Sunday, July 31, 2011


goodbye july. hello august.
goodbye fireworks. hello one year anniversary.
goodbye vacations. hello schedule.
goodbye pool time. hello gym time.
goodbye short skirts. hello long ones. 
goodbye relaxation. hello ballet.
goodbye airplanes and road trips. hello home sweet home.
goodbye slacker. hello school. 
goodbye diet coke. hello water.
goodbye shin splints. hello new shoes.
goodbye tiredness. hello pillow talk.
goodbye inhibitions. hello freedom and aspirations.
goodbye newlywed stage. hello year number two.
goodbye empty spaces. hello finishing touches.
goodbye. hello. 
p.s. picture of the homemade jam we made this month. yummy!

sunday quote

another quote, you might ask.
yes. why? because i love quotes and because 
it's sunday.
sunday is an insightful day. 
a day of rest, church, quotes, relaxation and of course a yummy dinner.
i do adore this quote.
faith is about letting go of your fears and your questions.
in doing so- you can believe in anything and everything.
happy sunday, my friends.
much love.

Friday, July 29, 2011

dr. seuss

what would we do without dr. suess?
a man of brilliance, simplicity and wisdom.
i'm always inspired by his words.
this quote is perfect for self insecurities.
and everyone has them. you're not alone.
so live by these words. and be who you are.
say what you want to, and realize who loves you for who you are.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

mix pics

shots from the weekend.
we had a fun, lazy yet crazy weekend.

pics above:
lovebird being a goof while eating lunch. what's new?
flowers from farmers market. b-e-a-utiful.
and my little kiddos. okay, not mine. 
but my kids until i have some of my own. 

best part of our weekend? sleeping in our own bed after being on "vacation"
for four weeks. our home has never felt more like home.
hope you had a lovely weekend.
here's to a new week....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

i wanna be her when i grow up

if i could be her for one day. i would.
she's beyond beautiful. extremely smart. so genuine.
i can't watch enough videos of her. or stare at enough photos.
am i obsessed? definitely.

tid bits

fresh flowers from farmers market today.
can you say gorgeous?

i have an addiction to these.
i have this. and love it. perfect accessory in any room.
are you in with the latest summer treat?
this is the best invention. ever. 
{i can't find the one i have online. it's way cuter. sorry}
tomorrow is sunday. cook this for dinner. 
and one last thing. i want you

Thursday, July 14, 2011

rise & shine

good morning.
wake up and start your day of with this yummy breakfast.
thanks to women's health i stole this great idea.
here's the "recipe":
-1 whole wheat waffle
-6 oz of 0% fage yogurt
-1 cup blueberries 
-1/4 tsp. cinnamon 
as you can see i added some bananas. 
more fruit can't hurt, right?
and i am in love with fage yogurt. lovebird and i eat it all the time.
i was thrilled when i read this little recipe called
for our favorite breakfast item.
well, there you have it.
a perfect start to a new day.
try it! 

Monday, July 11, 2011


just a reminder....
it's 7.11.11
which also means....
FREE slurpee day. duh!
whatcha waiting for?
this could be voted the best day of summer.
it's a debate.

sneak peak

i'm getting my crafty side on.
check it out!
that's all you get to see.
simply because i will be motivated to finish my craft
so i can post about the finish product.
it's a big one.
i'm a little scared. 
but, don't you fret. i will get it done.
check back in a year....
and i'm only somewhat kidding.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Q & A

finish the sentence:

it's sunday...
a. again. 
b. already. 
c. really?
d. thank goodness. way.
f. why?
g. awesome!
my answer would be: all of the above.

i'm feeling a little strange today.
for starters, i can't believe another week has already come and gone.
why is time passing so quickly? please slow down.
sundays tend to get me down, simply because i know a new week is coming.
however, that being said...
i love sundays because...
they are my one and only day of the week to rest.
 i get to sit with lovebird on the couch all day long and not feel lazy.
i get to go to church. so calming and peaceful.
i get to eat, rather stuff my face, hourly.
and i tend to think of my family the most on sundays.
probably because i want to be a sunday dinner, listen to dad snore as he takes his sunday nap, craft and laugh with mom, drive around gorgeous mountains and neighborhoods, tickle the boy's backs,
lay on the front lawn and 'play' with crew. 
today i miss crew.  
i've been thinking about him a lot lately, especially today while at church.
he is who inspired this post. yes, this random post. 
but nonetheless, he is an inspiration to me. he's my "favorite brother", and my best friend.
i love you, crew. and i love sundays.
which one do i love more? that's hard to say. 
j's and k's. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

my thoughts exactly

i found this little pic online today and i fell in love.
yep, love.
i fell in love with the weekend. 
but then again, that happens every friday morning.
i fell in love with those yummy popsicles.
i have got to get my hands on a freaking mold already.
and i fell in love with the word "relaxing".
that's just what i want this weekend to be.
after all, it's my last weekend before our ballet season starts up again.
i honestly can't believe summer is already at an end for me. 
all that blabbing, to simply wish you a lovely and certainly a relaxing weekend.
tgif. xoxo 

Friday, July 1, 2011

nerd attack.

look closely my fellow nerds...
how many "eyes" do you count?
yep... six eyes.
it's called needing sunglasses on our road trip home
but being too lazy to put my contacts in.
so... instead of the basic "four eyes", 
i took it to the next level and added two more. 
brilliant, if you ask me. 

summertime is a busy time.

it's been a busy summer.
which is a complete understatement.

working like a crazy women.
road trips and visits home.
weddings galore.
  housesitting three houses at the same time.
lovebird's surgery, 'sytycd' parties, keeping up on cleaning.
days at the pool, dates with friends, and teaching piano.

which makes our long summer days seem short.
which makes our summer months pass by too quickly.
which also means fall is around the corner. literally.

lovebird and i went "home" to salt lake for a couple weeks.
we had a blast. enjoyed our visit with loved ones. and ate far too much.
here's to seeing those we miss and love...
cute cousin patsy.
isn't she adorable?
{and yes patsy, you made it on the blog ;)}

more pictures to come, as soon as i can run away from
the business of life and sit down with enough time to download photos
and write up a post to do our trip justice.

love you all. sorry for being too busy to neglect this blog world.