Sunday, June 19, 2011

dearest daddy

happy father's day!
i'm a daddy's girl.
so- this is one of my favorite holidays.
i love celebrating dads.
how blessed i am to have the dad i do.
i certainly have a special relationship with my daddy.
i don't know what i would do without him.
he is my everything. 
and yes, i still.....
 cuddle with him in church.
talk to him almost every day on the phone.
ask him for money. (that was a joke dad)
turn to him for advice and knowledge.
take naps with him. when i'm visiting home.
call him for my stomach issues. 
{because yes, he can help me even miles away}
look up to him in every single way.
and most importantly, 
i am still dadd's little girl.

i love you dad. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

meet kramer.

hello friends. 
it's time for an official introduction of 
our very first family pet. drum roll please....
meet kramer.
kramer meet our friends.
kramer has enjoyed his new little home for a couple weeks now.
i would have posted sooner, but i wanted to make certain he 
survived longer than a week. and he did!
so far he's the first best dang goldfish we've ever owned.
active, crazy, fast and hungry.
he fits in well with us lovebirds.
so, friends. it's official.
you have met our favorite pet.

fingers crossed

i am totally a dreamer.
and i am definitely day and night dreaming about this trip.
i hope i win. 
how sweet of her to giveaway such an awesome "present"!
get ready....
check out her lovely blog here.
and then cross your fingers for me to win.
pretty please.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

coming to a standstill

i'm feeling as though i don't have time to blog.
therefore this blog... is boring. 
i'm disappointed in my own blog. how pathetic.
i think it's time for a change. 
maybe a break or maybe a remodel.
which one?
also, thanks to her i am completely addicted to this website.
check it out. and then join.
this new addiction may be the reason i don't have time to blog.
just saying.
anyway... i suppose i'll post soon.
i'm trying for sooner than later.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

farmers market

remember how i told you big brother was in town?
well, one of his bucket list items was to visit the
san francisco farmers market.
so we did. it was incredible. beautiful too.
we did all the walking
so i'll let the pictures do the talking...
there are so many pictures to choose from.
however, i didn't know if pictures of fruits and veggies 
would bore you to death. 
i will definitely be returning to this farmers market.
maybe with gimper lovebird.

ramble on

it's been awhile.
which is no reflection of life's boringness,
but rather it's business. 
i'm finally finding a second to blog,
but what should i blog about?
maybe i'll let you in on a little secret. 
no. i don't have any right now.
maybe i'll tell you joke.
but, then i won't hear if you laugh.
maybe i'll post a picture.
probably not. then that puts a theme to this post.
maybe i'll just ramble on.
yep. and i'm glad you read this far.
i promise my next post will be of an adventure.
a big one.
i already have one in mind.
hold your horses. it's coming! 
i love life right now.
the simplicity, spaces and spontaneous scenarios which it holds.