Thursday, September 29, 2011

go for the gold.

wear gold.
it's a lovely, futuristic and feminine thing to do.
the options are endless: 
i adore my gold toms.
am rarely seen without wearing my monogramed gold necklace.
still loving my gold watch. it never gets old. 
go for the gold nails. lovely. 
gold bangles are simply the perfect accesory with any outfit. 
or be daring and throw on a gold sequin top.
don't forget your face! gold makeup can be beautiful.
everyday is a gold day, so go for the gold!
my feet are decked out in gold today.
happy thursday. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

diet coke.

diet coke.
10 points for the new can.
love it. 
however, how do they expect me to give it up
when they tempt me with a new design?
my eyes are drawn to it, and next thing i know i'm opening
a can and guzzling it's goodness.
it's impossible to give up, isn't it?
please, help me. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

trick of the trade.

here's a little tip. a tip you are going to love.
it will change your life.
{or at least my makeup life was changed.}
you know how when you apply your mascara and it gets all over your eyelid?
all over the beautiful eyeshadow you just applied.
and now you are frustrated because you have to start all over again.
well go no further! i have your solution.
it's rather silly, but it works like a gem.
meet your best friend in this case:
yep, a plastic "mascara wand".
you know, the ones that are at sephora or mac counters for 
you to use, when trying their products?
well next time you're there, grab a few. 
now for the tip:
when your mascara gets all over the place,
wait for it to dry completely.
then simply rub this little wand back and forth over the mess up.
and ta-da, your eyeshadow remains perfect and the spot is gone!
it's that easy. and works perfectly.
i hope you enjoyed this little tip. 
love, me.

Monday, September 26, 2011

a husband.

this morning we laid in bed longer than usual.
the alarm clock went off, but obviously we weren't ready for monday.
last night was the first night we were able to sleep with our windows open. {finally}
fall has come. and i am loving every minute of it.
but what i'm really loving is precious time spent with lovebird.
there is nothing like having a husband;
someone you are with every second.
someone you adore. and someone who adores you back.
someone you can talk to about anything, anywhere and at anytime.
someone who enjoys homemade meals, sitting on the couch, and playing cards.
someone who is reliable, honorable, and lovable. 
someone who is loyal.
someone who understands every part of you, and loves you because of that.
someone who drives you crazy, and someone who you can annoy like crazy.
someone who is beyond generous, thoughtful and caring.
someone who is dashingly handsome.
someone who quiets your fears, rejoices at your happiness,
and holds you when you are sick.
and most of all someone who makes you so very happy.
that would be my husband, aka: lovebird.
i am one lucky girl, who is madly in love.
cheers to sleeping in, mondays and husbands. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

low key

yup, because that's what we do on sundays. 
put on our sweats. 
do homework all day.
and watch father and the bride.
because i learned tonight, that lovebird had never seen it.
{i was shocked.}
hope your sunday was as relaxing as ours.
dreading another week- but it's coming whether i like it or not...
so here we go.
bring it on monday. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

finally fall

well friends, it's officially fall. 
say goodbye to summer. yahoo!
sit back and enjoy this lovely season.
{p.s. this chair is to die for. love it}

fall is much anticipated in this little soul of mine.
how could it not be?
soups, pumpkins, baked goods, candy galore, scarfs, the change of weather,
beautiful autumn leafs, leggings and tights, boots,  brick red lips, and holidays.
fall is a busy time:
school is in session, halloween crafts are in the process of being made,
my piano students are gearing up for their halloween challenge, 
the chore of changing my closet from summer clothes to fall clothes is slowly beginning, 
rehearsals for swan lake are taking place,
and my oven is getting it's fair share of use. 
fall is simply wonderful.
everyone is busy, active and motivated.
the weather is refreshing and forces you inside to cuddle, often.
the anticipation for the holidays brings excitement. 
and fall fashion is easiest and prettiest to wear. 
fall, fall, fall. 

let's say goodbye to summer
and welcome the oh-so-anticipated season of fall.

p.s. what are you doing on the first eve of fall? it is the weekend after all! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

favorite things

these are a few of my favorite things.
as of late, of course.
my obsessions, trends, and taste seem to change on a regular basis.

"it's-it" ice cream sandwiches.
they are to die for. a little piece of heaven on earth.
{ignore the ugly picture. i just walked in the door from rehearsal.}

this idea for our bedroom. i find it adorable.
salads. yep, you heard me right.
i know it is shocking coming from me, but i am currently obsessed with them.
best {our favorite} dressing? "o organic" blue cheese. yum.

my new jag jeans.
oh, so comfy. i could sleep in them.
check them out here.

a few more of my favorite things....
lovebird's scruff. (that'll never get old)
shoes with bows. super feminine.
npr. {as in national public radio.} currently addicted. 
the sun rising in the morning. it simple brings joy and hope.
talking to midge {my mom} every day. and making her laugh. 
a cup of ice water at my bed stand. 
my wedding ring. {i suppose that will always be a 'favorite thing'.}
and lovebird's current nicknames for me: far-quad and car-zi. don't ask. so random. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


isn't it crazy how much we take our health for granted?
it isn't until i am sick, that i remember how lucky i am to be healthy.
being sick is the pits.
 you feel like crap. you don't even feel like yourself, for that matter.
your body hurts and reacts in ways so unfamiliar. 
and on top of it, you look like crap.
{or at least i do, when i'm sick}
even worse, try dancing when you feel like you're going to collapse. 
or try focusing on your geology homework when your head kills. impossible.
needless to say, i am excited to embrace health again.
i'm looking forward to wearing makeup again.
and i'm mostly looking forward to kissing lovebird again. 
{with my luck, he'll probably get sick right as i get better.}
for all of you out there reading this...
get your flu shot this season! 
i'm headed to the pharmacy as soon as this cold disappears.
i am sending healthy vibes your way,
because again, being sick is the pits. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

seventh day of the week.

sunday has arrived and is already half way over.
sundays are simply the best.
a day full of spiritual thoughts, cuddles with lovebird and yummy dinners.
i played the piano in sacrament meeting today.
i was a nervous wreck. 
cold hands, sweating, and shaking feet. 
it is now over. it went well. and i am happy.
{not happy that its over, but happy that it went well.}
lovebird would have high five-d me had we not been at church.
instead he gave me a big kiss and pat on the back.
today has been a lovely day.
minus this bloody cold i'm fighting.
it is awful being sick. any day of the week.
im in lovebirds pj's, laying low with a box of kleenex.
oh well. 
happy sunday friends.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


doesn't this look scrumptious!?
next movie night you can bet i'll be making this.
what's better than popcorn, carmel, and snickers?
not much my friends.
speaking of movies, are you going to lion king 3D?
that may be what we end up doing late tonight after the three parties,
cleaning, practicing, homework and errands we run. 
yay for popcorn, movies and busy saturdays.

p.s. go here for this yummy recipe! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

as of late

as of late...
i am a political enthusiast. 
i dream of taking naps. but, i never actually do.
i am in a constant state of craving for cucumbers. weird, i know.
i wear gold. only gold. thanks to my new necklace. 
i am a bit too stressed for my liking. rather, short of time.
i find humor in the embarrassing moments of my life. this is very rare for me.
i am constantly wishing for a cool fall breeze to come whooshing by. 
i am dying to go on what i like to call, a second honeymoon.
i overdosed on buying stationary yesterday. 
i find joy in practicing the piano.
i listen to NPR every second i am near a radio.
i envy long thick hair. 
i dig the fall make up trends. pumpkin lips. 
and i feel the need to volunteer somewhere. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

do i feel fall?

happy monday friends.
yesterday was the first day it started to cool off in the evenings.
but don't let me fool you. "cool off" as in a tiny breeze.
we still couldn't sleep with our windows open. 
which is by far my favorite fall time activity.
cool breeze, the sound of crickets, and the smell of fall sneaking thru our windows. 
simply the best. 
{another perk? a lower PG&E bill.} 
this is a weird time of the year in california.
why? because everything feels like fall expect for the weather,
which creates a huge problem.
it's after labor day so all of our whites are tucked away.
yes, i abide by that rule. and consequently, lovebird does too.
however, it is freakin' hot. yep, still reaching the 100's.
so naturally i want to wear light, summery clothes.
but... it's september!
so my brain is telling me to wear fall colors, boots, jeans, etc...
it's a predicament . 
i hate it. getting dressed in the morning has become a guessing game. 
i'm ready for fall weather to be here.
i'm over summer. 
fall, please come already.
my fall clothes are itching to be hung in the closet.
my boots and scarfs are ready to be worn.
and my heart would be happy, because fall is the best time of year for fashion.
one word for fall fashion: layers.
i'm getting more anxious just writing this.
happy monday, happy wishful thinking for fall, and happy school days this week.

Sunday, September 11, 2011



a day to remember.
september 11, 2001.
my heart goes out to so many people today.
i've realized this week just how many people were affected by 
this awful tragedy that struck ten years ago.
this event has changed and shaped the united states so much in these last several years.
for the good and for the bad.
but most importantly,
i want to send my love to those that have passed due to the event.
those that fought in honor of the event.
and those that stand tall today in hope, love and remembrance.

so what was this day like for me ten years ago?
I woke up for school, just like every other morning. as i walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast i found my dad sitting inches away from the t.v. staring intently at it.
thinking nothing of it, i carried on eating. in the background i heard the sudden news, 
dropped my cereal bowl and slowly walked over to look at the screen.
i sat silently and watched.
i was in awe.
being young, i didn't fully understand exactly what was happening.
or what this one day meant for the future. 
but i knew it was tragic and horrific.
i remember watching people jump from the towers.
i remember the second plane hitting on live television.
i remember screams coming from the t.v.
i remember the state of shock everyone was in. 
i remember president bush. 
i remember driving to school with the radio up loud.
i remember walking into the chattered halls of jr. high.
i remember sitting in my classroom watching the news with my classmates. 
everyday life stood still. as it should have.
that day is a vivid memory in my mind and in my heart.

ten years from that day brings us to now...
the world is a different place because of this one event.
this event brought war, contentions, trials, lack of hope, it contributed to the 
downfall of our economy, and it saddened the hearts of too many americans. 
today we have recovered in a sense.
there is hope. peace and a unity among us today. 
we are still recovering. and always will be.
we love those that we lost. 
and we cherish this historical event that has influenced the world around us.

9.11.01 to 9.11.11
then year anniversary. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

friday happenings

happy friday.
i discovered a new way to curl my hair....drum roll....
...without heat! 
you bet your bottom dollar i was happy about that.
{my hairs were too.} 
i studied a lot. and it felt good.
filling your brain with knowledge is satisfying.
is our "date night" day of the week.
we are probably going to end up getting 
pumpkin frozen yogurt at some point.
tis the season. yum.

we are house sitting this weekend. 
we are happy to go live in a lovely home for a few days.  
quality time with lovebird is top on my list for this weekend.
have a nice weekend friends. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

one word: chocolate

lovebird says: "lets go on a walk. you know, a walk to the store to get a treat."
i of course said: "brilliant idea." 
in two seconds flat, i am at the door ready to go. now waiting on him.
nothing like the thought of chocolate to get my heart rate
jumping and my blood pumping.
after all, i would never turn down the chance to walk down "lovers lane" knowing i'll end up on the candy isle with mounds of choices staring me back in the face. 
good choices; chocolately choices.
{sorry starburst and skittles, you're just not my cup of tea.}
as we take our stroll, i realize just how rare it is for lovebird to want a treat.
i'm always the one begging him to eat junk food
and he is the one claiming he's too healthy.
he rarely gives in to a treat. unless of course it's yogurt mill. 
so, this craving of his is very unusual.
however, i'm thankful for it. because i needed a treat after my loooong day.
surprisingly, i chose a twix.
and even more surprisingly, he chose a dark chocolate bar.
we walked back home, hand in hand.
engaged in deep conversation. 
[the president's speech enabled for loaded topics tonight.]
we laughed. we complained about certain people things.
and most importantly we jumped on the couch and devoured our treat. 
all 250 calories. not feeling guilty at all...
because having a husband to share an evening full of walks, conversation,
laughter, cuddles on a couch
and of course chocolate is worth ever calorie and more. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

decorating help, please!

i know it's only september, but at the rate that time seems to be flying by,
 this post is certainly not too early.
is it just me, or is fall sometimes hard to decorate your home for?
don't get me wrong, there are tons of spiders, webs, pumpkins, ghosts,
skeletons, guts, goblins and more.
but sometimes that creeps me out.
i still want my house to be warm and inviting.
so what do decorate with or make to fill your home with 
something that doesn't make you want to scream?
you know, something fall-y, vintage-y and halloween-y all at the same time.
i'm open for suggestions.
i was thinking about trying this, this and/or this.
or i may even go above and beyond and make some fancy/spooky wreath.
{that is if i have time in-between school, dance, work, and being a wife.}
well, i would love to hear what you have done 
or what you are going to do this year.
if you share your ideas, i may just bake you a batch of pumpkin chocolate chippers.
thank you. xoxo

Monday, September 5, 2011

love lasts long

pretty regularly, lovebird and i argue over who is going to go to heaven first.
i know, kind of a serious topic.
but we have debates about who is going to live the longest.
i keep telling him that i will live longer because i never want him to be a sad and
lonely little old man. 
for some reason, grandmas are much stronger than little old grandpas.
right? little old ladies seems to cope with a loss of their loved one better.
he assures me he will live longer because he'd rather be without me
then have me without him. me being a widow scares him. 
when i came across this little quote it made me chuckle inside,
because i'm glad to know piglet and winnie the pooh have discussions like us.
end of story.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

greetings in september

goodbye august.hello september. 
goodbye summer. hello school.
goodbye happy feet. hello swan lake.
goodbye 'wasted' computer time. hello books.
goodbye pore clogging one. hello new foundation.
goodbye soda. hello water. {i promise, i really am trying.}
goodbye coral nail polish. hello gold!
goodbye dry skin. hello moisturizer.
 goodbye habit of cracking my knuckles. hello pretty hands.
goodbye overrated summer. hello the anticipation of fall. 
goodbye spending. hello saving.  {this one makes lovebird happy}
goodbye water bottles. hello best invention
goodbye anxiety and fear of it. hello math. 
goodbye free time of any sort. hello busy. 
goodbye old and faithful computer. hello new one. 
goodbye late nights. hello alarm clock. 
 goodbye. hello.