Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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happy halloween.
{"boo! did i scare you?"}

i hope your halloween is filled with
candy, costumes, trick-or-treaters, pumpkins,
a big bowl of chili, ghosts, spooky stories,
jack-o-lanterns and anything dipped or covered in carmel.
i love this holiday- a little too much.
{my mother must of rubbed off on me- she's obsessed.}
not necessarily the crazy costumes, makeup and dressing up part of this holiday-
but rather, the spooky crisp air, kids in their costumes,
extra candy laying around the house, home decor, and anything pumpkin-y. 
due to my life as a ballerina, my halloween night will be spent rehearsing the nutcracker.
kind of contradicting, wouldn't you say?
so, i'm counting on you to live up one of my favorite holidays for me;
eat extra candy, knock on extra doors, jump out and scare someone,
help yourself to that second helping of chili {and cornbread},
and carve an extra pumpkin just for me. 
{thank you!}

have a spooktacular day. 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my happy list.

list of my happy things {as of late}... 
1. patterned jeans. 
2. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
3. the way lovebird talks to our puppy. he's smitten.
4. 3 day visits from my parents- that end up turning into a whole week.
5. brick red lipstick or a simple nude. polar opposites, i'm aware. 
6.  letters from a missionary. 
7. late night talks with lovebird about our future- the unknown.
8. grandma's watches; my favorite kind of vintage.
9. all things puppy: fur, kisses, nap-times and that distinct puppy smell.  

what's on your list? do share.

Monday, October 29, 2012

there's someone i'd like you to meet.

hello world.
today is a big day; or rather today has a big announcement. 
we've {finally} settled on a name for our little pup.
drum roll please.... world, meet:
mowgli stice, that is.
{current nickname: mowgs}

we are well aware that it took us almost three weeks to name him,
but, better late than never, right?
i'm not exactly sure how mowgli came about-
yes, the name mowgli comes from the little boy in "the jungle book"-
but, he wasn't necessarily named after him for any particular reason.
we simply liked the name. 
i can't begin to tell you how many names we came up with for our little guy.
name, after name, after name;
none of which instantly fit his puppy cuteness, yet regal aura.
until, "mowgli" suddenly seemed to be the perfect fit. 
so, there you have it.
as much as we hated the ongoing search for the perfect name,
we couldn't be more in love with his name- well, mostly just him in general. 

happy monday!
cheers to a new week, puppy kisses and a successful weekend. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

things of today.

i hate goodbyes. 
{saying goodbye to my parents is always the hardest thing.}
i'm going to sip on a warm drink.
i'm planning on a big cuddle session with my pup.
i'm wearing this pair of boots.
{boots: one of my favorite perks to fall's weather.}
i'm missing crew. a lot. 
i'd give anything to sleep in.
i'm longing for a pair of polka dot tights
i'm dreading going to school. {this is very unlike me.}
my nails are nail polish-less. this is rare, i tell you. 
i'm hungry for a good book.
i'd hang out with her, if we lived in the same state. 
i'm in love with lovebird. 
{but technically that's every day, not just today.}
i'm oh-so tired. 
i could spend the rest of my life in this beautiful season. 
i'm thankful for my parents. 
{mom & dad: thank you for this incredible week - and for all you did for us. i love you.} 

what's your today?
happy friday, by the way. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a world with octobers.

it's quite obvious how busy life seems to be over here.
[sorry for the lack of blog posts. i will be better next week, i swear]
october has been one awfully busy month, i tell you.
however, let's not dwell on the business-
because everything else in october has been perfect. 
{pumpkins, rain storms, new puppy, colored leaves, visit from parents, hot coco, performing,
candy corns, the color orange, rain boots, crisp air and the list goes on and on...}
indeed, i'm thankful for a world with octobers.  
i've recently established it's my new favorite month out of the year. 
regardless of how busy i may. 
happy october.
it will be gone before we know it, so enjoy it while it lasts.

{source: unknown. sorry!}

Sunday, October 21, 2012

outweighing tiredness.

ah! a whole week has come and gone,
and i only managed to post a couple of times.
life was awfully crazy this past week.
we, as ballerina's call it: "theater week."
meaning, we live at the theater for the week.
nothing but dress rehearsals, make-up and tiredness. 
i debated moving an air mattress into my dressing room-
i was that tired at the end of each night.
{which explains the lack of blog posts. ops!}

on top of many hours at the theater,
being a mum to our new pup was quite tiring in itself.
if i wasn't out walking him or playing with him,
i was spending all my minutes thinking about {and adoring} him.
or... worried that he was okay in his kennel all alone at home.
puppies are the best thing in the world- hands down.
but, they do take tiredness to a new level. 

lastly, on top of all of that, my parents came into town on thursday.
it's always the biggest treat when they visit.
they met their first grandson {aka our pup},
went to my performance {they've always been my number one fans},
and we all enjoyed a day in gorgeous yosemite.

it was a week to remember.
nothing beats the thrill of performing,
hugs from your parents {who live too far away},
and cuddling a ball of soft puppy fur. 
every ounce of tiredness was forgotten thanks to these great things.
happiness is love, life and family.
{and of course- husbands, ballet and puppies.}

hope you had a lovely weekend.
i'll be catching up {on lots} of your fun posts from last week.

{picture above: courtesy of milano photography}

Monday, October 15, 2012

puppy lovin'.

four words: we are in love. 
yes, completely infatuated with him.
he's been a perfect puppy so far;
meaning, not a single {potty} accident in the house-
and only one rough night full of whining.
{but, that is to be expected from a puppy who just left his mom.} 
i keep pinching myself making sure i'm living in reality.
i'm shocked that lovebird caved into letting us get a puppy
and i feel spoiled by what a awesome little guy we ended up with.

unfortunately, he remains without a name.
can you believe that?
we are having the hardest time picking the perfect name for this little fellow.
a name is a big deal- even bigger than i thought.
 to this, my mom said to me, "just wait until you have kids."
i can only imagine.

we are open to any suggestions-
in fact, i'm curious to hear what you think we should name him. 
of course, we will pick out a name we love and adore-
but, a little name game never hurts anyone, right?

and i promise... we will have a name by tomorrow.
i'm mainly making this promise to myself, my husband and my puppy.
i'm kicking myself for being so indecisive right now.

happy monday.
cheers to puppies, weekends and dinner with friends.

Friday, October 12, 2012

drum roll, please.....

just like that.... we became a family of three.
obviously, we are elated and totally in love.
he's stolen both of our hearts already. 
i'd reveal his name... but, i think i'll wait until monday to do that.
{we are pretty sure we've picked it, but we'll make our final decision this weekend.}
as a side note for our future little ones {as in kids, not pups} to read:
this is a big day in the history of the stice's.
lovebird agreeing to a dog is a big deal;
just ask anyone who knows him.
i knew i could soften lovebird's heart and convince him that we "needed" one.
however, i'm not sure i did the convincing.
i think our new pup convinced him in just the last 24 hours. 
our pup has lovebird wrapped around his little finger paw. 
we're happy he is ours to keep forever.
we can't wait for all the future adventures and memories with this little guy.  

happy friday, indeed.
plans for the weekend...?
nothing but playing with our new pup.
i mean just look at that face,
how could we not?

hope your weekend is lovely as well.
your always welcome to come over and play with us.
just bring a doggy treat, and i'm sure our pup will invite you right in.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

fall is outside. I am {stuck} inside.

yesterday and today are the first days that finally feel like fall.
ironically, i'm stuck indoors; 
still, sick as can be.
which, got me thinking that maybe this sickness came as a punishment.
due to my constant complaints of it being too hot,
still feeling like summer,
not being able to wear fall clothes....
i've concluded, that when fall finally decided to make an appearance,
it reprimanded me for doubting that it was indeed really coming. 
punishment? a nasty cold. 

however, after being glued to my bed all day yesterday, 
{literally, i did not move for hours straight}
lovebird decided i needed to step outside and get a breath of fresh air.
so, that i did. 
we took a little walk around our complex,
and when i turned the first corner i was greeted by a lovely sight.
it took my breath away.
suddenly i realized how easy it is to take the things right in front of you for granted.
it's funny how being sick gets you thinking about these sorts of things.
being healthy, breathing fresh air, 
being able to dance, having strength,
kissing lovebird, enjoying a good night's sleep,
 having a busy day and tasting food.
all of these every day tasks i suddenly haven't been able to do for the last couple days,
as really made me appreciate them and their important role in my life.

not to get all cheesy on you or anything-
just stating my love for a healthy life and recognizing how lucky i am to have one. 
and even though i've been stuck indoors....
i plan on enjoying every minute of this fall weather that just arrived
 the second i feel healthy and like myself again. 

two lessons learned:
1. never complain, or you'll get sick.
2. don't take the little things in life for granted. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

cold buster.

sick as a dog.
woke up with an awful case of the ugly cold bug that is going around.

so, for the next few days i'll be taking it easy.
most likely laying in bed,
drinking lots of water {per lovebird's request},
eating chicken noodle soup,
reading and studying,
and sneezing a billion times.
{i've lost count already, as it is.}

i hope your wednesday is full of healthiness. 
please go enjoy the lovely fall weather for me, since i can't.
i'm hoping for a speedy recovery-
because now isn't the ideal time for a cold.
isn't that always how it goes though?
you always get sick at the worst possible time in life.
i'm determined to kick this cold before my parents come 
to visit and my big show next weekend. 
i can do this, yes i can. 
happy, healthy thoughts. 

p.s. anyone a firm believer in the "cold buster" from jamba juice? 
please, say yes.
i gave it a try last night... i'm waiting patiently for it to work it's magic. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

say it loud, say it proud.

happy tuesday.
{already..? wow}
monday managed to escape far too quick,
which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
yesterday was jam packed with two test at school
 and 7 hours of dance.
it was a loooong day to say the least,
which is why i'm surprised it seem to pass so quickly.
maybe it was the weekend that seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye...?
don't they always, though?

my weekend was a lovely one.
lovebird and i spent a good amount of time snuggled up on
our couch watching this all weekend long.
we had a splendid time with one another as we 
deepened our understanding of our beliefs.
we also gained a momentum for every day life, 
which always seems to accompany conference sessions.
{thank goodness it comes around twice a year.}
we woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated;
with so many goals and happy thoughts in our minds. 
every day, but especially today, i am proud to say that...
"i am a mormon. i know it, i live it and i love it."

i sure hope you had an uplifting weekend yourself.
i'm anxious to play "catch-up",
and read about all of your fun adventures, while stalking your awesome pictures.

Friday, October 5, 2012

five senses.

{this week's five senses:}
taste: pumpkin frozen yogurt.
i'm currently addicted, 
and plan on it being that way for another two months.

see: did you watch the presidential debates?
is sure hope so.
our future is in the hands of one of these two gents.

smell: a pair of new pointe shoes.
{this may seem totally bizarre to a "non-ballerina".}
but, nothing is better than the smell of brand new shoes;
untouched by sweaty feet and smelly toe-pads.
gross, right?
well, now you know why i love new shoes. 

hear: a little birdie told me it's finally going to start cooling down this weekend.
please tell me you heard the same thing?
it's been far too hot for october.
{100 degree weather is meant for summer, not fall.} 
besides, i'm extremely eager to wear fall clothes-
so sunshine, please take a nap now.

touch:a simple touch, in itself.
that feeling when lovebird touches my hand unexpectedly,
and suddenly i feel safe, comforted and 
most of all... in love.  

happy friday.
hope all of your senses come alive this weekend.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

moments interlaced with busy.

i sat at school today trying to study as my brain 
seemed to wander off to a land of it's own.
my music text book couldn't seem to captivate my attention,
as my brain managed to come up with the concept that 
life's companion is: "busy". 
without a life you couldn't be busy, 
and if you weren't busy or actively doing anything, 
life would be awfully dole or possibly cease to exist, in a sense.

but, then there is the argument of being too busy...
is my life at that point?
days like today, i would say yes.
but, is it all worth it? 
yes, definitely.
why? because the little moments in between the busy ones,
are what truly define your life and make it your own.
you know, those two minutes you get to see 
your hubby before racing out the door?
or the hour you spend eating dinner with your family?
the quick hello to a dear friend at the grocery store? 
reading a book for five minutes before your fall asleep from exhaustion?
a quick, yet romantic, walk around the block?
these are the moments that make life seem doable-
no matter how busy i may feel. 
here are my little moments as of late:
{instagram username: eleasejane}

1. shhh! i snuck a diet coke when lovebird wasn't looking.
2. happy national sibling day! 
3. met baby Laken, and she nearly killed me with your cuteness.
4. date night: rock of ages.
5. puppy shopping.
6. quick snap-shop with my ballet director. 
7. believe it or not: my campus. gorgeous, i tell you.
8. toast+almond butter+bananas= best breakfast ever.
9. happy 40th anniversary to my parents! primary kids {well, some of them}. i love them as if they were my own.
11. this is what date night looks like when lovebird is out of town.
12. lovebird at crater lake. so jealous!
13. you are never too old to feed the ducks.
12. this 100 degree weather in october, still calls for gladiators.

i'm sure you have some little moments to share... 
let's hear 'em. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sharing my secrets.

three simple beauty tricks i swear by:
{at least lately.}

1. wash your hair with cold water.
{literally, as cold as you can stand it. pun intended.}
have you heard this one a billion times already?
if so, chances are you still aren't doing it.
why? because let's be honest- who wants to take a cold shower?
{we are spoiled with warm steamy showers and take them for granted, folks.}
but, by doing this, your hair will instantly start to shine.
i'm converted, and never going back to rinsing my hair in warm water-
even as much as i hate being covered in giant goosebumps those first five minutes. 
it's well worth it- the shine is fantastic. 

2. spray your perfume before getting dressed. 
i recently talked to a "perfume specialist" who gave me the low down.
she emphasized on how important the sense of smell is to the human;
without knowing it, one of the first ways we evaluate a person is by their scent.
we even tend to hang out with people who have a similar scent to ourself.
oh, and that list of cute boys you have hanging on your fridge...?
chances are they wear similar, if not the same, cologne. 
interesting right?
most importantly, she taught me a beauty trick-
spraying your perfume before you get dressed, helps the scent last much longer. 
so, next time: shower, moisturize and spray your perfume, immediately, all over your body.

3.ond word: aquaphor.
especially, as these fall and winter seasons arrive;
bringing with them, dry skin and chapped lips.
aquaphor is the perfect remedy- it cures all.
i'm simply in love and have been hooked for years.
i rub it on my knuckles and lips every single night, without fail. 
trick of the trade: coat your lips before applying a bright lipstick. 
allow enough time for the aquaphor to sink into your lips, then apply your lipstick.
ta-da!! your lipstick glides right on as smooth as can be,
and you don't have to worry about your lipstick 
separating in those tiny cracks of your chapped lips. 
{we all hate that. so annoying, right?}

i'm curious now, 
what's the one beauty trick you swear by at the moment?
do share- i'm already anxious to try it. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

greetings in october.

goodbye september. hello october.
goodbye school starting. hello much anticipated holiday breaks
goodbye empty mantel. hello decorative witches, pumpkins and owls.
goodbye labor day. hello halloween.
goodbye to the tail end of hot days. hello to fall's, slow to arrive, breeze.
goodbye dusty house. hello to hours of cleaning.
{what better way to start off a new month, right?}
goodbye pumpkins. hello jack-o-lanterns. 
goodbye gladiators. hello closed-toe shoes.
goodbye grapefruit burt's bee chapstick. hello to the original, a.k.a: the best.
{you were fun for summer- but nothing beats the original flavor.}
goodbye rock and roll. hello "that's showbiz".
goodbye to dry, clean air. hello to almond harvest and itchy eyes.
goodbye to the final days of summer. hello autumn. 
{it's simply my favorite time of year and my favorite season.}
goodbye to feeling a little lost. hello to general conference
goodbye to being a lazy wife. hello to baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
goodbye to wondering. hello to elder carlson finally receiving 5 of my letters. 
goodbye to little or no make-up. hello to nothing but, baby lips
goodbye to summer clothes. hello to as many layers as i can pile on.
goodbye to missing my parents. hello to a little visit this month.
goodbye peanut butter. hello almond butter- i'm hooked. 
goodbye flip flops. hello boots with heavy socks. 
goodbye trying to be good. hello to {still} wanting a puppy. 
goodbye september. hello october.  

happy october.
i'm thrilled to say hello to this month- it's one of my favorites.
can't wait to read your goodbye-hello's this month;
leave me the link below!