Monday, February 28, 2011


wowzer! i am breathing. i'm shocked that i'm still alive.
my body kills due to soreness and the fact i haven't had a day off of dance 
in who knows how long... until now. and because of that, i am so grateful to
be sitting here, doing absolutely nothing. 
pure joy, my fiends.
don't get me wrong, i love dance. but i was in need of a break. 

the weekend was great.
my family came into town for my shows. oh, how i love them.

it was nice to have them in the audience,
but even nicer to just spend time with them.

we had a wonderful weekend. lots of eating, sprucing up my home,
shopping and of course dancing.
my little home seems so empty now that they are back home again.

like the stinker that i am, i forgot to whip out my camera and take pictures.
i am an idiot. and i'm already regretting it. 
however, thanks to some other peeps, here are a few shots from the shows.

 {pictures by bicek photography and milano photography}

lovely weekend, to say the least.
and now that it's over, i will have time to blog again. yay.
bottom line....
i love my family, adore my husband and am going to cherish every
minute of my break. my body needs it. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

movie must see

just go with it.
period. you've got to see it.
lovebird and i laughed big belly laughs.
a perfect chick flick and comedy. great for a duo.
so go on a date with your hubby, your dinner date, your boyfriend
or for heavens sakes.... just go by yourself. 
it's well worth the expensive price movies are these days.

p.s. jennifer aniston is drop dead gorgeous.
or as lovebird said..."she's so wholesome".
and who doesn't want to be perfectly well rounded (aka: wholesome)
on top of being insanely beautiful?
can i please be her? now? 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

splishin' and a splashin'

ballerinas are always in style.
i showed up to dance today, and check out these adorable rain boots.
it was a down pour all day long. 
 and i just looooooved it. 
it's no wonder we all came prepared for the weather.
and we certainly didn't miss out on the opportunity of doing it in style. 

p.s. my rain boots? the brown herringbone pair. 
got them at good old costco. years ago.
but who knows, if you're looking for a pair they might still carry some.
i love mine. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tired thoughts

i really wish i wasn't feeling so dang tired right now.
today work started at 8:00 for me this morning and I got home tonight at 9:20.
yep, that's right... 13 hours and 20 minutes later... i am finally home again.
what happened to seeing my husband? blogging? eating a real meal? or even having time to sit on the couch?
i know it's ironic that i am on my blog right now. but i'm forcing myself to keep up on my posts instead of jumping straight into bed.

i thought i'd blog about some highs and lows of the week.
- i bought gumballs. the sugary, not good for your teeth kind.
- valentines. too much to say. it was all oh-so-good.
- making play-do and sugar cookies.
- getting ready for work. my outfits have managed to work themselves out each day. thank heavens.
- lovebird being incredibly good to me. dinners ready, laundry folded and dishes done. boy am i lucky.
- discovering some new make-up tricks. i'll be sharing later.
- having pleasant people come into work that manage to be nice to me. maybe because it's love week...? who knows, but it makes all the difference.
- the fact that i am saving lots of money. thats when and how i appreciate my job.
-gLee. but then again, that's a high every week.
-having to keep a very exciting secret. it's gunna be hard.

- i had quite the epic fall at dance yesterday. ouch. holy cow it hurt. i'm beyond bruised.
- being in a grumpy mood due to exhaustion way too often. i wish i believed in energy drinks.
- having a spider fall out of my hair at work. yep, we have jumping spiders as pets at work right now.
- our new home still isn't quite put together. i need a cleaning and organizing fairy. come on already.
- feeling behind in keeping in touch with some of my friends around the world.
- eating too much sugar. way too much. dang you valentines.
- you know the awkward trip over your own shoe? let's just say i have done enough for all of us this week. what is my problem? I blame it on the fact that the carpet at work is enemies with the texture on the bottom of my high heels.
- having to go "naked" at dance. (meaning nothing covering my legs.) unfortunately the sugar intake is taking a toll on my upper thighs. yikes.
- top of the list.... not having enough time. period.

okay, now i'm jumping in bed. 
oh wait, i'm going to jump in lovebird's arms first.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

one year older and wiser too.

happy birthday midge!

you truly are the best mother a daughter could ask for.
i love you dearly.
more than i could ever express on this blog.
i hope you have a lovely day.
eat lots of chocolate cake with white frosting.
because that's our favorite, after all.

p.s. if i were home i would give you a stepping stool for your b-day. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

love is all around

definitely in love
and definitely head over heels for lovebird.

oh, and i definitely love candy hearts. 

 i hope you all have a heartfelt weekend.
maybe get some early celebrating done this weekend,
because unfortunately valentine's falls on a monday.
or use that as an excuse to be extra lovey-dovey all weekend long.
dinner and a movie, dressing up, an extra romantic date, yummy desserts, flowers, 
staying in just to cuddle, kisses galore, baking heart shaped sugar cookies....
anything goes, my friends. the possibilities are endless when...
you're in love. 

and we certainly are. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


today, lovebird and i had one of those mornings. the mornings where you sleep in a little later than usual. but even better than sleeping in, you find yourself wide awake lost in the land of love. you know, just cuddling,  and snuggling. don't the sheets always feel so inviting in the morning, when you know you just have a few extra minutes in the day to let them engulf you? and i mean, hello... who doesn't enjoy looking into eyes that have just woken up? my dad always said, his favorite time of the day was waking up next to my mom in the mornings. he also said it was too hard to explain such a feeling, but that i would soon know why.  and now i do. lovebird looks so innocent, peaceful and his skin seems so untouched by tiredness and stress from a long day. we talked for who knows how long; about nothing yet about everything. one of those moments you wish you could freeze, or call in sick for the entire day. he brought me breakfast in bed. the breakfast which i have a craving everyday now; greek yogurt, homemade granola and flax seed. we ate it, snuggled some more and then before i knew it the day had begun. it happened all so fast. too fast.

take me back to that moment, right now please. or give me another one just like it.
k-thank-you-good-night, now.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


this is lovebird being a goof.
well, a dang good lookin' goof.

i realized "our" blog was lacking in the 
"us" part. i am always rambling about my crazy little thoughts
and obsessions. so this picture was very much needed.
the end. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

warming obsession

dear sunshine:
you have been so incredible these last few days. my skin is already thanking you. the air is heavenly fresh and the blue skies have come out from hiding. even though you aren't as hot as you are in the summer, i appreciate the little warmth you have given us. it is making me crave things; like swimming, bbq's, neon painted finger nails and vacations. but most of all, you have got me on a craze for planting flower boxes. i can hardly wait to get going on this little project. forget the garden this spring. i am going all out in "decorating" our little balcony with gorgeous flowers planted in adorable boxes.
love, me

Monday, February 7, 2011

caloric weekend.

another saturday in san francisco. i am there so often, i might as well live there. which, frankly, i wouldn't mind a single bit.... other than paying twice as much for rent.  but regardless, the day was marvelous. i actually went up to the city to rehearsal with val caniparoli for a piece we are doing in out upcoming show. click the link and read up on him. he's is a remarkable person. so incredible to work with; so inspiring and positive. i am so lucky to have such and experience of working with an accomplished artist and choreographer.

and to change subjects quickly, after an exhausting-calorie burning rehearsal, lovebird and i stayed in the city and enjoyed a scrumptious italian dinner. yep, i ate every single calorie (plus more) that i just had burnt off. that's life, right? it definitely was worth it though.
we then crossed the street and grabbed a taste of heaven; chocolate. my favorite. 
this chocolate is to die for. i guess you could consider it "exotic". it's definitely expensive. 
however, in it's defense it is worth every penny.

after being as indecisive as i am, we chose caramel with fleur de sel and madagascar.
{the caramel one was my favorite. by far.}
look how pretty they are.

all in all, it was another beautiful weekend.
i already hate the fact that it is monday. 

Friday, February 4, 2011


it's our anniversary!
{happy anniversary to us.}

yes, my friends, we have made it a whopping
months. can you believe it?

i can't.
 i am in awe we have been married a half of a year already.
"time flies when you're having fun." now, isn't that the truth?
life is blissful simply because i am married to lovebird.

i'm not one for mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey-express-your-heart on your blog,
so for now i'll leave it at that.

we are as happy as can be.
six months and counting. that's for sure.

{i love you!}

Thursday, February 3, 2011

this AND that

i'm craving opposites.
let me explain.

i am obsessed with a nude lip. 
but i'm also in love with a deep red lip.

i'm obsessed with glasses
but i only wear my contacts.

i smile when i put my heels on for work,
but the minute i get home i chuck them off. quite literally.

one day i'll wear my hear sleek 
and the next day, it's a wavy mess.

i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring
but i can't get enough of winter fashion. bring on the layers. 

lastly, i am craving a sexy toned body
but i seem to be eating everything in sight.

go figure.
cheers for opposites.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


groundhog day.
kind of a silly holiday if you ask me.
but he did NOT see his shadow...
so an early spring it will be! 
i'm hoping our little groundhog is correct.
i'm craving summer already, let alone spring.

although, it would be nice to blame my eating habits and
cravings of sweets on the fact that it was a long winter.

i hope you all have a sunshine-y and somewhat of a spring-y
 day in lieu of groundhog day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

love is in the air

hello lovers.
it is february.
the love month. 
are you as happy as i am, that january is over?
january is cold, long, somewhat depressing and busy.
february is a happy month.
28 days full of nothing but love.
well, and i guess...
 lots of birthdays
memories and remembrances 
 hours of rehearsals then performances
family coming to visit
 trips to san francisco
moving into our new home
and of course
valentine's day.

it's a short month, only 28 days.
anything is possible right?
so why don't we all spend this lovely month
madly in love. 

for starters, lovebird was awfully romantic today and brought me 
these gorgeous tulips at work.  they made my day. 

and in celebration for the first day of the month,
 i decked out in red. it's all about being festive.

well that's a wrap for today.
happy february.