Friday, October 25, 2013

the 3 month jitters.

{photo taken by: this lovely lady, kirsten wiemer}

we are exactly three months 
out from our due date. 
can i get a "hurrah and yikes!" all at the same time?

we are so ready for our little one to be here;
as in snuggled up in our arms; spoiling us with love and warmth.
but are we ready for our little one to be here?
the brutal answer is no. 
 i feel as though we have not a clue what to except.
not to mention our nursery is still so empty.
am i procrastinating? not in the slightest.
am i clueless? in just about every aspect.
am i scared? i wouldn't call it scared.
am i ready to be a mother? beyond ready.

it's interesting that something can be so familiar, yet so foreign.
i think of all the babies i've ever held, cuddled or babysat-
yet, i seem to feel as though i'm left clueless.
sure, i know how to change a diaper and give a bottle.
but, do i know which diapers to buy or what bottles work best? no.
lovebird is often getting mad at my anxious and nervous mind;
i'm thankful to have him as a reminder that things always seem to work out.
i have to keep telling myself, this is something 
i will never be prepared or ready for.
but more importantly, no one is ever ready or prepared. 
why? because having your first baby is something so new.
it's a first.  

so, it boils down to this...
we are eagerly counting down these last three months,
because ready or not... here baby comes!
and the underlying truth is... we are are beside ourselves with excitement. 


  1. Such an absolutely beautiful photo!!!

  2. You will figure out what works best for you and your family, sometimes it takes some trial and error, but most of the time things just work out. And sometimes what worked one month (or week or day) doesn't work anymore the next. And you just adjust. It always works out. :-).

  3. what a beautiful picture! no matter how many babies you've taken care of or know about I don't think you can be prepared to be a mom. but no one will know your baby better or how to take care of her more than you!! and you will be wonderful!!

  4. Oh gosh, it's true! I always think because I was a nanny for 6 years that I would totally know what I'm doing but the truth is everything is kind of set up for you already. The diapers, the bottles, the toys, the appointments. I know you will be rockin' mama though. And after all those baby cuddles you've done this one will be the best baby cuddle of them all! And after all those times babysitting, now you get to be the one knowing what is best for your child! Awww, so excited to find out if it is a boy or girl! And the NAME! So excited for you :)
    xo TJ

  5. You are so beautiful! Crazy that its 3 months left!
    You will be a great mama! i'm sure that your instincts will kick in!
    Lets get together soon, miss you lady!


  6. Beautiful picture, so serene and maternal! Enjoy the moments that are about to happen! xx

  7. You are going to be a fantastic mother. You'll figure out what you need and other things you will just learn as you go. It is all going to be great.

  8. What a cute baby bump. Glad I found your blog. SO darling :)