Monday, December 31, 2012

long winter's nap

the holidays are for lounging, resting and relaxing right?
that's what mowgli seems to think.
but, we don't mind one bit, because our exhausted school brains
and sore ballet muscles are accepting every ounce of rest they can get. 

mowgli met so many people at lovebird's family's christmas party-
it took the energy right out of him.
he managed to crash right in front of the christmas tree, 
not minding the big red bow we tied on him.
he was in for a long winter's nap.
it's a tuff life, when you are the center of attention-
having everyone awing over your cuteness,
petting you at every chance and playing with you endlessly.
he is certinaly spoiled.
i'm not sure lovebird and i can give him nearly as much love, 
 as all of his adoring fans, friends and family are giving him, 
when we go back home.

a few things are for certain:
we love mowgli, christmastime and long winter naps. 

oh, and mowgli has decided this is his favorite time of year too-
he can't seem to get enough of the snow.
in between his naps, he joyfully pounces in the snow.
it's like pulling teeth to get him to come back inside. 

obviously, we are all completely satisfied with how this christmas break is going.
hope you enjoy your last day of 2012!
see you in the new year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a vacation to the land of sweets.

.....and this is why i've been on a forced vacation from the blog.
nutcracker season devours every minute of every day.
it's over now; which is always bittersweet.
bitter: because as much work as it is, it is so fun to dance, perform,
and spend loads of time with dear friends cooped up in one small dressing room.
sweet: nutcracker being over, means going home {utah} for christmas,
time with family and friends, and time to relax my sore, sore muscles. 
so, now i'm here today, enjoying time off in the company of loved ones.
what could be better? nothing. 
i hope to be more on top of posting, 
however, now i'm really on vacation- so i can't make any promises. 

i hope you all had a lovely christmas.
we sure did.
this time of year is seriously splendid. 

{photo credit: milano photography}

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

b u s y

life is is full swing right now.
dress rehearsals and performances galore.
one last final today. {thank goodness}
guests arrive in a few days.
christmas is just around the corner.
traveling home for the holidays.
christmas shopping and wrapping on the "to do list'.
and the list goes on...

i'm just trying to keep my head above water right now.
after this final is over, i have a feeling a big weight will be lifted of my shoulders.
i'm waiting for it to feel like christmas-
i don't know if it's because i'm too busy to realize it's just 15 days away,
or maybe it's because i don't live around snow anymore.
but, i'm guessing it's because my mind is purely occupied on nutcracker
and finals that i haven't even begun to have thoughts of christmas festivities.
i'm hoping that all changes in a few hours after i hand in my final. 
but, let's be honest- finishing your finals, feels like christmas come early every time. 
yahoooo! wish me luck. here i go. 
i look forward to jumping on the christmas bandwagon later today. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


be a dreamer.
dreams are the backbone to life-
without dreams, goals and aspirations our life would be empty.
so, dream away.
make life count by following your dreams;
you'll then live with no {or fewer} regrets. 

it's been a dream of mine, to be a ballerina, since i can remember.
{tutus, the color pink, performing, bouquet of roses... the whole enchilada.}
i followed my dream, when those have told me to stop.
the moments when i'm performing, make me feel like i'm actually in a dream.
my parents, and now lovebird, have always supported this dream of mine.
i suddenly feel like it's not a dream anymore; but rather real life.
i'm truly living a dream.
my heart is overjoyed knowing i get to perform the nutcracker all month long.
yes, this involves the tutus, the pointe shoes, the color pink in all it's glory...
but, the thing that excites me the most, is knowing that 
i have followed this dream.
a dream that so long ago felt so unattainable.
also, that i get to share the stage with those who have the same dream,
as well as, share this dream of mine to those who come to watch.
i'm especially grateful for this dream, during this season of giving. 
quite ironic that, the nutcracker is based off of clara's dream-
a dream so magical and full of fantasy.
and that's when it hit me, that 
my life as a ballerina is just as magical.

Friday, December 7, 2012

picture of the week.

this picture sums up this week perfectly:
-there's always time for puppy snuggles, now matter how busy one might be.
-my hair managed to master one hairstyle this week: the effortless and messy topknot.
-no makeup besides a bold lip color is an easy go to look. {this lipstick in "so chaud"}
-wearing glasses is mandatory when you have to stare at text books all day long.
-the puppy mom in me wants to cry, because mowgli is growing up too fast.
-scarfs make everything better, including your outfit.
-our dog is camera shy. proof above, as well as in every other photo we take of him.

i'm hoping you've all had a lovely week.
thank goodness the weekend is here, right?
i plan on rehearsing, studying and preparing for our guests to arrive next week.
i'm certain your plans are far more exciting than mine... so, please share.
cheers to it being friday.
also, cheers to all the cups of eggnog that have gotten me through the week. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the life of a ballerina.

a little thing called, 
"the nutcracker", 
has taken over my life as of late.

i'm so sorry for being a flaky post-er, please let me explain: 
instead of letting my thoughts spill onto the keyboard,
my thoughts have turned into visions of sugar plums, who dance in my head.
instead of spending hours on pinterest drooling over new boots to buy-
i cram my feet into pointe shoes for five hours a day.
instead of staying up late to snuggle with lovebird at night-
i make him message my sore muscles until his hands ache.
instead of singing the christmas carols, that i so adore-
i find myself humming the waltz of the flowers, from rehearsal the night before. 
instead of studying for finals, cleaning the house or making dinner-
i come home to an unopened text book a dusty house. oh, well.
instead of flying home for christmas 'the normal', several days in advance-
i perform up until the christmas eve, to the very last second. 

all of this business is hard work and adds to the already crazy holiday season.
however, as much as my muscles may ache, my hours with lovebird are limited,
my studying gets put on the back burner and my life is hectic...
it is all worth it.
nutcracker is a beatuiful tradition;
one that i am so happy to be a part in,
and one that i look forward to taking my future little ones to. 

so, please bare with me-
i promise to post as often as i can in between rehearsing and studying for finals. 
until then, so you know exactly what i'm up to....
watch this trailer to our show!
challenge: can you find me?
hint: don't look for red hair- blonde instead!

p.s. is it a tradition of yours to go to the nutcracker?
if not, it's never too late to start now. 
i'm certain no matter where you live, 
a company nearby is putting on a production of it. 
or, always check for the annual tv debut of the san francisco ballet's version.
{it is breathtaking, truly. get a taste of it here.}

Monday, December 3, 2012

greetings in december.

goodbye november. hello december.
goodbye turkeys. hello santas.
goodbye pumpkin orange. hello cranberry red.
goodbye any second of freedom. hello to studying for finals.
goodbye sunny days. hello rainstorm after rainstorm.
goodbye bright red lips. hello to this deep red lip stain. {color:"stay currant"}
goodbye moccasins. hello rain boots.
goodbye to joel's job at apple. hello to a new internship.
goodbye rehearsals upon rehearsals. hello nutcracker performances
goodbye empty house. hello visitors. 
goodbye to warm spicy smells. hello to this candle- my absolute favorite.
goodbye to a little mowgli. hello to him growing up too fast.
goodbye to a jam-packed schedule. hello to some much needed time off.
goodbye california. hello utah. {going home for the holidays}
goodbye to having self control. hello to these delicious things. so addicting. 
goodbye all things pumpkin-y. hello all things pepperminty. 
goodbye wintery dry skin. hello to this life saver of a lotion.
goodbye missing you like crazy. hello to getting to talk to you on christmas. 
goodbye empty apartment space. hello to our christmas tree.
goodbye to the want for family time. hello to being home for the holidays.
goodbye silence. hello to the always playing christmas carols.
goodbye pumpkin spice. hello egg nog. 
goodbye to my bad habit of always wanting. hello to the season of giving.
goodbye to the worries in life. hello to holiday cheer in the air.  
goodbye to being naughty. hello to being nice.
goodbye november. hello december.

what do your goodbye's and hello's consist of this month?
do share with me, please. leave your link below.
happy december.