Monday, September 23, 2013

assessment of life lately.

reading: blackmoore. {this month's book club book.} i just started it and am anxious to get going on it. has any one out there read it... thoughts on it?

feeling: sore. i worked out for the first time since being pregnant. yes, i've been hiking, walking my dog all summer and such... but, i'm talking worked out with weights, resistance band, etc. my muscles hate me right now.

wanting:to know the gender of this baby, oh so bad. but, the surprise will be worth it. 

craving: cinnamon raison bagels, krispy kreme donuts and muffins. common theme? carbs. 

waiting: for so many things. mainly baby to come and my little brother to be home from his mission. both will happen within the next five months. yahoo!

loving: that fall {finally} decided to show up yesterday. this thrills my heart.  

wearing: anything i can fit into nowadays. fashion has taken a back seat in my life. 

wishing: every day consisted of fall weather, cups of hot chocolate, blankets and a good book.

cooking: more than ever right now. {the joy of not having rehearsal until 9:00 every night.} the crockpot and i have become best friends recently.

wondering: how time is passing by so quickly. it's already the end of september. where did this month go? where do summer go? where did my first trimester go? boom- they are all gone, so fast.

needing: warm baths to help me fall asleep at night.

anticipating: the holidays more than ever this year. i can't believe they are just around the corner.

hearing: so much advice on baby's and pregnancy. but, i like it because i need it.

i've seen this idea done on a couple blogs recently- and i loved the idea.
some people's lists are lengthy and some or brief.
here's my version.
i want to see yours. leave a link below, so i can enjoy your list.


  1. i made one today! :)
    check it out! love your list and I'm so excited to find out baby's gender too! Pregnancy is a lot to handle i bet, but every second still must be exciting! Good luck!

  2. Having in common 4. 6. 8. and 10. ;-)

  3. love this post! I'm so happy fall is here too!
    your bump is too cute, you look great!

  4. Oh gosh, I can't believe you guys are going to wait to find out the gender! You go girl! I know that I would never be able to have the patience for that! Can't wait for you!! :)
    xo TJ

  5. cutest update. i need to see your pregnant self soon!

  6. Your hair. Your preggo style. I envy it. You're so stinking caa-ute!! Ps you're not going to find out what babe is?!?

  7. you are so cute. seriously.
    and you got style girl.
    you look good.
    and i hope to see you soon.
    text or email me!


  8. Oh my gosh, you're too cute! And I'm always craving Krispy Kreme! yumm, my fav!