Wednesday, February 29, 2012

airport post.

what a weekend.
it started off with performances of rat pack. 
 i then hopped on a plane to fly home, 
"hosted"a party, 
made a drastic change,
{you'll see after i show lovebird tonight.}
said a big goodbye to my best friend in life,
and am now waiting patiently to get back home to my lover.
i can't wait to get home.
but, i'm certainly sad to leave my family and home.
i have lots of pictures and events to catch you up on.
please be patient with me
because i also have lots of homework and studying to catch up on.
{which, unfortunately has to take priority.}
until then, enjoy the little tidbits of my trip from the pictures above.
i promise to be a "good" little blogger and post the details soon.
i hope you are having a happy wednesday!
it's snowing {more like 'dumping'} here. 
i'm so happy i got to experience a little snow storm 
before i head back to sunny california. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

weekend on stage.

rat pack!
just a little preview of what my weekend consists of.
opening night {last night} was a big success. 
one down, one to go!
can't wait to perform it all again tonight!

i wish i could stay awhile and write a big post, visit your blogs,
drink a diet coke while spending time in blog land. 
{lovebird might say "wasting" time. but, what does he know.}
this weekend is just too busy for that.
but, i promise i'll be back tomorrow.
{i've got time to kill in the airport}

happy weekend

{photos curtesy of milano photography}

Friday, February 24, 2012

drum roll.....

so, what do you think of the new do?
a little blog makeover was much needed.
i am hoping you like it as much as i do.
i can't take any credit- my lovely friend helped me do it all.
i owe her big time. 

i hope you all have a lovely weekend.
mine will be spent performing, traveling home and
saying goodbye to a loved one.
but, those are all good things.
happy friday, friends.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

i have my eyes on you.

yes, you.
i adore these things right now.
1. messy braids. they are feminine yet unexpected.
2. these to-die-for ballet flats from j.crew.
3. this window display of a gorgeous tutu. 
4. these mint green bowls from anthropologie. 

i'm having a wishful thursday.
i hope yours is just as wishful and lovely.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

rat pack!

it's show time, baby! 
if you are in the area, come see the show this weekend!
here is a little preview both here and here. 
{can you tell which one i am?}

it's a fun show. you won't want to miss it.
it's lovebird's favorite one to watch- and that's saying something.
how could you not enjoy a little evening of frank sinatra,
girls in fishnets and jazz hands? 
if you don't have anything planned this weekend,
consider that a false statement as of right now....
you're coming to the show!
see you there.

p.s. this cute girl is simply adorable.
can't wait to meet her after this crazy weekend of performing is over with. 
{tj- thanks for the little note on your blog today. you made my day.}

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

wise words by juno.

"i never realize how much i like being home
 unless i've been somewhere really different for awhile." 

lovebird and i had a little movie night last night. 
he had never seen juno. 
{what!? right? i saw it three times in the theater}
i forget the brilliance amongst the laughter of that movie.
i love the quote above.
you know that feeling of walking into your home after being gone?
it's that indescribable feeling, that juno so accurately describes in a precious scene. 
whether you've been gone running errands for the day or 
if you've been vacationing for a week on the beach,
opening your own front door seems foreign yet overly inviting.
when you take those first steps into your home,
you're enveloped with comfort and familiarity due to your home's scent and warmth.
what's crazy, is that feeling still exists and is almost overpowering 
when i step foot into the home i grew up in. 
i'm headed home {to utah} this weekend.
i'm looking forward to embracing that love of being home
after being "somewhere different" for awhile.
and the ironic thing is... 
i can say the same thing upon returning to my own home in california.
being home is a beautiful thing.
thanks for the reminder, juno.

p.s. lovebird is the "cheese to my macaroni."
there are some prime lines in that movie.
i suggest you watch it if you are craving a good laugh or wanting to feel loved. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

a new friend and pink lipstick.

sorry for the lack of blogging over the weekend. 
i was busy spending time with dear friends up in the city.
oh, how i love san francisco, friends and ballet.
what a lovely weekend i had. in fact, i didn't want it to end.
p.s. i'm extremely jealous of all you out there who actually get a three day weekend.
for some silly reason, my school decided it wasn't a holiday.
but, regardless i had a wonderful weekend without an extra day.
1. on the way to the city wearing pink lipstick. my current favorite. 
{i had to take bart this time due to the closing of the bay bridge.}
2. ceiling in the theater. {war memorial opera house.}
if only you could see it in real life. it is absolutely breathtaking. 
3. lunch at one of best friend's favorite restaurants. la boulange.
bonus: it's in one of my favorite neighborhoods.
open face sandwiches plus window shopping is delightful. 
4. anthropologie in the city. it get's me every time. 
i'm convinced it's the prettiest anthro store. i die and go to heaven every time i step foot in there.
5. view from best friend's apartment. 
isn't he lucky to wake up to that ever single day?
6. lovely friends i went with to see the san francisco ballet perform. 
i finally got to see chroma live/in person. remember this
it completely beat my expectations. and let me tell you- my expectations were set high. 
7. waiting for the train on the way home.
this was definitely the worst part of the trip. 
i didn't want my weekend in the city to end so quickly. 

i wish i could replay the weekend all over again.
i'm grateful for a new friendship that i knew would happen once "the gap" was filled. 
true friends are the best. 
especially ones that bring you together with the ones they care most about.
happy three day weekend.
i promise to be a regular blog poster again. 

p.s. i have a surprise to show you this week. 
i can't wait to see what you think.
make sure you check back daily! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

attracted to you.

fun and interesting fact of the day:
{and surprisingly, i learned this in my anthro class}

universally, what are the top two traits we {as humans} are attracted to?
any guesses out there before i tell you the answers?
number one: clear skin.
number two: youth. 

clear skin:
are you surprised clear skin is number one?
i was... until i ended up thinking about this long and hard all day. 
personally, the one thing i obsess over daily, is having clear skin.
eyes are pretty with or without makeup, hair can be thrown up into a ponytail and look gorgeous,
fashionable clothes can make you look like million bucks and perfume adds the final touch...
 however, if you have a blemish on your face- you feel completely self conscious.
not to mention you feel like you are going through puberty all over again.
or you feel like when people talk to you- all they look at is that stinkin' blemish. 
universally, clear skin is a sign of health. 
interesting, right? but completely accurate.

p.s. think about it- how many products are out there advertising clean and beautiful skin?
foundation, powder, face wash, body wash, self tanners, lotion and the list goes on and on....

this one is a bit strange to me. 
i understand why. but i'm shocked it ranked number two on the list.
youth meaning.... the average human naturally desires to look, be and feel young.
you'd have to agree with that, right? and also-
universally, most men look to "mate" with younger women. 
pretty accurate. {except for those "cougars" out there}.

what is number one and two on your list?
 remember, this is just the universe's list. 
i'm curious to hear what you think about these two being ranked highest.

photo: inspiration to this post.
it was a perfect find after the lecture in anthro class.
she is simply beautiful. her skin is flawless.
and i'm slightly obsessing over her bun and long eyelashes. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{little} love notes.

little {love notes} to the things that remind me of valentine's day:

dear cupid: i have a gut feeling your middle name is fate. i love what you stand for and what you do for people. fate is a propelling force in keeping the world in constant motion. fate is real. fate is evident. and fate is magical.

dear red roses and chocolate: you're expected and somewhat cliche. i'd actually prefer white ones. but, if you're asking, i'd really prefer pink tulips all together on that special day in february. the only time i enjoy a bouquet of red ones, is on stage after a performance. they remind me of ballerinas and all things serious; like a funeral or a gesture of sympathy. as for the chocolates? lovebird knows me too well. chocolate is my weakness. i have it almost daily. so on valentines, i'd prefer a hand written love note, a bouquet of tulips and a night full of kisses instead of the expected.

dear date night: i can't wait to see what lovebird surprises me with. will he take me to our favorite restaurant? or will he take me somewhere new? i can't wait to escape the typical tuesday night by enjoying a candle lit dinner while chitchatting about why we are crazy about one another. 

dear unfortunate events:february 14th in years past hasn't been full of hearts, kisses, love, cupid, romance and joy. in fact, i've experienced some ruff times on this special day of love. just a few examples: my grandma passed away late in the night february 13th when i was just eight years old. my mom didn't have the heart to tell me until the next day. my best friend also passed away on valentine's day my sophomore year in high school. i broke up with my first serious boyfriend on v-day, which also happened to be his birthday. i only bring these events up, because they have shaped me into the person i am today. valentine's has had different meanings in the past- and will continue to remain important in years to come. i am thankful for this special day of love, because it means much more to me now and is a yearly reminder of how important loving those around you truly is. 

dear red: you are my favorite color as of late. i could wear red lipstick and red shoes every day and never grow old of you. i am happy you are the chosen color to represent love. this just gives me a special excuse to indulge and deck myself out from head to toe with you. 

dear lovebird:be mine? oh- won't you please be my valentine? {обичам те повече отколкото птиците в небето} i love you more than all the birds in the sky. you're the reason i now love this holiday. being married to you is ultimate bliss. i can't imagine life without you. i love you in the morning all scruffy and sexy. i love you in the afternoon all geeky and energetic. i love you in the evening all tired and handsome. i love you every minute of every day. i'm thankful that cupid found us three years ago. i feel like we were a match made in heaven. 

dear sugar cookies: you are my favorite sugary treat on this beloved day. you know... the homemade, buttery, crumble-in-your mouth, cream cheese frosting, heart shaped ones. we all know you are to die for and simply irresistible. i'm thinking about trying this new recipe this year. you should too!

dear february: you're a special little month. quite literally. you have the least amount of days, and of those days the world is under your spell of love. we are guilty as charged: you're the month we said i love you to one another for the very first time. how romantic.

happy valentine's day to all the lover's in the world.

p.s. i'm featured over here on this cute blog! 
{spread your valentine love by visiting her blog!} 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

another week has come and gone.

this weekend went a little like this:
1. we had a small bump in the road: a miss understanding.
which quickly was made up by going to a chick flick and eating shaved ice.
{chick flick for me + shaved ice for him = one fair trade.}
2. last minute {literally} decided to race home and celebrate valentine's day.
{unfortunately, i have dance until way late on tuesday/valentine's night}
we gave gifts, snuggled and said i love you one too many times.
is that even possible?
lovebird gave me a lovely piece of jewelry; a new charm bracelet.
i gave him a bow tie {a little valentine tradition} and concert tickets.
3. we went to church, took a nap and ate spaghetti for dinner.
my afternoon outfit consisted of: a stripe shirt, lovebird's checkered pj bottoms, 
braided pigtails, my glasses, ugg slippers, and mint green nail polish.
as you can imagine- i looked absolutely dashing.
or you may have thought i looked like pocahontas- because that's what lovebird thought. 
4. like every weekend.... they all end in hours spent doing homework.
gotta love school, right? but ironically, we both do.

i'm excited for the upcoming week.
love is in the air already. 
happy sunday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

birthday boy.

happy birthday!
you're 19. let's parrrtaaaay!
half of me says you're still a baby. and the other half says you're an old man. 
where has all the time gone?
{you know, when we used to be this big.}
you leave for your mission in exactly 18 days. craaaaazy. 
i'm already panicking over missing you too much, anticipating awesome letters from you,
and expecting you to be a strong cookie out there.
"you're my favorite brother."
{well, at least today you are.}
i love you dearly.
you are my best friend, and will be till' i die. 

i hope you have a happy birthday.
full of cake and ice cream, 19 spanks, and a party with those you love. 

p.s. feliz cumpleaños. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

pics to post.

a little catch up of life through pictures:
 1. just a karaoke machine in our friends home. no big deal. they're that cool.
2. lovebird rocking' it at a little {and extremely fun} karaoke party. 
3. a heart cup from starbucks full of nothing but a warm drink of love. 
{i tell you- starbucks is creative with their cups. they know how to lure customers in around the holidays}
4. just a tiny obsession of mine at the moment. bright lips. 
5. trying to figure out how to eat a somewhat healthy dinner on the go.
i wish i could have lived in the "olden days"- where everyone ate dinner at home promptly at 6:00.
life is simply too busy nowadays. is that a sad thing to admit?
6. girl friends at the gallo center. the moscow ballet came into town to perform sleeping beauty.
7. my ideal math homework. obviously, i needed a break from the "real" stuff.
11. little {homemade} cheese cake bites. 
good thing we are friends with a food connoisseur and caterer to boot. 

happy thursday.
if you didn't know this already, thursday is my favorite day of the week.
i'm not exactly sure why that is. it just is, and always has been.
and this semester, it just happens to be my one day off! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

king of pop.

i know i'm a week late, BUT...
did you watch glee last week?
[i can't believe i'm just now getting around to posting about it.]
two words: michael jackson. 
if you at all know me, you know how obsessed i am with michael jackson.
he is almost a part of my every day life. 
no, i'm not a creeper. and i don't really think he is either.
i'm in love with his music and is moves.
if only another human being could ever be as talented as him, but it's impossible. 
however, the glee cast got pretty close.
they did a lovely job honoring him.
their song selections were brilliant. and their dancing was kicked up a notch in this episode.
i'm a big glee fan, but a die heart MJ fan. 
when they combined the two: heaven was on hearth for an hour.
i hope you all saw it. 
if not, it airs tomorrow online right here or here.
it's well worth your time of watching it.
even if your not a glee fan, because let's face it nothing beats michael jackson's songs. 
period. the end. i love you mj.

Monday, February 6, 2012

year of the dragon.

happy chinese new year!!!
i attended a lovely chinese new year party on saturday.
of course, i wore red. not only was it requested. but it's good luck!
{no brainer: red lipstick too.}
i ate one too many fortune cookies. 
chinese tradition: tying your wish for the new year on a cherry blossom branch. 
{lots of pressure to come up with just one perfect wish, i tell you.}
i enjoyed the festive decorations and the company of the lovely guests.
opened a fortune cookie with quite the fortune. see for your self. {above}
i had a splendid time celebrating another culture.
i wish lovebird could have joined me.
{but i'm thankful for a happy-hard-working husband}
it was a wonderful party.
what a great way to ring in the new year... twice! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

a little clip.

while most are busy watching the "big game", i'm busy watching this.
i hope you can find time in your super bowl sunday to
watch this beautifully, strange, incredible, breathtaking and unique video.
yes, it's a ballet video. but even if your not a bun head, i bet you'll appreciate it.
she {alina cojocaru} is the epitome of a ballerina.
she simply inspires me every single time i see a clip of her dancing.
she is breathtakingly beautiful.
if only i could share the dozens of clips i've "bookmarked" of her.
happy sunday.
i'm spending my sunday doing homework, meeting up with friends to do a little dinner, watching maybe a second of the game, eating left over treats and laying on the couch in lovebird's pi's.
i have lots to tell you from our busy weekend of parties!
but homework must come first this time.

Friday, February 3, 2012

friday's "grand" events.

1. painting my nails a lovely bright purple. this shade to be exact. 
2. eating a delicious salad topped with fresh strawberries for dinner. 
3. making it through my math assignment without getting a problem wrong.
4. smash booking. the "modern" journal full of beautiful memories.
5. heart shaped sugar cookies. the soft and chewy ones.
6. slipping into heavenly clean sheets. instant smile into relaxation.
7. laughing with friends at the dinner booth long after the resturaunt closes. 
8. holding hands with lovebird. they fit so perfectly.
9. birds. you already know my love for them.
but, you must watch these birds that live downtown. they are truly a sight.
  {watch the whole thing. it's only 57 seconds. you'll be amazed.}
10. feeling completely loved and adored. 
but more importantly, being able to love him back unrestricted by any obstacle of emotion.

{oh, and buying lovebird a little valentine's gift today.} 

these are the little things that composed my friday.
and they are the only things that really matter in the end.
because it's the little things that build the big important chapters and memories in the end.
happy friday.
hope you're having a lovely weekend full of little things.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

scoop of love and laughter.

last night when the words of my textbook started blurring together into one big word, i decided it was time for a break. a break from school and life.
i was in desperate need of a break full of nothing but giggles, love and time with lovebird. 
so, i yelled into the office where he so obediently was doing his homework....
"hey, i need you to come here". 
"no you don't."
{he obviously knows me way too well. crap.}
"no, i seriously do. i need your help on my homework".
{all lies, i tell you.}
"lease, i'll kill you if you're lying."
he killed me alright; killed me with tickles and kisses. 
we laid on the ground for a good two hours. 
we stayed up way past our bed time doing nothing but chitchatting. 
and listening to spotify. the new best thing since sliced bread.
{it's a real treat to find all the oldies you listed to back in the day... all for free.}
my head was propped over his as we sang "we are young". glee version, duh.
i can't describe how funny it was to lip-sync and do actions face to face. noses touching.
lovebird told me i looked like a muppet when i sang. that was nice of him. 
we were laughing so hard we were both crying and my abs felt like a million bucks. 
after we were sick to our stomachs from laughter, we decided we needed to feed them with our new favorite addiction: pistachio for him, caramel for me. 
it was a good night at home. 
nothing beats time with lovebird doing absolutely nothing- 
because it's these moments that make up our everything. 
i'll hit the books later, right?
this was well worth my time. anthropology can always wait.
after all- love and gelato will always come first. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

greetings in february.

goodbye january. hello february.
goodbye new year's. hello valentine's.
goodbye confetti. hello hearts. 
goodbye new year's resolutions. hello reality. {only somewhat a joke}
goodbye winter break. hello text books and calculators.
goodbye silver and gold. hello red and pink.
goodbye empty ring finger. hello "new" wedding ring.
goodbye any sort of free time. hello no time to spare.
goodbye watching the ball drop. hello watching cupid do his magic. 
goodbye white carbs. hello veggies.
goodbye raley's. hello sunflower market. always. 
goodbye dreaming. hello planning a big adventure.
goodbye phone calls and chats with little brother. hello {love} letters from mexico.
goodbye lack of v-day decorations. hello beautiful quilt made by midge.
goodbye classical ballet. hello contemporary. 
{come see rat pack! check out info here.}
goodbye nude lips. hello bright pop of color.
goodbye fear of never seeing lovebird. hello coordinating our school schedules.
{we're gratefully embrace the heavenly hour we get to spend each morning together, before our commute.}
goodbye celebrating 2012. hello celebrating love.
goodbye hours of cutting out by hand. hello cricut. 
goodbye to a friend over the internet. hello to finally meeting you in "real" life.
goodbye lovebird getting mad at me. hello to not housing my phone in my back pocket. 
{bad habit of mine. i should know better.}
goodbye books hiding under bed. hello little library in our home. aka: new bookcase.
goodbye january. hello february. 

* again, you are welcome to do this on your own little blog. but, please don't steal.
show some love and reference it back to my blog.
besides, i'd love to read your lovely lists. 
let me know, so i can check them out!