Friday, August 31, 2012

puppy, pretty please?

if only i could convince lovebird of this...
why do i want a puppy so badly?
i have always had a dog in my life... until i married lovebird.
{he's a real stinker.}
anyone have any tricks in convincing husbands that homes need a dog?
{more like i need a dog. but, still.}
lovebirds isn't as bad as i'm making him out to be-
he just had a rough go with dogs growing up and is somewhat scared.
slowly but surely, i'm erasing that scar of his.
he's now considering one breed. 
{and that one breed only}
which, seems to be impossible to find anywhere near us. 
however, my fingers remain crossed for lovebird to wake up one day and say,
"we need a dog."
and to that, i'll say, "finally!!"

lovebirds conditions in getting a dog:
{these are not a joke, he is dead serious.}
1. the dog will be groomed once every two weeks, and bathed weekly.
2. the dog must be a boy.
3. the dog will not step foot on our couches.
4. the dog will not be fed human food.
5. the dog won't be allowed to sleep in our bed.
6. lastly, the dog will never jump up on guests.

obviously, these all stem from bad experiences and memories. 
but, who's to say a cute little puppy can't change his mind
and exceed his expectations?

i have my work cut out for me in convincing him.
but, i have no doubt that once i do-
he'll fall completely in love with our dog and they'll be best friends.
after all, a dog is a man's best friend.

i have a feeling i'm already preaching to the choir on this topic,
but please cross your fingers that lovebird joins this choir... and soon!

happy weekend!
enjoy walking and playing with your pups! 
i am beyond jealous. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

five senses.

this week according to my five senses:

touch:today's technology is all about touch.
this week, that was apparent in my life;
a new iphone and ipad due to an unfortunate event and the need for "e-books".
{thank goodness i'm married to mr. apple.}

taste: latest discovery: scharffen berger chocolate.
it's heaven in your mouth.  literally.
i bought this one. i'm a total sucker for milk chocolate.  

see:is there one person you are just dying to see at the moment?
i would give anything to see my little brother right now.
only 18 months left... i can do it, right?

hear:i'm taking a music class this semester.
i'm the geek who actually enjoys and loves the class.
listening to examples of classical music in class, is right up my alley. 

smell:thanks to my birchbox samples of perfume, my love 
{or rather addiction} 
to perfume has certainly grown a great deal.
i'm now utterly in love with " viva la juicy la fleur" and"hello" by harvey prince.

i'd love to hear your five from the week.
be certain to link up or comment below so i can discover your list.

stumped on a hump.

today, i'm stumped:
stumped on what to write about.
also, stumped because i'm exhausted.
so,i guess it's cheers to it being hump day.
i hope you are overcoming your week's tiredness,
the midweek blues, and the feeling of wishing friday was already here.
i certainly trying to. 
sorry for the boring post of words-
instead, i thought i'd enlighten you with a photo from this and this shoot. 
we truly had so much fun.
even waking up at 3:00 a.m. to get ready and strip down 
to nothing but our leaotards in the morning's brisk chill.
today, i'd make any excuse to go climb a mountain in pointe shoes and leotards.
anything to get over this midweek stump of mine. 
i may not physically be in yosemite today,
but i'm certainly there in my mind.
again, happy hump day.
where is your happy place at the moment?

p.s. can you tell which one is me? extra love points for you, if you can!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

polka dot.

tuesday's inspiration:
are you picking up on the huge polka dot trend going on at the moment?
dots and spots are everywhere. 
yes, everywhere. 
here are a few of my favorites:
1. how adorable is this wall paper? 
{can i move in tomorrow?}
2. i'd take these in any and every color they come in.
3. this is the perfect tutorial for cute dotted nails. 
4. dots galore from head to toe. love it all. 
5. if only i could have both her blouse and her skirt. 
{practically perfect, i tell you.}
6. j.crew has done it right again. am i surprised? no. 
7. why not spruce up some furniture with these knobs.
8. i'd kill for this clutch. 
{figuratively speaking, obviously.} 

i could go on for days. i really could.
polka dots are every where in sight,
 and i'm completely in love with them.
are you?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

it's over already?

thumbs up to a new week.
the weekend has come and gone.
{believe it or not}
a fun weekend jam packed with dance, friends,
a baseball game, chocolate cake, dinner dates, church, 
swimming, homework, snuggles from lovebird and late nights.

our ballet company did a little event at the baseball game this weekend.
we really had a blast.
baseball games, friends, hot dogs and tutus are a recipe for fun.
check out more pictures on instagram!
{username: eleasejane or CentralWBallet.}

how was your weekend?
tell me your instagram name below, so i can catch up on 
the snapshots from your fun weekend.

lastly, can you believe september is knocking at our doors already!?
i'm in shock at how time seems to be escaping rather than just passing by.
since it's a new month and fall seems to bring on a new beginning,
 i'm looking to add some new faces {aka buttons} to my blog;
if you are interested in a swap and/or sponsorship email me at:

i hope to hear from you very soon.
cheers to a new week, instagram, ballerinas at baseball games 
and sharing some blog love. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

life in five.

life according to my five senses:

see: pretty little liars.
yep, currently my guilty pleasure. 
is anyone else addicted? 

smell: isn't it funny how school has a smell? literally. it's always so distinct.
 i think it's a mix of sweaty bodies, cleaning supplies, girls perfume and dry erase markers. 
gross? kind of. 

taste: my tastebuds are craving pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and all fall spices. 
hurry up and get here already! i don't know how much longer they can wait. 

touch: i can hardly touch my muscles right now.
they ache and cramp in every which way.
a big thanks to ballet. {one day i'll really thank you.}   

hear:i'm currently obsessed with "the weepies" spotify station.  
it plays all the right songs according to the mood i've been in lately. 

alright, now it's your turn.
tell me what your senses have been up to lately.
leave a comment below or link up! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to school i go.

back to school.
back to school i go.
first day of school, which also means the last day of summer.
sure, i'm sad to say goodbye to days by the pool, 
bbq dinners, adventures, sunscreen, lazy sunday nights, 
free time, staying up late and sleeping in.
but, boy am i ready to say hello to reading, text books, learning and 
walking around on campus while enjoying the changing of seasons. 
remember being a little kid, so excited for the first day of school?
new outfit, new backpack, new shoes, new teacher....
you are already to go... 
until you realize you've been tossing and turning and can't seem to fall asleep-
all due to a little set of nerves that creep up on you.
i hated that feeling as a kid.
but wait, i still kind of get those jitters the night before.
am i the only one?
maybe i haven't grown up yet.
growing up is overrated,
because let's face it, who doesn't love a new outfit for school?
a fresh new backpack? a pair of adorable ballet flats for campus walking?
and meeting those crazy yet genius professors?
i certainly do.
if never growing up, means i always get to go to school,
or learn something new on a daily basis...
count me in. 
back to school i go. 
happy as can be. 

happy first day of school!
cheers to being in school, textbooks, nerves and learning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


i want....

i want a home with lots of windows one day. lovebird knows i crave light more than ever. the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning, is open all the shutters. light is beautiful, fresh and awakening.

i want to grow old with lovebird, and thank goodness i get an eternity with him.

i always want to be a busy woman. sure, a stay at home mother is ideal- but, i want to be a busy stay at home mom. a woman who has work to get done, places to go, people to see and things to do; someone who is always on the go- feeling accomplished, successful and just plain... busy. i often complain of the overly busy schedule i have now- but, as much as i hate it in the moment, i love it in the long run.

i want all things covered and dipped in chocolate. {if only that was healthy}. life seems to function better when you have a taste of chocolate here and there.

i want my home to always be cluttered; a good kind of cluttered. you know, life's trinkets, collectables, memories, and gadgets. my walls will be covered in mismatched art, the shelves will house all sorts of books and empty space will be a rare occurrence. Sure, i love the pristine white, empty, neat-and-tidy homes- but, it's not me; not my style. i was raised a duffin, as my family would say.

i want to live closer to family and friends. i miss their laughter, hugs and being around their sweet spirits.

i want lovebird to magically wake up loving animals one day. why? because i want a puppy. also, i grew up with animals, and so will our kids.... i've just got to convince him of it.

i want all things with an indian print, floral print or animal print at the moment. all in rich fall colors, please.

oh, the wants of life...

what are your's?

all these wants and yet i'm
 still beyond grateful for all that i do have. 
life is blissful.

Monday, August 20, 2012

if i were a day of the week, i'd hate to be monday.

hello monday. 
where on earth did the weekend run off to so fast?
i woke up asking myself, "really, another week already?"
it's here, whether i like it or not.
i may not be ready to start all over again, but "it's" here...
so, i'm embracing it.
back to another week of dance i go- 
my muscles are still recovering from week one.
school starts wednesday-
surprisingly, i'm quite happy about this. 
teaching, studying, working... the whole sha-bang. 
it's a full week, indeed.
monday is the strangest day;
a day you always end up dreading, either because 
1. it's the official ending to the weekend, or
2. you realize your long week is just beginning. 
on the other hand,
monday is a fresh start and a new beginning.
this week, i'm trying to look at it like that.
so, here we go monday... bring it on.
i'm ready for the week you have in store.
that being said, please make it a good one. 

hope you had a happy weekend.
we sure did;
full of friends, sushi, naps, work/dance, snuggles and church. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

expensive rubber.

few things completley drain the bank account,
and buying new tires is certainly one of those.
buying tires is one of those annoyances in life-
you don't want to spend the money on those black rubber things that spin around,
and if you start thinking about what you could have spent that money on...
well, you may just start to cry. 
that being said, safety always should come first.
and let's face it, with all the commuting my little car does,
{as much as i don't want to admit it:}
new tires were a necessity. 
since lovebird was tired of me standing next to him totaling 
up how many purses, pointe shoes or projects i could have spent with that money,
i decided to make the most of the situation...
i now know that i'm seven and a half tires tall.
lovebird got a kick out of this, while i
 got to give a little kick to those brand new tires as soon as we walked outside,
to make sure our money was well spent... and it was.
cheers to new tires, fun times, 
and costco for outdoing my expectations yet again. 

have a happy weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"wakey wakey, eggs and bakey".

let's talk breakfast:
please say you love it as much as i do,
because i'm slightly hurt by people who say they never eat breakfast.
i almost take it personally.
i'm that girl who literally rolls straight out of bed right into the kitchen,
popping a piece of bread in the toaster before my eyes are even open all the way.
or that girl who goes to bed planning {more like craving} 
what i'll eat in the morning.
greek yogurt, peanut butter, oatmeal, almond milk, eggs, fruit, bagel, granola....
the options are endless, as well as all delicious. 
unlike lunch and dinner, you can never go wrong with what you choose to eat.
i mean honestly, who can resist waffles, pancakes or crepes?
they are practically dessert. 
i could eat breakfast for any meal, and sometimes prefer to.
my happiness depends on good breakfast.
say hello to an overly cranky and impatient person if i skip out on it.
then again, the thought of skipping it, is unheard of in my life.
in fact, i don't recall the last time i did.
eating breakfast is the recipe for a successful, energetic and positive day.
always eat breakfast;
you're doing yourself, your body and brain a big favor,
as well as keeping yourself on a friendship basis with me.
go indulge on a yummy breakfast...
i'm about to, and i can hardly wait. literally.

good morning world. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

happy number ten.

ten things that make me happy right now:
1. pureology shampoo and condition. yes, it's expensive... but, so worth it.
2. looking at dog books. slowly but surely, i'm cracking lovebird's will against getting a puppy.
3. birthdays, anniversaries, school and ballet starting... this month is full of all things great. 
4. opi's germany collection for fall. i'm especially loving "don't talk bach to me".
5. summer dinners with lovebird. tasty, simple and oh, so romantic. 
6. my go to earrings: hoops. never can go wrong, i tell you. wouldn't mind adding this pair to the collection.
7. thinking about the {near} future; so many big changes right around the corner. {hurry up!}
8. those little moments when you realize you are so in love. especially, when they hit you unexpectedly. 
9. pretty little liars. i am guilty as charged. 
10. soaking up the last of the summer sun, while anticipating school starting next week. bittersweet. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

choose carefully.

true, true, true.
i'm amazed at all the sayings and habits of lovebird's i have picked up.
almost every day, especially lately, lovebird makes a remark about how
"i'm turning into him".
i can't believe i am admitting to this;
because usually my comeback to him is, "no, you are turning into me".

when i came across this quote, i realized the truth behind this quote.
do you ever find yourself saying the things your girlfriends say?
or if you have been around your mom, do you come home "sounding" like her?
after being around little ones, do you catch onto their silly sayings?
or do you notice that one of your friends reminds you of another one of your friends?

choose carefully.
surrounding yourself with the right people is essential for
bettering yourself, acheiving happiness and molding yourself.

not to get motivational on you or anything,
just sharing my thoughts and the realization that i might by turning into lovebird.
but, i'm okay with that. 
i married the man after all. 

any thoughts on this? do share.
have a lovely tuesday.

swimsuits to leotards.

{photo credit: milano photography}

summer is officially over. for me, at least.
ballet begins today.
i'm sad to bid farewell to summer,
but am happy to say hello to dance {and working out}.
this picture is from the yosemite shoot a few weeks ago-
lovebird finds great joy in making fun of that mole of mine.

i on the other hand, find great joy in these recent cravings:

can i please hang you on my wall?
the olympics may now be over, but i still want you.
i'm squeezing this simple recipe in before summer is over. 
my trip to montana has me craving indian patterns. these especially. 
while we are on that topic, i adore this sweater too. 
i wouldn't mind you in my living room. 
this is a back to school must. right?

happy monday. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

take me back, please.

take a peak at our little weekend getaway in
glacier, montana.
oh, what a lovely time we had.
full of nothing but laughter, camping, friends, huckleberry's, 
nature, celebrations, river rafting, hiking, creating memories and food.

lovebird's best friend decided to marry his beautiful bride
up in the gorgeous surroundings of montana. 
{just a mountain range away from canada}
it was quite the destination wedding.
they actually decided to tie the knot on our wedding date/anniversary.
i'm not complaining, because what better way to celebrate than 
to be out of town at your dearest friend's wedding? 
we all know what this means too- lots of future anniversary trips to come!
the wedding was simply perfect for the two of them,
our anniversary was delightful {and busy} and
the weekend was a big success full of bonding moments between our friends.

to top it off, lovebird surprised me big time with a wedding band.
my jaw slightly dropped when i saw a little box from our jeweler.
let me tell you, there's nothing like getting a diamond in the ruff.
my heart is forever captured by his romance and love.
i certainly have a keeper- and i'm holding on forever....
for many more anniversaries to come.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a place called home.

yes, home sweet home.
i seemed to have gone m.i.a. without telling anyone.
{so sorry about that.}
lovebird and i left town in a hurry for his best friends destination wedding.
it felt like we were gone for a long time-
and maybe that's because being back home has never felt better.
lovebird and i have been away from our little home this summer
more than we have actually been in it. 
but, i can't really complain because traveling 
and lifetime adventures have been the reason for that.
so for now, i am happy to be home.
there is something so nice and comforting about being in your own home,
especially after being away from it for so long. 
i hope you all had a lovely weekend.
i'm looking forward to catching up on your sweet blogs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

greetings in august.

goodbye july. hello august.
goodbye one year. hello two year anniversary.
goodbye lazy summer evenings. hello to the exciting olympics.
goodbye porcelain skin. hello summer freckles. 
goodbye to all other fruits. hello to watermelon- we are addicted.
{thanks for being so deliciously in season right now}
goodbye california. hello montana.
goodbye sunburns. hello nuetrogena sunscreen
goodbye days by the pool. hello days in the studio.
goodbye summer. hello school.
goodbye to never watching tv. hello  to "pretty little liars".
goodbye reading books for fun. hello text books. 
goodbye traveling. hello to buckling down.
goodbye to feeling like newlyweds. hello to "i can't believe it's been two years".
goodbye to feeling lazy. hello to ballet
goodbye to seeing family. hello to wishing for a visit. {hint, hint}
goodbye to tan lines. hello to being busy indoors.
goodbye to being able to resist snacking. hello to my new favorite food
goodbye pedicured toes. hello pointe shoes.
goodbye mani. hallo shellac. 
goodbye stomach aches. hello ginger ale. 
goodbye wedding season. hello to the season of fall.
goodbye to dear friends leaving this place. hello to wishing you the best.
goodbye july. hello august. 

hope you all have a lovely day saying hello to august.
i can't wait to see your lists- remember to leave your link in your comment!