Friday, October 18, 2013


naming your child is a hard task, i tell you.
so hard, i sometimes think our babe might be
 nameless for a month after it enters this world.
{i am too embarrassed to even tell you how long it took us to name our dog.}

there is so much behind a name.
the sound of it, the meaning behind it, how popular it is,
where it comes from, the spelling, using a family name, the initials....
does it sound good with your last name?,
are all nicknames "good" nicknames?
is the name unique enough.... or too unique?
will every future classmate share the same name?
you get the idea....

some say, why care? name your child what you want.
other's check the popularity charts daily before naming their babe.
some only stick with family names,
while others go to the extreme of coming up with the most unique name possible.

i'm not so sure what category lovebird and i fall into yet.
we are so undecided. 
of course, we have some favorite names floating around in our heads-
but- i'm the world's most indecisive person.
i keep blaming my indecisiveness on finding a name i love, 
on the fact that we aren't finding out the gender of our babe.
but let's be honest, that's just an excuse. 
help me, people.
i'm beginning to lose sleep over finding a name.
why? because in all seriousness, i believe a name is so important.
it's the first thing one says when introducing themselves.
 a name gives a first impression.
a name says so much without saying anything at all.
your name is your name... for the rest of your life;
it's what people know you by and what they remember you by. 

so... as of now, our future babe is nameless.
please, oh please send me naming tips, naming powers,
the ability to be decisive and any baby names you just love!
maybe then, our baby will have a name by the time he/she arrives!


  1. This would be so tricky! :) Good luck - i know your baby will have an adorable name! I came across this article the other day - quite a few of the names surprised me, and maybe you've already seen it, but just in case, here it is:

  2. My friends are going through this at the moment and also not finding out the six of their baby. Tough.

  3. My fiance and I play a naming game with each other...especially when we're driving somewhere together. It's a great game to play and helps you realize what kinds of names you like or don't like. We've come up with so many names I'm not sure we're going to be able to use them all. A favorite for a girl is Juliette Estelle.
    Don't stress too much... You will find the perfect name :)

  4. it is so hard!! i'm really nervous about naming our baby. we don't know what the sex is yet but i think it will be a bit easier when we know! i can't imagine deciding on a boy and a girl name! i'm sure once you meet your little one you will know the perfect name :)

  5. I've got some really good baby name books if you guys want to borrow them?!

  6. I've always collected names starting off as a list in my head, but it has become something bigger. Any time I hear a name I like, I write it down whether it's a person, celebrity, book character, etc. From there I find that mulling over these names together for a long period of time, you will see which names you tire of quickly, and which names never seem to leave the list. Hope this helps!

  7. ugh i can't even imagine having to pick a name out. you are right, a name really is a big deal. you don't want a name that will get made fun of and haunt the kid. luckily our last name already does that so i have my fingers crossed for girls that can marry the name away haha. whoops that probably sounds bad. i think something that would help me would be to look at lists, and if you see a name you like write it down, then maybe discuss with joel, but i think when you see the baby you will know. also, maybe watch the episode of friends where rachel has her baby haha.

  8. Hi Elease! Good luck selecting a name! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  9. Hey Elease! I'm so excited for you and Joel! Congratulations!!! Course I haven't had pick any names yet and I think it will be so hard to pick just one but I think the best advise is to pick one you BOTH love! good places to start are thinking of your favorite things and people you hold close to your heart. My favorite emotions are happiness and joy so I'd look up names with those meanings. I read one of your prior posts and you said October was your favorite month, well I know a lovely lady named October which I find much more unique than April... Just a thought. Another idea is cultural names My sister is married to a Mexican man and she is Irish one of their boys is Samuel (hispanic) and the other is Cian (Kee-an) an Irish name. A lot of people nowadays are also going for those amazing multi-gender names, like Jordan, or Ryan, Tyler, Kim, etc. These could help since you are waiting for the surprise of your little one. hope I helped a little but It's true that when you see him or her you will know. When my mom was having her first baby, my brother, she had the name Timothy all pick out and ready to go but when he was born she said this isn't Timothy and she named him Robert instead. Then a few years later she had my other brother who is Timothy :) I've always loved that story and I always used to ask my parents what they would've named me if they didn't pick Caitlin, so you should write down or keep in your memory a few names you liked to tell them as they grow up. Kidos ask so many questions ;)