Wednesday, September 18, 2013

we've got a wiggler.

i feel as though this little blog of mine 
has suddenly taken a turn....
a baby turn.
i realize that half my posts are centered around "baby talk".
i apologize for that.
but, then again i don't- because "baby talk" has suddenly become my life.

yesterday, lovebird and i raced down to the hospital in the morning
for our first ever ultrasound.
words can't describe how incredible it was to see our little
one moving around on that screen.
and let me tell you, our babe is a definite wiggler.
the ultrasound tech said she hadn't seen one quite this active.
our babe was doing yoga, backflips and all sorts of things in there.
she even printed out a picture to prove it- our babe was in a yoga pose.
athlete or dancer in the making? i think so.

having an ultrasound suddenly made everything seem so real.
yes, i've certainly noticed my belly growing-
but, seeing the little one confirmed that there is actually a body inside.
'something' so real, growing every day.
it's miraculous. it literally was breathtaking to see our babe.
it was heart melting as i watched lovebird watch the screen;
his eyes filled with complete joy and astonishment.
i don't know if watching babe or lovebird was more precious.

needless to say, i'm one very happy wife and {future} mother. 


  1. i apologize for saying what everybody says to an every pregnant woman, but u really glow,-)

  2. Aww this is so sweet! Congrats on the little wiggler! Very exciting, so it's okay if baby talk occurrs often - it's so fun to read about. Best wishes!!

  3. Don't apologize for the baby talk! I love it! Isn't it crazy how you can see what is going on in your tummy...but can't feel a thing? So excited for both of you!! Don't tell my husband, but i secretly miss being pregnant and it was only three weeks ago! Enjoy it! :)

  4. You look fantastic and this is amazing!! and please no apologies. I LOVE BABY TALK!! Such an exciting moment for the both of you!! xx

  5. yayyy! first ultrasound is just the best! don't ever apologize for baby talk! we love it

  6. Hi lovebirds =)
    Thank You for stopping by my blog earlier. I have grabbed a button and started following you cute blog
    Id love the follow back
    Congrats on baby

    simply sutter

  7. Beautiful! :) Congrats to you two! Hey I'm excited to hear about the baby talk. And this is coming out of a single lady haha! ;)

  8. Just the best to see them wiggling, isn't it??!! And feel it. You look adorable :))

  9. It has been FOREVER since I've been to your site and I forgot how much I've missed it! So many congratulations to you both on your lovely miracle! Have I missed it? Boy or girl? When are you due? Tell me everything ;)
    xo TJ

  10. I love the picture! Are you feeding that baby lots of spicy food!? :o) Maybe that's why s/he is so active!!

  11. no need to apologize, babies are the best! i am so excited for you. i can't even imagine how amazing it feels to have a baby move inside of you! we are so lucky to be women.

  12. I'm a little behind but....congratulations to you lovebirds! such an exciting change in life! it amazes me that we are able to grow a little human inside of us, what a blessing! :)