Friday, November 30, 2012

30 days of thanks.

give thanks.
{and lots of it}

this month i did the 30 days of thanksgiving challenge. 
{remember this? did you join in on it?}
taking a picture {or two} of something each day that i was thankful for, 
made me feel so very blessed. 
it was a fun 'challenge', that turned out to be anything but a challenge,
because i realized i am surrounded by things i am thankful for.
the challenging part, was picking just one thing for that day. 
{that explains why i have more than 30 pictures above, ops!}
i'm thankful for:
movement, our humble abode, my missionary/brother, marriage
learning, being able to vote, a handsome husband
rainstorms, friendship, earth's colors, mowgli,
fresh flowers, all things fall, my primary kiddos
surprise mail {a box of chocolate}, puppy play time, school's campus,
homemade dinners, date nights, being a girl, little william,
being in love, us, holiday packages from midge,
decorating, family outings, our thanksgiving feast,
the season of fall, polka dots + stars and top knots + red lipstick.

i'm afraid to say, i think i could add a dozen more things to the list.
so happy i did this challenge; can't wait to do it again next november. 
cheers to a month of giving thanks!

{p.s. follow along on instagram! username: eleasejane}

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

take me with you.

i feel like fall has come and 
{has almost} gone all so quickly.
the orchard's trees were completely covered in exuberant color just last week.
this week, those leaves have made a solid blanket upon earth's ground.
i'm slightly saddened that fall seemed to have passed by me.
life is busy right now.
so busy, i wonder if that's why fall seems to have escaped.
it's as though it was just yesterday, when i was saying how grateful i was
that fall had finally decided to arrive-
and now, today,  it's on it's way out;
not allowing me enough time to run through those gorgeous orchards
that so recently housed the season of fall amongst their branches.
today, i'm wishing i were a leaf-
floating, drifting and traveling.
all so unknowingly and willingly.

fall- please take me with you, where ever you may go.
just as you are so easily taking those leaves away from their branches.
since you are escaping me all too quickly,
i think i may just need to blow away with you. 
you will deeply be missed.

learning little lessons.

a {small} list of a few things i've learned in the last week:
1. lovebird loves pumpkin pie more than i do. i didn't think that was possible.
2. although i wear little of it, i'm obsessed with makeup.
3. my extreme phobia of throwing up, isn't any less when dealing with puppy vomit. bummer.
4. if you're looking to boost your self esteem, don't put on a leotard and tights after a four day weekend of pigging out on mash potatoes, pie and well... basically anything in sight.
5. yellow is a gorgeous fall color and makes me feel spoiled when walking around campus. {picture}
6. i am still capable of staying up past midnight and proved myself this weekend. however, i'll take a bedtime of no later than 10pm any day of the week. i am one who only functions with antiquate sleep.
7. i'm very eager for a change. a big change.
8. the vacuum and i are becoming best friends. thanks to mowgli's ability to shed an insane amount.
9. i have finally learned to accept that my feet will never grow num or callus enough to void out the the pain of pointe shoes. pain is beauty; or at least that's what i'm told.
10. i fall in love over and over again, each and every day. biggest blessing of life.

Monday, November 26, 2012

food coma.

obviously, i'm still in a food coma-
hence, the lack of blog posts this weekend.
that, and i was a little preoccupied by black friday
and getting our little home all decorated christmas.

thanksgiving was a success;
in fact, it goes down as 
our first thanksgiving- just the two of us.
aka: me behind the stove. scary, i know. 
lots of trust on lovebird's behalf. 
he claims it was the best thanksgiving feast he's partaken in-
we all know he's lying- but, it's his big heart that wins me over every time. 
i'm beyond thankful for him, that's for certain. 
 i suppose i'm thankful for his little white lies too-
anything to boost my lack of gourmet cooking skills. 

when i say black friday shopping,
i literally mean to one place:
the pet store.
pathetic? entirely.
new proud pet parents? exactly.
ashamed? not in the slightest. 
i'm not the biggest fan of black friday shopping;
i have never been one to spend my sleeping hours shopping instead.
i'm all for a good deal-
but, ginormous lines, body to body shopping and pure exhaustion,
 just aren't my cup of tea.
my hat is off to those of you who endure the craziness of it all! 

'tis the season.... to decorate. 
over here, due to nutcracker and finals- 
our home must be decorated on thanksgiving weekend 
or else it would never get done. 
so, amongst enjoying our last chunk of free time before christmas day,
we decided to pull out a little christmas cheer and scatter it about our home. 
all of course, while blasting christmas tunes and having 
at least three pine scented candles going at all time.
{i'm slightly obsessed with the scent and secretly wish it was available year round.}

i'm hoping your thanksgiving was delicious
and your weekend was eventful.
turkey day is already over, and christmas is just around the corner.
i plan on enjoying every day in between, because i simply love this time of year. 
cheers to food comas, decorating and time off.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

cya later.... alligator.

see you later, alligator.
in a while crocodile. 

okay, just for a little bit; as in only today. 
i've got to study my brains out for an exam tomorrow.
then at by 11 o'clock tomorrow morning- 
i'll be as free as a bird.
the thanksgiving holiday will begin it's celebration.
{well sort of- i still have rehearsal until 8. boo!}

utter excitment for a turkey feast,
four days off of dance,
not having to go to school, 
black friday shopping,
and spending loads of time with lovebird 
is a complete understatement.

first, i've got to get through this test.
so... see you later alligator.
in a while crocodile.

diy nail art above?
it's called being a cheater, and buying sally hansen nail stickers.
so worth every penny- especially, when you find them on clearance.  
{i think the crocodile i used above may be discontinued- but they are all fabulous!}

Monday, November 19, 2012

dreaded day.

this is me today:

i'm sitting here, already unmotivated to push through these next three days.
and that's the funny thing, it's just three days.
it could be due to the fact that i have:
tons of studying to do, tests to take,
hours upon hours of rehearsals 
and a whole lot of cleaning to do before the thursday rolls around. 

what is it about the days right before a holiday, that always make them go so slow. 
is it the anticipation?
the work load that magically grew overnight? 
or the fact that you just plain wish the holidays were here already?

i'm certainly not trying to be a debby-downer today,
i'm just wishing thanksgiving was this very minute.
my mouth is watering for every single dish, because they are all my favorite.
my muscles are begging for a break from rehearsals,
my brain is ready to explode with information- i can't retain anymore,
and the lingering piece of my cold is in need of some extra sleep to fight it away.

is anyone with me today?
please, tell me you are.

on a happier note- hope you had a lovely weekend.
{we sure did.}
here's to: motivation to get us through these next three days- we can do it!
cheers to defeating mondays and three day work weeks.

p.s. on an even happier note- today marks my 1/2 birthday. 
i just may have to celebrate with a little dessert. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

hello from mowgli.

a small post today, written by mowglie:

things i love: 
ice cubes, exploring, puppy treats, socks and my red spiky ball.
i could play fetch all day long. 

things i hate: 
the vacuum cleaner, getting my nails clipped and taking a bath.  
{you should hear me scream when i'm in the bath tub. literally, scream.}
you still don't believe me? here is proof we shiba's have a scream. 

things that scare me: 
paper grocery bags, the blender and tin foil. 
{my owners even put a puppy treat on a grocery bag, and i wouldn't go near it.}

things i can't live without:
my leash, snuggles from my owners and my puppy chow, of course.

things i have yet to figure out:
why i get in trouble for peeing on the carpet, 
{i've only done it a few times- cut me some slack!}
what it means when my owners say "heel",
and what the crazy-loud machine in my kitchen is doing. 
{why is it growling at me? i sit an wonder the whole time.}

i'm a happy pup,
wishing you happy friday.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


hey, you.
just a few "hey's" for the day:

"hey" to a day dedicated to studying.
fun? not so much. but, here we go anyway!

"hey" to the most gorgeous 'ballerino
who walks this planet. 
i have a big crush- but, don't worry lovebird knows about it.
he's not mad- only slightly jealous of his physique.
{p.s. i hate that word; ballerino.}

"hey" current addiction to this easy 
and scrumptious smoothie.
best part? it's healthy. 
*instead of vanilla, i add a square of lindt's dark chocolate with sea salt. yummy!

"hey" books upon my shelves- 
i promise to get to you soon.
the holidays, aka: free time, are just around the corner. 

"hey" lovebird-
i can't wait to spend the weekend with you.
hurry up and get here friday; i don't know how much longer i can wait. 

hey, you.

{source of picture: unknown. sorry!}

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

where's waldo?

or, where am i?
{but seriously, can you see me?}
you may not be able to find me today.
well, okay, you'll physically be able to see me-  
but, mentally i have checked out. 
i've escaped to a land that doesn't involve reality.
you know, a world without....
 the demand for studying, 
bruised toenails {from ballet}, 
the requirement of eating vegetables, 
being sick with this annoying cold,
having your alarm go off before the sun rises,
dry and cracked hands,
{thanks to being a germ freak; aka washing my hands too often}
and freezing cold mornings that make taking the dog out dreadful. 

i'm not being ungrateful or unhappy in the slightest;
i just need a small break from life.
doesn't everyone though?
i'm taking my break today.

p.s. don't worry- i still plan on reading all of your blog posts;
they make me smile, laugh and feel inspired. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a puppy-fox obsession.

i'm sure you've all come to notice my overwhelming love for my puppy.
are you sick of him (or me) yet? 
i do promise to tone down on the pictures and posts-
but, hello! a puppy is only a puppy for so long. 
(or should i say so short?)

but, the fashion industry isn't helping my obsession for my puppy either.
i am seeing things decked out in foxes everywhere.
{sweaters, tops, skirts, decor and the list goes on.}
thank goodness my puppy looks like a fox-
because, i now spend my days drooling over all of these items.
let me give you an example (or five):
anthropologie has me drooling over all of these items. 
from clothes to home decor- consider me in heaven.
unfortunately for me, my drooling doesn't stop there.
take a look....
asos: here and here
old navy: here 
modcloth: here
nordrstom: here.
aubin & wills: here, here and here.

am i in trouble or what?
obviously, one thing is for certain:
i adore this fashion trend of wearing animals on your sweaters. 
{particularly, a fox.} 
on top of it all- thank goodness my puppy looks identical to a fox;
because this at least justifies my deep obsession.

are you obsessing over the craze of wearing an animal on your sweater?
yes or no? i'm curious to hear your take on this fashion trend.

Monday, November 12, 2012

one month.

dear: one month...
-it's takes one month to form a habit- and only three days to break one. 
-just over a month from now, i'll finally be able to chitchat with a missionary.
{aka: brother and best friend}
-over 800 million users visit youtube each month.
 {no, i'm not making that up; fact found here.}
-one month from now i'll be on stage gearing up for the nutcracker performances.
-i paint my nails at least three times each month. {i'm not embarrassed by it either.}
-there are just over 43,829 minutes in one month. 
-i knew i was smitten and in love with lovebird just after a month of dating.
-one month ago we became a family of three....
mowgli has given us a month of complete bliss;
full of puppy kisses, loves, and an extra dose of patience. 
it will be one month i will always remember.

cheers to all good things that happen in one month.
can you name any?

Friday, November 9, 2012

eat your greens and drink them too.

happy friday.
we decided to start our morning off right;
meaning, with a big glass of fruits and veggies.
{we are back onto our juice kick. yay!}
it turns out- our mother's were right all along;
"eat your greens."

the weekend is here already.
we're hoping for rainy days to give us every excuse
 to stay indoors and cozy up side by side.
unfortunately, work steals lovebird away from me tonight-
but, thank goodness i have mowgli eagerly wanting to take his place. 
this little pup of ours demands play time and adventures. always
then again, i'd use any excuse to play with him too. 

i'm hoping you have a happy, healthy and fun weekend in store.
eat your greens and take your vitamins.
'tis the season to get sick, right?
that means it's time to boost our immune systems-
 ready, set.... juice!

{p.s. want the recipe for the juice above? it's from this lovely and famous blog.}

Thursday, November 8, 2012

take me back.

take me back to italy.
take me back to waking up with nothing to do but explore.
take me back to cups and cones of gelato. sometimes twice a day.
take me back hotel hoping and train traveling.
take me back to not a worry in the world.
take me back to plates of pasta and pizza. {yumminess that's out of this world}
take me back to colored houses, romantic canals and cobblestone streets.
take me back to history and art; plenty of it, mind you.
simply just take me back.
{i guess, i should say us- because i wouldn't dare, nor want to, go back without lovebird.} 

what inspired this random post?
well, you see- 
it seems that everyone around me either has travel fever,
is out exploring somewhere exotic
or has been blogging about their dream vacation.
i'm convinced it must be this time of year.
this busy time of year, 
where we feel so tied down to all of our responsibilities.
this time of year, when holidays are at the tips of our fingers, 
therefore we're surely anticipating those blessed days off.
or perhaps, it's the change of cold weather that suddenly 
leaves us begging to feel the hot sun that just seemed to have left us. 
regardless, we are all allowed to dream of a vacation, right?
if you could go anywhere tomorrow, 
where would you pick to go?

meanwhile, since we are all "stuck" here in "normal" life-
let's dwell on our memories from vacations in the past
and dream of those that are hopefully in our near futures.
maybe then, our dreams of traveling will magical drift into reality.
my fingers are crossed. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

five senses.

see:now, don't laugh- but have you seen pitch perfect?
three words: so dang funny.
we were in the mood for a movie, but nothing was calling our names-
 so we thought, why not? we went and laughed our pants off.
hear:did you hear who the big wig of our country is?
of course, you did. the entire world did. 
election time is always exciting, but this year i'm a little glad it's over.
{lot's of craziness this year. }
smell:currently induldging in all the yummy thanksgiving scents.
pumpkin, nutmeg, spice, and a little of peppermint too. 
taste:7 can soup.
 {thanks to this recipe from this cute blog.}
it's our new go-to dinner. so easy, tasty and quick!
touch: petting a puppy.
it's heaven on earth, i tell you
if life allowed it, i could pet mowgli all day long. 

my five senses of the week.
hope each of your senses are indulging in this beautiful time of year;
mine certainly are feeling spoiled. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

little list of happiness.

my little list of 'happy's' this week: 
1. sundays spent on the couch, accomplishing nothing but cuddling.
2. dark chocolate has my sweet tooth wrapped around it's little finger right now.
3. the feeling of coming home to a puppy; nothing is better than being greeted by an abundance of puppy kisses when you walk in the door after a long night of rehearsal.
4. mornings that allow me to simply think, reflect and ponder. i crave that silence to start my day off.
5. an unexpected, yet just-what-i needed phone call from 'brother joel'. brothers are one of life's greatest blessings.

go on, what are you waiting for?
tell me what's on your "happy list" this week.
p.s. one last one: i'm happy monday is over.

Monday, November 5, 2012

let the crafting begin!

yes, i do realize it's only the beginning of november-
but, if i don't start christmas crafting now, 
i'll run out of time to get my house decor in order for december.
{which by the way, is right around the corner. can you believe it?}
so, here are three "to do" crafts on my list this holiday season:

first up on the list?
this little diy.
so simple, modern, inexpensive and festive right?
next up on the list?
this antrho inspired craft.
i've seen these for sell in several stores around town- 
but, how much more fun will it be to make them instead of buy them?
they are a bit trendy, but reasonably so- they're adorable!
last but not least?
this pinecone garland.
simply gather pinecones and dip in paint. that's it!
i may add a little glitter to mine- to give them a little bit of holiday cheer.

well, there you have it;
the first few holiday crafts on my list this year.
do you have any on your list already?
or am i the only weirdo who is anticipating christmas a little too much?

happy monday. 
start composing a craft list and share it with me-
i'd love to add to mine, because it's not like i have too many already. ;)

Friday, November 2, 2012

from me to you: a challenge and a craft.

{easy instructions on how to make this, below!}

let's give thanks.
shall we?
'tis the season to be thankful, right?
so.... i have a little challenge for you:
i will be posting a picture on instagram, of something 
i'm thankful for, each day of this month.
username: eleasejane 
i want you to join in on the fun. 
under each picture, include the hash tag: #30daysofthanksgiving
{that's: 30 days of thanksgiving}
next: make certain to visit my instagram profile, 
and leave a comment on one of my picture;
this will direct me to your instagram profile, so i can follow you
and see all of your creative thankful pictures, of course. 

i'm a firm believer that one can never be too thankful.
be grateful, always.
it will never hurt you; it will only make you realize your infinite blessings. 
i'm excited to see your 30 days of thanksgiving.
ready, set... go! 

p.s. want to make the frame above?
1. simply find or buy a picture frame you adore. any size, shape or age. 
2. spray paint or paint it a fun color. {or if you wish, leave it plain.}
3. spray paint or paint the piece of glass with chalkboard paint.
4. ta da! you have a lovely, useful and fun piece of "art" on your wall.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

greeting in november.

goodbye october. hello november.
{image source: marty bicek photography}
goodbye green trees. hello to the color that finally decorates you.  
goodbye to family of two. hello to family of three.
{not a child... a puppy, of course!}
goodbye shiny nail polish. hello matte.
goodbye pumpkins. hello turkeys.
goodbye halloween. hello thanksgiving.
goodbye to a crazy presidential battle field. hello to an election.
goodbye "that's showbiz!". hello nutcracker rehearsals.
goodbye soft skin. hello {super} dry hands.
goodbye candy. hello trying not to eat you- as much. 
goodbye lovebird's hair. hello hair cut. {wow!}
goodbye floppy ears. hello to mowgli growing up way to fast.
goodbye jack-o-lanterns. hello pilgrims and indians. 
goodbye to last minute dinners. hello to a well planned out menu.
goodbye to giving scares. hello to giving thanks.
goodbye to tons of halloween decor. hello to needing thanksgiving decor. help!
goodbye to feeling well rested. hello to being a puppy parent.
goodbye to pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. hello to pumpkin pie.
goodbye to a lovely visit from my parents. hello to missing you even more. 
goodbye to hating dog hair on my clothes. hello to a breed that sheds.
{good thing i love our pup to pieces, right?}
goodbye to my muscles feeling 'normal'. hello to a constant soreness. ouch!
goodbye to bare legs. hello to patterned tights and fun socks.
goodbye the air conditioner. hello to opening our windows at night.
goodbye all thing orange and black. hello plum purple and hunter green.
goodbye october. hello november. 

another month has come and gone already.
i'm slightly in shock that october is already over.
nonetheless, i'm very happy to say hello to november.
please leave a link below leading me to your goodbye-hello lists this month.
i am eager to see what you are welcoming in this month.