Friday, March 30, 2012

before and after.

happy weekend.
it's finally here. yippee!
i am embracing this weekend like no other.
the heavens opened up:
i don't have school or dance today.
  what!? this never happens. i mean never. 
a big thanks to cesar chavez- you're the reason we don't have school.
lovebird got the night off work, which means date night! finally.
and it's conference weekend. what could be better? 
nothing, i tell you.

so... lately i've been thinking about life before and after lovebird.
it's kind of strange how easily you adapt when you are instantly 
immersed in the ways of someone else's life.
some or small things. and some are big. 
here are the small ones: 

before i met lovebird:
1. i never flossed my teeth. not once. never, i repeat.
{no cavities either! knock on wood.}
2. i showered just once a day. like a normal person.
3. i didn't eat my veggies. in fact, i hated them.
4. i drove a stick shift car. 
{technically i still do}
5. i said my prayers alone at night.
6. i drank milk. and lots of it.
7. i didn't have a worry in the world about strangers.
8. living on my own was lonesome and boring.
9. i knew nothing about jewish people or bulgarians. 
10. i never cracked my knuckles.

after i met lovebird:
1. i floss my teeth nightly. can't miss a night or i feel gross.
2. i shower twice a day. 
because now i realize, i probably should after dancing 6 hours. whoops!
 lovebird is an insane clean freak when it comes to showering.
3. i eat more veggies than carbs {my beloved bread} now.
i crave those green things. 
4. i drive his car more than my own.
"the white night". it's automatic, and i love it.
5. we say our prayers together. always.
6. we don't buy milk. period.
lovebird is lactose intolerant.
we do however, guzzle almond milk. yum.
7. i am now aware and somewhat paranoid about "strangers".
i am reminded the world isn't as safe as i dream it to be.
especially where i live. 
8. life is full of companionship.
every adventure is together now matter how big or small. 
9. i now love his jewish background.
and i now love the people of bulgaria as if i knew them like he does.
10. cracking my knuckles is a daily ritual. 
shame on me. 

i love that i've integrated his ways into my ways.
after all, what's his is mine. and what's mine is his.

hope you have a lovely weekend yourself.
and i'm curious... is there anything you do or don't do now
that you life with your prince charming? 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


we are so guilty:
guilty of sleeping in. 
we have been studying our little brains out and
working/dancing our little legs off.
our bodies felt heavy this morning.
so heavy, we decided to press snooze one too many times.
it was oh-so-nice.
we haven't had the "luxury" of doing such a thing since christmas break.
we're continuing with our slow place this morning
{why not?}
and we're headed to go get a yummy warm drink.
it's cold here today.
sleeping in and warm drinks are definitely justified.  
cheers to sleeping in, thursday's, lovers,
warm drinks with whip cream on top 
and no make-up mornings. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hump day.

hello hump day.
you've definitely been a big bump in my road today.
although, i'm now sliding down the backside of your bump.
my tests are over. done and done.
 thank heavens.
i feel like i can actually breathe again.
and i may even be five pounds lighter without my stress.
however, my brain still feels like it's swimming.  

as for the rest of my wendnesday:
1. i am drooling over this hair do.
i've got a crush on messy braids with tons of volume right now.
2. i am searching for the perfect floral pant.
lovebird isn't crazy about them, and has even made fun of them.
so i must find a lovely pair. and one that he approves of.
you know best. which ones are you eyeing?
3. i'm jumping for joy. because technically my weekend starts today.
no school friday! hip hip hooray!  
4. i'm getting ready for a little performance tomorrow.
watch this sneak peak.
5. i'm craving broccoli.
oh wait, that's every day lately. weird, right? 

happy hump day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

book worm.

good morning.
unfortunately, i'm in study lockdown.
lovebird has forbidden me to blog
until after i take my {dreadful} test tomorrow.
i'm sneaking in a little post
{he's still asleep}
to tell you that i'll be back soon.
i can't wait to catch up on your cute blogs.
until then, i'll be studying way too many terms,
pulling my hair out, biting my nails and feeling overwhelmed.
wish me luck.
two tests and a dance performance tomorrow,
then i'm home free. 
oh, and i'll be free of study lockdown. 
lovebird will then approve of me wasting spending my time blogging.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

our {little} weekend.

happy weekend.
we've been awfully busy over.
a weekend full of dance, work, errands, homework and church.
that's a typical weekend for us.

we were just saying today, that we are in need of a "real" weekend;
the kind where you sleep in until who knows when.
you eat breakfast in bed, 
not feeling rushed to go to dance or work.
one where you stay in your pj's all day until you have to 
get ready for a lovely dinner date out on the town.
where you stay up way too late laughing, talking and sharing gelato.
and finally go to bed because you're eyelids are heavy;
heavy from laughter and exhaustion from play time.
okay, back to reality: 
maybe we'll be lucky to have one of those weekends
once the semester and dance season is over.
our fingers are crossed. and our hopes are high.

although, our weekend was pretty rockin' 
due to one small event....
the hunger games.
we absolutely loved it.
{and feel slightly awesome because we know the director.}
we've been waiting and anticipating this weekend for quite awhile.
we are so happy the movie lived up to all of our expectations. 
did you race to the theater to see it too? 
if not, snap to it- you must see it!
{but, please read the book first. that's a must.}
oh, and do note:
if you get motion sickness easily- don't sit too close.
lovebird had to get up and change seats half way through.
he left me by myself.
which, turned out to be a good thing.
why? because i cried my eyes out a few times-
and he always makes fun of me for being such a girl.
look who's the girl now...
he can't stand a little running through the forest. 
"boom roasted"

have a lovely sunday night.
"may the odds be ever in your favor."

Friday, March 23, 2012

my little happenings.

lately i have been...
 going to bed with my hair wet. 
 using clorox wipes like they are going out of style.
eating too many baked goods. 
beyond eager to see the hunger games. 
been chewing dentyne fire "spicy cinnamon" gum. 
{this is very unusual for me. i'm a peppermint girl.}
painting my nails soft colors.
writing lots of letters to all sorts of people in all sorts of places.
factoring way to many numbers in math.
eating fage yogurt with granola for breakfast.
parting my hair down the middle.
booking flights home for summer weddings. 
{yes, plural. several weddings this summer.}
talking in my sleep. or so lovebird claims. 
craving chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
wearing lovebird's clothes to dance.
drinking ginger ale.
speaking bulgarian with lovebird. 
{okay, rather struggling to speak it.}
dreaming of an adventure. a romantic one.
making lovely new blogging friends.
and been welcoming spring in with coral lips. 

what have you been up to lately?
happy friday.
the weekend is finally here. 
{i'm currently jumping for joy}

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the color green.

happy thursday.
obviously, i'm still in the st. patty's day mood, 
and i'm sporting my green.
then again, it is spring.
to me, the color green represents spring.
it's when the trees are staring to portray there deepest and healthiest shade.
it's when the fresh green grass comes out from it's winter nap.
it's when you can spot four leaf clovers if you look close enough.
it's when you look up to find the mountains 
blanketed with green, instead of white snow.
it's when the rain makes you nearly taste the intense shade of green.
it's when the hills in this valley are so green,
you for a split second, feel like you driving through europe instead.
or it's when you realize that green is the color of life;
and that you are living in a beautifully created earth.

springtime is a lovely time.
and i couldn't be embracing the sunshine more than i am today.
i hope you have a little piece of green on today.
what a great reminder of the beauty around us. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring fever.

happy springtime.
since yesterday was the official first day of spring,
i find it fitting to post a few springtime obsessions and inspirations.
 dear anthropolgie: your catalog screams spring. it's lovely.
 dear essie: is it possible for you to make a rotten color? no. i'm in love with all of them.
dear seychelles: i adore your shoes. especially cute these sandals. 
dear tulips: you're my springtime addiction. 
dear floral skinny's: you are currently number one on my wish list. 

well, now you can see i simply have spring fever.
do you? what are you drooling over right now?
i hope all things spring.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ten happy things:

the little things that make life beautiful {as of late}:
1. holidays that insist on me wearing my favorite color: green.
2. cadburry eggs and girl scout cookies.
3. homemade banana bread with whole wheat flour. yum.
4.  getting a little package in the mail from little brother:
{a t-shirt with the mexican flag. too cute and funny. oh, and something for my smash book too}
5. watching downton abbey with lovebird. [every night.]
we are a bit addicted.
it's apparent we are quite connected to the characters:
we both looked over at each other with tears in our eyes after a death in the episode.
6. washing my face with the {trendy} mia. 
there's a reason it is trendy: it works wonders. 
7. the saying "brunettes have more fun".
it's fun being on the dark side for once. pun intended.  
8. the lovely peter pan collar.
i think it is so feminine and classy.
{i love this, this and this one. i want them all.}
9. wearing my hunter boots like they're going out of style.
thank you, rain.
10. warm weather for the mere purpose of not having cracked/dry hands.
you have no idea what my poor hands have looked like.
this is a true blessing. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

you can't pinch me.

happy st. patrick's day!
we were too busy acting like the irish, i didn't get around to posting.
we had a crazy, lovely and busy day yesterday.
lovebird spent most of the day at work.
i spent the day rehearsing and performing at an "old folks" home.
{what a treat that was. if you know me, you know that old people have a special place in my heart.}
we raced to a little dinner with our dear friends,
and ate the most delicious st. patrick's day pizza.
corn beef, prosciutto, pepperoncinis, red onions.
all on top of a flat bread crust and a mustard brie sauce.  
yum- my mouth is watering just thinking about it again. 
we then had a little dessert run to yogurt mill, of course.
and headed back to our place to finish the night with a good old heart to heart.
it was a fun night with friends. 
joel and i may have had a few st. patty's day kisses,
talked like we were irish and stayed up way too long giggling.
we had a lovely st. patty's day.
i've always loved this holiday. 
hope yours was just as lucky as ours. 

1. the little leprechaun brought me an adorable pair of shoes.
2. he also left gold coins, of course.
3. our cute friends. {at concetta- our favorite restaurant.}
4. leapord shoes and green nail polish. 
5. our little mantel decorated for this fun holiday.

Friday, March 16, 2012

never new how much joy could fill a little mailbox.

dear mailman: you always make my day.
all good things come in the mail.
and this week our mailbox has been full of nothing but just that.
{good things, happy notes, and surprise packages.}
1. another sweet hello and happy letter from little brother.
he's happy and doing well. what a relief.
2. a st. patrick's day package from the leprechaun.
{also known as: the best mother in the world}
full of all things green:
shoes, shirts, treats, gold coins, a pair of earrings, letters, and a little bird vase.
3. a much anticipated package from fedex.
which carried a little gem from oc tanner in it.
{another pun intended}

we are happy over here when our mailbox surprises us.
we usually only get lots of adds, random mail and bills.
but this week was an exception to that rule.
and we are feeling loved.

and the biggest lesson learned from this:
i need to send mail more often.
even if its just a postcard or small little note saying hello.
why? because if it brings so much joy to me-
why not share that with those you love.
make someone's day and send them a quick note.
it only takes words and 41 pennies. 
you won't regret it.
and they will love you forever.

happy friday, dear friends. 
i'd love to send you a little love note in your mailbox.
email me your address! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

this is indeed magical.

the nerd inside me is about to be released. 
brace yourself.
{let me first fill you in a little bit.}
i am a die-hard fan when it comes to classical music.
which, is no wonder considering i take and teach piano.
and of course, dance to it every day.
however, i came upon a little discovery that isn't exactly "classical" music.
in fact, it is harry potter music.
and i am completely in love with it.
i would be lying if i said i have only watched this a few times.
because let's be honest, i watch it a few times every other hour. 
okay, okay..
i won't keep you waiting any longer.
here you go: enjoy!
{be certain to watch the whole thing.} 

it's not the harry potter part i'm obsessed with.
it's the brilliance of the piano and this pianist. 

i'm already guessing you harry potter fans are in love.
and those of you out there who appreciate and know the piano 
still have your jaw dropped in awe. 

happy thursday.
glad i could share a little brilliance and music with you.

p.s. if you nerdy like me: check out this one too. it's pirates! so incredible.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

forecast of love.

the forecast for the week is full of nothing but rain.
you already know that this thrills me.
i adore the rain.
how could you not?
it cleanses the earth and leaves nature looking rejuvenated.
it adds a fresh scent to the air. sigh.
it sometimes, if we're lucky, creates rainbows.
it forces me to stay indoors and snuggle up to lovebird.
or it forces me to run indoors while holding a stylish umbrella. 
{umbrellas are a rare occasion. and it's unfortunate because they're adorable.}
old movies come out of their hiding.
slippers are my best friend.
i tend to look out the window with hopeful eyes- 
assuring that the rain is indeed still falling.
the sound of pitter-patter is enough to make me giddy. 
driving in the rain is often times scary-
however, isn't it also the most calming sensation?
{what a funny and ironic concept}
and of course, it gives me the excuse to wear my hunter boots.
i'm in love with you, rain.
thanks for falling for me today.
{yes, that pun was intended.} 

hope you are enjoying this lovely spring shower as well.
happy wednesday. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bachelor ben.

better late than never, i suppose.
i hadn't watched a single episode of the bachelor this season...
until last night- when i watched the season finale. 
i wasn't that into the show, simply because i wasn't up to date with
all the drama, make-out scenes and gossip leading up to it.
but, nonetheless, i had a lovely night with friends.
we had a 'girls only' night.
we drank sparkling cider and ate yummy finger foods. 
my conclusion of the show:
i feel sorry for ben.
i loved him last season, but this season
  {or should i say the one episode that i watched?} 
i didn't feel that love. 
i wasn't too attached to either of the girls-
but from first impressions, i would have picked lindzi.
oh, well.
love is a crazy thing and doesn't always work out perfectly.
that's even true for those in hollywood. 
that being said, thank goodness for reality t.v. shows;
they give us an excuse to get together with the girls and eat chocolate.
{of course, while wearing our comfy sweats. or in my case, lovebird's clothes.}

i know some of you are much more into the show than i am.
so, what did/do you think?
i'm looking forward to reading your comments below
as well as all the blog posts posted in honor of ben today! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

combat boots and turquoise rings.

hello to you. 
and hello to another new week.
mondays seem to keep rolling around.
i just said to lovebird last night,
"isn't it strange how the days of the week go so slow,
but come every sunday night, i'm shocked that another monday
 is already knocking at our door?"
time is a mysterious element in our lives. or at least i think so.
i hope you had a lovely weekend.
we certainly did:
my first letter from little brother came in the mail.
{i literally leaped with excitement.}
we add a yummy bbq with our awesome friends. 
{delicious cheeseburgers with bbq sauce. and of course i brought salt and vinegar chips.}
we went to church. that's a given.
it was ward conference- and it was a lovely day to say the least.
lovebird called me a gypsy due to the amount of turquoise rings i was wearing.
what can i say, i love turquoise. and jewelry.
i sported the combat boots with the dress.
i guess you could say, i was a feminine yet edgy gypsy. 
i'll take it.
{i like to spice up life with different outfits and styles. }
i can't wait to catch up on reading your weekend posts. 
 i suppose i'll do that after class, while drinking my new addiction: hansen's soda.

p.s. i'm thinking about doing a button exchange! 
are you interested? let me know!
via your comment below or an email sent to:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

miss you most of all today.

i am missing this little man today.
{okay he's not that little- he towers over me.}
but he is my little brother. 
he's already been gone a whole 11 days. 
missionary time goes extremely slow and quick all at the same time.
it's bizarre.
wanna know what else is bizarre?
my burning desire to move right now.
move far away, to a new place.
i'm not unhappy here. in fact, i love our little home.
but, i have this crazy want to move cities, states or even countries. 
i bug lovebird with my fantasizing every day.
that's probably because i am beginning to think my dreams 
of moving are going to come true.
lovebird just laughs.
he tells me i want too many things.
which, i do.
that comes with a "go-getter" personality. 
although it doesn't seem soon enough,
we are bound to move in the next year or two-
due to the next chapter in our lives. 
i suppose for now i'll keep dreaming.
alongside missing my little brother dearly. 
happy weekend to my lovely followers. 

just some ideas:
 a place like this down by the beach. {carmel, california.} 
or a little romantic apartment in beautiful italy.
or i would love to live in a little old fashioned city like this.
if i could convince lovebird, we'd live in a cottage
or i'd even be happy in an upbeat crammed studio in a big city.
i clearly just want to move. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

but seriously: TGIF.

oh, happy friday.
so far so good, right?
minus the parking ticket i received at school today.
that's what happens when life is too busy to realize you grabbed lovebird's
school parking pass instead of yours. 
if i'm going to be honest with you-
life has been a little rocky lately.
i've been getting parking tickets in all areas of my life.
and lovebird keeps reminding me- parking tickets are paid off and forgotten.
will these "problem" just go away and be forgotten?
will they sort themselves out? 
i sure hope so.
but, without trials- we don't know happiness.
and i'm certainly happy that today is friday.
weekends always bring happiness.
mainly because i get an extra hour to sleep in with lovebird on saturday.
{sleep in, as in 8:00. it's better than nothing- i'll take it!}
bring on the weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

don't worry, be happy.

{a pair of shoes is usually always on my list. i at least had to include a picture}

ten little things that make me terribly happy {today}:
1. the organic and beyond delicious kumquats i bought at the market.
2. lovebird being on spring break. seeing each other during the day {as opposed to 10, when we both get home at night} makes me feel like i'm actually married to him. so exciting, i tell you.
3. downton abbey. season 1. you're my new nightly obsession.
4. true friends. the ones that you really love and know they love you in return.
5. ikea's cute napkins and straws. they are a staple in our home. we go through them like water.
6. fresh flowers. they always brighten up your day. and they make any room look happier.
7. this quote. why? because i'm a very curious person. just ask lovebird- he laughs at me daily.
8. face time on my phone. i've been having belly laughs with my mom face to face. even though we are 730 miles and 11 hours and 50 minutes away from each other.
9. my smash book. if you don't have one get one! and watch this.
10. heating pads. the cure and relief to being a woman.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

listen up, gents.

and boy, do i love my gent.
i've caught a good one.
lovebird is the epitome of a gentleman.
by the books, he does all the 'right' things.
you know, those stereotypical gentleman rules:
opens the door for me always.  
says his pleases and thank you's. 
doesn't burp out loud {partly because i won't let him}
walks on the outside of the street. so protective. 
surprises me with kisses, flowers and gifts regularly.
wears bow ties.
is beyond loyal and trustworthy.
can totally rock the 5 o'clock shadow.
tells me i'm beautiful every single day. 
{not joking. even when we both know i look like poo.}
 listens intently to what i'm saying. that's big.
loves sports, but will sit through a ballet.
holds the priesthood and has an unwavering testimony.
is quick to forgive and forget.
supports his wife {that's lucky me} in every circumstance.
looks sexy in pj's and sharp in a suit.
talks of his mother, often. 
{that's when you know you've really caught a good one.}
strong and manly, yet sensitive and emotional. 
obedient and dependable.
and is my best friend.

that's the list of a true gentleman.
oh, how i love him.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

little lists.

as of right now:

i love these things:
1. clean sheets. 
if i could, i'd wash them every day.
just so i can climb into that fresh scent and crisp texture each night. 
2. urban decay lip gloss/stick.
3. grapefruits for breakfast.
{i eat a whole one every morning.}
4. blossoms on the trees in the orchards.
spring is on it's way here!

i miss these things:
1. little brother.
2. having a body of a 16 year old.
i miss being able to physically bounce right back to dance
day after day without any aches and pains.
3. my grandma.
but, i miss her every day.

i have a crush on these things:
1. this girl has it perfect.
{i love the hair, lip color, and barely-there eye makeup.}
2. i would love to get my hands on these
just the letters that spell our last name.
i've had my eye on them for quite sometime- i need them, please.
3. olay lotion.
oh, i'm in love. my skin is in love too.

i don't like this these things:
1. immature drama.
2. feeling so behind in my homework and reading.
{thanks to going out of town. yikes.}
3. pasta with red sauce. 
call me crazy. i don't know why.
i 'm just not feeling it now days. i hope it's just a phase.

i am craving these things:
1. mcdonald's ice cream cones.
best $.89 you'll ever spend.
2. broccoli, carrots, celery and a bell pepper for lunch.
this is an odd craving coming from me.
but, i've had it for a week straight now. yummy.
3. cuddle time with lovebird.
but, when am i not craving that?

these things sum up my every day life right now. 
the good, the bad and the wants.
happy tuesday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

dear monday:

{picture: lovebird picking me up from the airport the other night.}

monday has rolled around yet another time.
what is it about mondays that we all dread?
is it the mere fact that its the first day after the weekend?
monday has the words reality and work written all over it. 
especially this monday.
lovebird is on spring break.
i am not. off to school i go.
lucky for him. he gets a week full of nothing but fun. 
{okay, and work.}
it's kind of crazy that it's already that time of year to start having spring break.
i feel like i was just wrapping presents for christmas.
due to our different schedules, we obviously don't have grand plans of going anywhere.
but, i wouldn't want it any other way;
because this means that we get to actually see each other this week.
he will be home during my "in-between moments" of work/dance/school.
we'll have a spring break full of cuddles, cadbury eggs and conversations.
although, i'm curious...
what are your plans for spring break?
tell me you are living it up for us who can't.
i'd love to hear what you have in mind.
maybe that way, i could vicariously live an exotic spring break through you.
deal? awesome, thanks.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

goodbye, elder.

goodbye to you.
this goodbye was a hard one.
by far the hardest one i've experienced in life so far. 
it's not forever, but two years is forever to me.
you are my best friend.
you mean the world to me.
i am happy for you.
i am praying for your strength, courage, and safety.
i miss you already and it's only been five days.
{725 more to go.}
you'll be an incredible missionary.
the people of mexico will just adore you.
you'll be missed at home, dearly.
but, you are in the right place doing the right thing.
we all love you.
thank goodness for your cute friends waiting at the curb to embrace you.
they helped my goodbye end with a smile and 
gave me the comfort to know you'd be perfectly alright in this new chapter of your life.

p.s. i miss our little texting convo's, but i'm looking forward to exchanging letters. 
i know from experience, letters helps your love grow.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

tag, i'm it.

eleven little things about me.
{it's time to get personal. hope you don't mind} biggest regret in life is turning down the invite and opportunity of living in new york
city year round to dance for joffrey ballet school. 
2.favorites and obsessions: the color green, jude law, anything chocolate, 
pillows, handwriting, and peanut butter. 
3. i wish i were better at saying my prayers on my knees multiple times a day.
4. i am confident; yet extremely sensitive. 
people's impressions of me matter more than they should.
5. i am in love.
love is the most beautiful thing in this world.
6. i am the epitome of a girl:
i love and adore lip stick, nail polish, jewelry, perfume and shoes.
7. biggest fear in life: throwing up.
8. i can't fall asleep without my pink blanket and knowing what time it is. 
it's a comfort thing. 
{yes, i am an adult. no, it is not my baby blanket.}
if i don't have access to the time, i'll get out of bed and find a clock.
9. i am a germ freak. period.
i wash my hands at least 12 times a day. 
i refuse to touch my food if my hands are "dirty."
germs are an obsession in my head.
it drives lovebird crazy, sometimes.
10. my main "goal" in life  is to have a family of my own one day.
why? because my own family means the world to me.
life would be incomplete and empty without them.
11. i'm a ballerina.
the ability to express myself through movement is captivating to me.
it's a true passion of mine, and always will be. 

i've been tagged. 
now it is your turn.

i'm "suppose" to tag 11 people.
but, i'm bending the rules. just slightly.
if you are a follower and want to participate-
do it! 
let me know, so i can read your cute list of 11 facts about yourself!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

greetings in march.

goodbye february. hello march.
goodbye being blonde. hello to the new brunette. 
goodbye love. hello luck.
goodbye visit home. hello back to reality in california.
goodbye hearts. hello shamrocks.
goodbye brother. hello missionary.
goodbye pink. hello green.
goodbye cupid. hello leprechaun. 
goodbye crew. hello elder carlson.
goodbye text messages. hello little letters from mexico.
goodbye empty orchards. hello spring blossoms.
goodbye rat pack. hello romeo and juliet.
goodbye 'sweetheart'. hello 'jade is the new black'.
{opi nails polish colors. duh.}
goodbye feeling up to date. hello knee deep in homework.
goodbye soda {again}. hello water.
goodbye going to bed late. hello making a new habit.
goodbye 'old' blog layout. hello new and improved.
goodbye to bitter coldness. hello to the sunny rain.
goodbye to a desperate search. hello new combat boots.
{better late than never.}
goodbye feeling lost and confused. hello advice, prayer and guidance.
goodbye lotion. hello to this brilliant invention.
{best part: it's organic. and truly does work wonders for my dry hands.}
goodbye eating out. hello groceries.
goodbye february. hello march.


i'm officially a brunette. 
kind of crazy, right?
i have never been anything but blonde.
but, now i can check something off my bucket list.
i am still getting used to seeing myself in the mirror.
it's kind of shocking every time.
it's weird finding brown hair on my clothes rather than blonde.
touching my hair feels like i'm playing with someone else's' hair. crazy, right?
all and all, i like the change.
change is good.
a drastic change is a good thing too.
i didn't tell lovebird i was doing it... so he was in for a surprise last night
when he picked me up at the airport.
{i tried filming his reaction, but i wasn't close enough to him when he realized.} 
it took him a few minutes to realize it was actually me. 
and when he did, his eyes grew ten time larger
and his head did the biggest double take i've ever seen.
thank goodness, he likes it. actually, loves it.
he's now in love with a brunette.

thanks goodness for change in life.
what's the biggest drastic change you've "experienced"?

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