Sunday, August 28, 2011

don't mind me

my blog is currently under construction.
please forgive me while i take some time to give it a little makeover. 
it may take me a little while to get a new look, due to my busy schedule.
so please be patient and keep reading.
it will be done shortly! 
thanks kindly. xoxo 

Friday, August 26, 2011

nerd alert

there was a key in our mailbox. 
i swear it's like getting a key to open a treasure chest.
and that's exactly what i did. 
i opened my mailbox to find this lovely and large package (more like gift) from my darling mother.
i ripped it open, because lovebird and i both know that packages from midge
are simply the best. hands down.
she proved herself to be the best mother yet again.
she sent me a "back to school" package. awesome right?
take a look...
a backpack. hip hip horray! you can find it here.
two of my favorite things: houndstooth and the color puke green. 
but of course midge didn't send an empty backpack....
she crammed it full of new clothes for both lovebird and i,
school supplies, snacks, jewelry and a pair of new shoes.
i'm all set for school. 
i'll be prepared, fashionable and my back will no longer
complain of my heavy load. and yes, i was complaining after just a week.
so folks, guess what?
i am officially too cool for school. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back to school

i'm a grown up freshmen. 
yesterday was a school day.
my first school day in four years.
it was lovely. so good to be back.
it felt like i never left, actually. 
i'm so happy to further my education,
and feel like i have been waiting for awhile for the right timing.
i'm glad it's finally here.
i wouldn't trade the last four years (of not going to college) for anything.
i did bigger and better things with my life.
but, now it's time to hit the books, be a nerd and become a
well educated women.
i love school. period.
i can already tell it is going to be a fantastic year. 
one full of learning, homework, stress, late nights and math problems.
what's not to love about those things, right?
wish me luck. 
i'm the happiest little freshman you know.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

to do list:

yesterday was a eventful day. 
and a day to check items off the "to do" list.
first task on that list:
get a new bed.
so we did, finally. i literally jumped for joy.
my back has been killing me on our old bed,
(which was expensive and brand new)
so we traded it in a year later and got this rock of a bed. 
lovebird and i are big fans of extra firm. we like to sleep on a rock.
{trust me, it's better for cuddling.}
needless to say, waking up this morning was delightful.
my back felt as good as new. so, thank you costco.
once again, you have come out on top. 
second task on that list:
central west's fundraiser. 
it was a fun, dance-filled and successful event.
it was a great evening all in all. 
but isn't it always when dancing is involved?
third task on that list:
get groceries. 
after rave reviews of winco, we decided to give it a try.
can you say cheap? wowza. 
i was a little in awe... more so at how much i've been paying elsewhere.
we went in the middle of the night- which was an experience in itself.
glad we could switch up the normal routine. 
thanks for the recommendation, leah.

saturdays are crazy. running around, errands, events, rehearsals-
 the whole shabang. 
i'm thankful today is sunday. a day to lay low and rest.
that's exactly what i'll be doing. 
you can fin me on our couch.
or maybe on our new bed. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

tgif. literally.

this week has been a little crazy.
a little rocky. a little relaxing and a little testing. 
my buttons seemed to be easily pushed. but why? who knows.
ever have those days {or week, in my case} where so many things drive you absolutely crazy? 
like a fly that won't leave you alone? or dirt under your fingernails? 
yup- that was my week.
my husband likes to call it pms. i assure him he is wrong. 
regardless, it's time for the weekend.
[thank goodness]
so let's forget our troubles and party hardy.
oh wait, dance performance this weekend. 
if you are in the area you should come. check it out here or here.
besides, it's a fundraiser- so your money will be well spent. 
double goodness? i get monday off. yep you heard me, completely off.
it will be my last day of summer. school starts tuesday. 
i'm already making big plans. 
what are you big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

summer and fall

{picture from summer}
do you feel like summer has flown by?
nearly passed by without stopping by?
said hello for a second but ran out the door?
i do. i certainly do.
wedding season is over. getting fat and being lazy is coming to an end.
wearing white and dressing in summer clothes is nearly over.
sleeping in and staying up late (for no reason) will soon be foreign.
i'm okay with it though. why?
i love fall. everything about it.
the change of weather, the smell of air, fall clothing, back to school...
and the list goes on. 
i'm already craving layers of clothing, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, leather boots and homework.
although, that being said i am holding on to every ounce of summer.
am i contradicting?
probably so. oh well. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

current state

i am in a state of complete bliss:
being in love with lovebird.
enjoying the last week of summer. so little to do.
anticipating school. which i am so thrilled about.
having the family that i do.
getting to dance every single day.
having incredible friends in nearby places. in far away places too.
waking up next to him every morning.
painted fingernails. always makes me smile.
having a steady income. {this economy scares me.}
cooking and eating healthy. my body is now in bliss.
looking forward to the future. and being happy with what i see.
looking down at my wedding ring. 
laughter fills the spaces in life right now.
and the gospel, of course. i am blessed. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

lights, camera, action!

movie review:
loved it. great movie. long but not long enough.
adorable outfits, brilliant actresses and great story line.
plenty moments of tears and laughter. 
a must see. 

what a fun girls night out last night!
we were definitely the groupies- 
going on opening night thinking it would be packed....
buying our tickets early online, showing up early and then...
walking into a empty theater.
good thing we had a group of twenty. 
our laughter and sniffles made up for a full audience. 
we had a blast, and all walked away feeling grateful for the lives we have.

you should all go see this! 
and read the book too. it's incredible.
i'm taking lovebird this weekend. i'm already looking forward to it. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

nothing better than getting mail.

you know that when there is a key in your mailbox, you are bound to find something good.
a package, a shipment, or in my case..... a shoe box.
what a fantastic find in my mailbox.
i've been waiting for these bad boys to come.
now i'm a runnin' fool.
okay, not really. but i'm aspiring to be. 
that's all that matters, right?
wait, back this up. that was a lie. 
i hate running. actually despise it.
you can't pay me to run. not outdoors or on the treadmill.
i don't get where my hatred came from.
my mom was a devoted runner, marathon do-er for years.
why wasn't her love passed onto me?
instead i workout on various machines looking quite stylish- thanks to nike.
however, lovebird doesn't even consider what i do a workout.
bottom line is: i have rad shoes. 
and whether they get a workout or not, they are still awesome shoes. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

it's that day of the week.

hello monday.
you have arrived a little too soon.
oh well. it's time to start another day, another week.
instead of dreading you- i am welcoming you. 
i hope you bring a funny laugh today. a yummy treat. and successful day at dance.
monday. monday. monday.
i have one question for you...
how does it feel to be the day of the week that everyone hates?
after all...
it's not your fault you are the first day after the weekend.
it's not your fault we all have to wake up early and go to work or school.
it's not your fault that you are naturally an uneventful day.
i'll embrace you and love you from now on.
or at least i'll try. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

one year.

yesterday, our day went a little like this....
1.breakfast in bed. early in the morning.
2. cuddles and snuggles.
3. pedicures. yes, the both of us.
4. massage. a hot rock, hour, rubbing massage.
5. dance. (and lovebird did a workout.)
6. dinner at conncetta. our favorite.
7. and a little romance before we fell fast asleep.
what a lovely anniversary we had.


a funny little thought:
it blows my mind to think that when a song comes on the radio or when i pop in a cd (yes, they still exist) that i bought ten years ago i can sing every word to every song. why is that? it's mind boggling. its funny to think i can't repeat a little quote i memorized a few days ago- but if you play a song i used to know in jr. high- i can sing every word. is it the same way for you? i mean think about just how many songs your know and could for the most part sing... a lot, right? does our brain connect better to memorizing when music is playing? or maybe it's because when you are young you tend to obsess over a song and play it a gazillion times until your parents are ready to kill you. who knows? regardless- i'm amazed at how my brain has stored and memorized so many songs; i have quite the library. this is a completely random thought- but i betcha you'll think about it next time you rock out to a song you used to sing while driving our with your groupies from high school.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

our very first.... anniversary!

one year.
one year ago today lovebird and i were married. 
august 4 2010
what a lovely, glorious, and completely romantic day.
we are both a little in awe that a whole year has already come and gone.
we have had a blast. a perfect year, full of nothing but love.
and change. a lot of change.
i look at little old couples who have been married for 50 years,
and i can now understand how fast time flies when you are in love.
this has been the best and happiest year of my life.
i'm looking forward to many more to come.
happy anniversary lovebird.