two. hello the little one in my belly.
goodbye to popsicles and bbq's. hello to soups and crockpot dinners.
goodbye to bright corals, blues and neons. hello to all fall colors;
 dark green, purple and cobalt.
goodbye to hours of ballet rehearsals. hello to hours of being a wife. (yahoo!)
goodbye to the sick phase of pregnancy. hello to prayers it never returns.
goodbye to our wonderful "babymoon" in kauai. hello to reality; school and work.
goodbye to a strong ballet core. hello to a baby bump.
goodbye to all things summer. hello to all things fall.
goodbye to wearing white. hello to the "labor day rule" of fashion.
goodbye to utah's beauty of mountains and streams. 
hello to california's palm trees and heat.
goodbye to fabulous home cooked meals by parents. hello to having to cook. ;)
goodbye to days by the pool. hello to days in the books.
goodbye to needing a change. hello to bobby brown makeup. 
goodbye to the inch build up of dust while we were gone. hello to cleaning days.
goodbye to the much beloved season of summer. 
hello to the much anticipated season of fall. {aka: my favorite}
goodbye dry skin. hello to this product that works wonders. 
goodbye to so much going on. hello to being a homebody. 
goodbye. hello.

it's been awhile since i've done a "goodbye-hello" post-
it feels so great to be back in the groove of things.
the blogging world, is a happy one-
wouldn't you say?

cheers to a three day weekend, holiday's and 
father in law's being in town!