Monday, March 18, 2013

out with the cold, in with the heat.

this quote perfectly sums up the days around here right now.
spring is trying take the place of winter, who is lingering as long as he can.
it is simply gorgeous outside.
days at the park, long walks for frozen yogurt, short sleeves...
these things have already begun-
thanks to the sun who is shining for all it's worth.
not to mention, a tiny sunburn who has already appeared on my too-pale skin.
when the weather is good, life is good.
how can it not be, when you wake up to a promising day of sunshine?
the gloom of winter is saying goodbye,
i couldn't be more excited for spring's grand entrance and big hello.
happy spring.
oh, and happy monday too. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

hot pink.

currently, my favorite trend:
hot pink lips

it's been my go to look for the last little while- why?
because i love, love, love the pop of color for spring. 
but, also because it's so easy to throw a coat of mascara on
and spruce up your entire look by just adding a bold lip.

my favorite products?
1. MAC's- Girl About Town
2. NARS- Schiap
{if you can't find that product- try this instead!}
3. Urban Decay- Crush

i'm embarrassed to admit, i own these all.
i couldn't tell you which one is my favorite of the three.
i wear them each equally and love them all the same.
you truly can't go wrong with any of them!

i don't mind splurging when it comes to lip color-
because i wear it daily and love it. 
however, if you are saving your pennies right now
or if you aren't sure you are ready to wear such a bold lip-

lastly, i just found this tutorial yesterday, and am eager to give it a go-
a hot pink matte lip? sounds ideal to me. 
the options are endless, obviously.

are you sharing this current obsession with me?
if so, what is your favorite pink at the moment?
i'd love to hear- so, leave a comment below.
or leave a link leading me to a picture of you rocking the color on your blog.
happy tuesday!

Monday, March 11, 2013

coming out of hiding.

10 things to explain my absence:

1. this perfromance took just about every second of every day, there for awhile.
2. a lovely girls trip to san francisco. rain or shine- we know how to shop, eat and have a good laugh.
3. midge's visit that was long, but still not long enough. mother's are the best visitors, especially when she's your best friend, too.
4. indulged in the time to sleep- or rather caught up on the lack of sleep from the last busy month.
5. lovebird's spring break seemed to have distracted me with kisses, a gossip girl marathon, an adventure or two, a temple trip and an unusual amount of heart to heart talks.
6. truthfully, i needed a slight break from technology. i did the whole "unplug" thing for a little while. it was beyond refreshing. instead, i've been on a big reading kick.
7.  san francisco, again. and again. we have literally been up there every weekend for the last two months. {now, i'm trying to convince lovebird to move up there. help me please!}
8. mowgli is quite possibly been my biggest distraction. his need for attention has grown rapidly. but, i don't mind; days at the dog park, walks around the block and never ending games of fetch- i love them just as much as he does.
9. teaching and then more teaching. between teaching piano and pilates, my days seem packed. however, i wouldn't want to be doing anything else. i love it.
10. my mind has been somewhere else lately, trying to make sense of the future and the unknown. while it's been slightly exhausting and stressful, it leaves me eager and excited to see what's next.

i'm so sorry to have been gone for what-feels-like forever.
life seems to happen so fast, and it takes us with it sometimes.
i'm back and here to stay.
at least for awhile.

tell me what i've missed. catch me up, pretty please.